Entangled with the Duke

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Update on Mon, Sun
Not only did I wake up in a coffin, I even became a 'man'! did I have a time travel? What’s with this man’s dress? The life in another world is not easy, and I even have to deal with that dark and cunning duke!

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Mon Ichi
First she was super angry cause that guy literally pushed and left her to drown, literally KILLED her.

Keep in mind, KILLED. The real owner of the body is dead, drowned, murdered. So technically yeah, KILLED.

BUT HEY, HE'S HANDSOME, SO LET'S JUST FORGET ABOUT THE WHOLE "YOU KILLED ME" AND BE ALL BLUSHU BLUSHU AND KISSES AND TOUCHING AND-- annoying. this is very annoying. At least give more effort on letting her slowly let go of the anger, not just HEY HANDSOME, OK I FORGIVE YOU, WE CAN KISS AND TOUCH NOW. like, how petty of a reason is that... I'm only sticking just to wait how she can redeem her self. Cause so far, all bark and no bite. She talks big, but show no promise, hoping that this will get better.
vantaesso: I know right! I still hope that she'll be with her friend, that was always by her side and loved her. But nope, the mc never remains with the second character. 😔
Roiya: too bad the kind second leads are never an option in these stories. Nope! its like all MLs in these stories much be an asshole. He tried to kill her but let's forgive him cause hes HOT
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I rarely get the second lead syndrome, no matter how bad the main lead is....

But dying because of him, not nearly died but had even died, yeah that just crosses the limit of my tolerance. Accidentally or not, once dying become a fact (although technically it was the body predecessor that had died), I really had a hard time to ship them together.

So, personally, I think the second lead is better.
SINGLEAF: No matter how handsome or good the leading man character I always fall for the second lead. I want to ship em but ofcrs the author isn't me so just keep reading pitying the second lead.

In real life I am always the second lead. I am the one mostly there for him but he falls in love with someone he just met for the first time, what about me? I stayed with him for almost 7 yrs. My intentions has always been obvious so why can't he notice? or he's just as dumb as I thought🤦

Uwuuu am gonna cry now fckx this!
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Her best friend is always worrying about her safety 😍😭 even protecting her home at night. poor guy! I wish she ends up with him but the sadly the girl always ends up with the Prince. Anyone have historical manga or manhua recommendations where the girl doesn't end up with the Prince?
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