Entangled with the Duke

Entangled with the Duke

Entangled with the Duke
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Update on Mon, Sun
Entangled with the Duke Comics Online. Not only did I wake up in a coffin, I even became a 'man'! did I have a time travel? What’s with this man’s dress? The life in another world is not easy, and I even have to deal with that dark and cunning duke!

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Perfect proposal from prince side.......good determination of marrying only FL not the princess though FL also has a good back ground.

Making her heart skip a beat......prince💕
and also facing possible love rival in his love story Shen Qiu....prince is perfect in all sense.Hope FL also make her mind clear

Author has kept a good balance in the story.....when it is become to serious,there is humour to lighten up the story.And also made such cute characters(especially Mo Ran and prince)......this us the best.Thank author for all you hard work......This story has perfect balance of everything😍
Thank you for crazy update.
p.s💛❤: 'Gay'😅.....Han Lin is a woman not man though she has to pretend that she is a man(due to her mother)
Adilene Ruiz Valdovinos: a As a1q
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Guys! Feedback them. The more the noticeable. Already did my part. They usually reply fast and attend to our concerns. I just don't know what happened. They didn't reply to my concerns. Maybe Christmas is near so everyone is a bit stress or preparing other things. I first told them about the skipped chapters in Blackmailed by bossy CEO which they corrected but the latest update of it still not the next chapter I am expecting. They are missing 4 chapters there and now this comics. I hope we can get their attention now if we are many.
Ivy.BTS.GOT7.SuperM: Update! They've added the missing chpters!
Zaya: When they release crazy update of 5 chapters, they missed the supposedly chapter 172 and marked the chapter 173 (in raw) as 172 which they corrected a day after after I feedback them (assuming they really noticed it because I feedback them) and removed that latest chapter (176 which is the chapter 180 in raw). Now, they reupload the incorrect chapter again.
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ah, the art drawer is so skillful. Thank you for drawing so beautifully and handsomely.
Juliana F P: Yes!! I love the art. She looks so beautiful and he is just like a dream!
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