Chu, Please Love Me
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Chu, Please Love Me

Cloud Studio
Chu, Please Love Me
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Chu, Please Love Me Comics Online. She has loved that man for nearly ten years yet he chose to turn a blind eye to her confession. Only when she gave up and made up her mind to leave him did he realize that he can’t stand the life without that little girl who has always been his side… this time, let me follow you and give you my perfect love.

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Jesus, when will this stop? It's like the conflict repeats it self over and over. The little jealous witch who won't even win his heart by making her wife look bad because it'll make her look worse than her and Bo Huan suffering over and over again, which she doesn't even deserve because she can't do less (I'm saying this in a good way, implying that she is a really nice person)

At this point I'm so frustrated with this because I feel that MangaToon cuts the chapters so short so they can keep this going on longer than it should and with that you see three months pass and the conflict isn't even near the resolution, and I think I'm not the only one feeling like this. And sometimes half of the chapters are just there to fill more than to continue the story

If the autor wants to make people so frustrated they quit reading, then congrats, she just did it. It's super boring at this point, I don't really know if I want to keep reading just to see that other girl comes to do the same thing the other two did or to go against Bo Huan all together because she just happened to be with him, with no reason at all just because they are inmature people who can't even handle rejection and are so desesperate to be with a guy that they base their life decitions and work around him, I find it so lame...

There are plenty of other problems that can appear in a relationship that are way better that pulling the same two times in a row

Sorry for the rant, I might change my mind later
I’m unfollowing this stupid manga, sorry for this comment but all those endless stupid situations created are so stressful and boring. The story line is twisting and twisting for what??!!! Okay she is naive but why is this a problem? I think she has suffered enough, she might be naive but she is a good person, sweet and gentle, honest. This character doesn’t deserve this. Not interesting at all. I kept reading this manga just to see them happy finally after she graduated and she saved his life also. But since this is going and going so boring I’m just unsubscribe this. Such a waste if time and coins!!!
Nangong Violet: Yh they are happy hmm😑😑
cathlyn: hmmmm..... i thing now they are happy ... maybe
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What do you all of you mean by “little mistake” “silly mistake” 🙄 she defamed her and bullied her!! That’s a very serious thing to do to someone. How about you tell your stupid b*tch of a daughter to find someone that’s NOT TAKEN, HOW ABOUT THAT? Is he okay with her daughter trying to be a homewrecker that destroys other couple’s relationships!?

A public apology is the LEAST she can do to redeem herself, Chu is being lenient on her 😡
BaconTweedle: Amen!!!!
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