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Chu, Please Love Me

Cloud Studio
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She has loved that man for nearly ten years yet he chose to turn a blind eye to her confession. Only when she gave up and made up her mind to leave him did he realize that he can’t stand the life without that little girl who has always been his side… this time, let me follow you and give you my perfect love.

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Buble gum
I'm sorry but I think that this is getting boring. (*kezd ellaposodni). Always those 'Hey, those I want to get you, hey I want some drama, hey, nothing is happening exactly.' And this all is sad because this story is one reason I have mangatoon. But it's starting to be something else what I read in the beggining. So yeah, when she got America, all the story is started to being a sh*t. Really sorry but I think so. And Huan Huan is really somebody else now. She changed, and not to the right way. And Chu is just doing every time the same thing. Protect the girl, do *things* and and make some bad mood face. But all without any meaning. Boringly (this word actually exist? I hope so.) My English is really bad so I can't make my opinion clear in my words, but eheh, alright, I'm trying.
And hey. I think something else too. I think it doesn't matter if it takes time to give chapters to the audience slowly. Give them time and treat. It really doesn't matter if the chapter is keeping the levels of before ones. Just because it's seems a little like the time isn't enough and the story ideas missing, so this is some filler or something and the story doesn't work like it should. I'm not excited going picture by picture, don't even chapters like I was before when I almost died waiting and couldn't stop reading and also reading again. And yeah, I speaking too much, but I'm a little bit disappointed. And.. yeah, now you can hate me but this is just my own opinion so yeah.
TofuChan: Your English was perfect - I really couldn't tell it wasn't your 1st language until you told us. I tell others - don't apologize for it (broken English). Learning more than one language is admirable and normal, enlightened English speaking folk who understand the difficulty in learning ESL will make an effort to meet you halfway in understanding what you're trying to say or write! It should be thought as just an adventure in communication, not as any hindrance. Keep up the good work. PS I'd like to ninja kick BoHuan in the face right about now for her shenanigans. But that's just me.
Parlapalli Haneesha: qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqwqqqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq
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Why can’t they leave their adult son alone to deal with his own relationship? Even as parents there should be a boundary you shouldn’t cross. The one who’s going to spend his life with the woman is him. The one who’s going to raise a family with the woman is him. Even after the parents are long dead, the one who has to continue living with the woman is him. How in the world are they going to expect a happy family when they are the one who’s breaking their own son’s loves life apart? What’s so wrong about Bohuan? Because she’s adopted? Did she choose to be born an orphan? To be honest, I don’t want to have an in laws like them. What about it Bohuan. Just leave Travis broken hearted and suffering because that’s what the busy body parents want. They want their son to suffer. Ridiculous is an understatement! If you really like the other girl why don’t you let your husband marry her? He likes her too right? 😠
yeah I'm myself a teacher and I'm really angry how can he be a teacher he's an asshole. teachers should be responsible if we made a mistake and any teacher discover it tell it to us we feel proud because our students are at the stage that they can find out their teachers mistakes means they are getting wiser and wiser 🤧🤧 that's how a real teacher should feel and act.
as for my self i do made a mistake in a lesson when i giving notes and a student raise his hand and said ma'am you did said wrong in this lesson and i ask him to where is it?
he read it for me and said ma'am it should be this
and me my eyes get wet and i clapped for him and said I'm proud if my babies 🤧🤧.
and of course i apologize to my students and correct my mistake.
and also i report it to principal she is also very happy that our precious babies are growing great.

this is how a real teacher should be.

am not saying I'm a great teacher but for sure am not a worst like bo huans teacher

he is yakkii 🤢🤢
honey: 😊😊😊🤗🤗
🌹Rose 💘 : I know mam your smart kid
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