Entangled with the Duke
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Entangled with the Duke

Entangled with the Duke
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Update on Mon, Sun
Entangled with the Duke Comics Online. As if waking up in a coffin isn't enough, I even became a "man"! Did I just travel back in time? Why am I posing as a man? The life in another world is not easy. What's more, I have to deal with that dark and cunning duke!

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Girl Power
Hottest Comments
hahahhaha those two got jealous 😂
that purple guy is jealous of her because he might have crush to the princess.
and as for the Duke he is jealous cause he know she is a girl and the princess might have fall for her 😂
Itz Edward Tom: 77ù, was
×+ιloveмanga_anιмe+×: op0pp0pp0pp0p9pp0pooo9999p09p99999999999999999
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Can't wait to see MO Ran's reaction when he comes to know that Han Lin is a woman not man and this time he was actually disturbing his master and (future mistress)wifey alone time.
Mo Ran is looks happy than prince.
Awwwwww prince is blushing so much behind his wifey's back but so strong in front of her.
Of course she will sleep here......on the comfy bed with prince😉😉😉😉
I think I'm obsessed : /: when he loses his memories he sees that she is a girl then when he gets all his memories back he realises but I don’t exactly know which episode but it’s not far..........
THATHA AMMAMA: please tell in which ep (ML) prince find she is a girl
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Perfect proposal from prince side.......good determination of marrying only FL not the princess though FL also has a good back ground.

Making her heart skip a beat......prince💕
and also facing possible love rival in his love story Shen Qiu....prince is perfect in all sense.Hope FL also make her mind clear

Author has kept a good balance in the story.....when it is become to serious,there is humour to lighten up the story.And also made such cute characters(especially Mo Ran and prince)......this us the best.Thank author for all you hard work......This story has perfect balance of everything😍
Thank you for crazy update.
Lindawati Tan: may I know the story will be end until which episode?
Roo..😈😘👻: Hii..
U Can check out my chat story to it name
warm Your heart ..
its really good with lots of surprise and love ..
you really enjoyed it...
please read..
total 18 replies
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