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Chu, Please Love Me

Cloud Studio
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She has loved that man for nearly ten years yet he chose to turn a blind eye to her confession. Only when she gave up and made up her mind to leave him did he realize that he can’t stand the life without that little girl who has always been his side… this time, let me follow you and give you my perfect love.

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I don’t know how many times already I said this, but seriously, he is the one who’s going to build a family with her. Be the father and she the mother of their children. This parent is too selfish, they want to ruin a generation of innocent children. If he was forced leave her, he’ll ends up alone, but I bet they will not want that either. They’ll want to continue the bloodline and forced him to be with some other woman. That’s double the wrong already. If he marry another woman, sooner or later they’ll get divorce. The innocent children will be the victim. What type of parents blocking their children happiness? It’s not like he’s marrying a w*ore or a criminal. She’s as innocent as any innocent lady that they knew.
dwaynne: ho maa gahd i support you
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Kamini Suraj Kamble
I've been in this kind of situation.. I left my family for my husband and its been 6 years I've not seen my any family members. but now I miss my parents because I real life is more difficult than the which is shown in novels. I really miss my family and and now I regret my decision from 6 year ago. sometimes I feel like the thing like time travel should happen with me so that I'll choose my parents rather than my boyfriend... but anyway I hope that chu will make right decision and please don't hurt your parents or bo huan...
khadeeja kashif: Parents raised you for soo long . U shouldn't abandon them for a boy. Instead the guy should try to reach for her parents heart. After all parents get happy when their child is happy No offense.
baby: yeah ppl change but parents need to understand, that children have to leave they home to get there out family

y would i put my child in a place to choose me over the person he or she love and want to build a future with. i am sure none of our parents, parents choose for them in there time

but right now chu parents is begin unfair, if you read the manga well all the girls they ever pick for him his high class girls ppl with big family back ground fah me if i was chu i would leave ,

but i know bo huan will stop him just a feeling
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ameena ghaleb
this chapter is absolutely the greatest chapter i have read his smartness and soberness are admirable i can't even describe how much i admired it i really love this kind of people and about his parents...why there is still such parents like them...if they want his happiness they should let him marry her plus...he is not a child to tell him what to do or not he is a mature he can and should choose and make life decisions
ameena ghaleb: true but..eventually past is past..hating and and grudging wont change anything...ok they think she is the reason or her parents what else can they do? eventually in general some parents always limit their sons and daughter as they are the only one who has the right to decide you understand me...
Tissa DS: when you are parent, sometimes you find it hard to let go something. he was their only son, and they always thought that huan as a murderer even though it's not, sometimes there are that kind of people.
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