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In the Sun-rising Continent, cultivating oneself to become an immortal prevails. Supreme cultivators can become an immortal and fly beyond the land in the daytime.
However, this story tells about an immortality cultivator who ignores his proper occupation,and scourges the Cultivation World with cheats with fire powder.

Manga Toon got authorization from ZhuLang Comic to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - waiguaxianzun,wgxz
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John Keneth Saniel
I expect some twist in the story bu I didn't expect it to turn this way.I'm sorry if I am too complaining but I think it's out of the story plot line.
I mean it's ok for him to make a fortune but for the story to be twisted too much that way is kinda boring.
forgive my impoliteness but that's what I think, this story has a strong begginning but the middle point kinda get out of story.even if he get's to be rich it shouldn't take so many chapters +if you think about it the story now is more focused on him making money not cultivating.

but I'll admit I did like when he first became famous.Is he gonna make his world look like Japan?(I mean have japanese accesories)

please change it back to the action fantasy, it's too much comedy.
Waffy the Panda
what a stupid way to get enemies...
XxGame DestroyerxX: Is it really that far off though
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"did he forget about me" B*tch you poisoned him he could've died
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