Entangled with the Duke
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Entangled with the Duke

Entangled with the Duke
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Entangled with the Duke Comics Online. As if waking up in a coffin isn't enough, I even became a "man"! Did I just travel back in time? Why am I posing as a man? The life in another world is not easy. What's more, I have to deal with that dark and cunning duke!

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Girl Power
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Kush 💜
I know she is facing problem in trusting him.. But I'm going to say this anyways .. She is stupid (in matter of love) no matter how clever she is in other matters but she is really acting stupid here...Can't she see.. If he didn't liked her or was not attracted to her he would've not acted as if his memory is not recovered.. Even after recovering it.. Because he wanted to keep her close.. And prince how can you let her go now.. I know u care about her but still😭😭😭😭😭
Kush 💜: You are most wlcm😊😊
Ms. Loey: oh ok... thank you so much!
total 6 replies
elena kristin
spoiler! they will meet a woman who looks exactly like Fl's step mom . 🥶😱 and have a huge cruch on ML . she is the one who is staring at ML & FL in the entire journey which is giving Fl chilling feelings. visit my profile/moments to see those pics
blink: Thank you I see it now.... ☺️☺️
Valt Aoi: is she new "annoying villain"?
total 4 replies
Alissa ._.
why are these people in the comments so slow? like ma’am the guy who secretly know kungfu has called the FEMALE LEAD “her” “she” since the first episode he appeared in- and in the first every episode the FEMALE LEAD check her pants to see if she had the thing or not, and SHE DOES NOT. don’t y’all get it? bruh so slow i’m getting irritated by this
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