Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese
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Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese

Zuoan Comic
Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese
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Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese Comics Online. Xie SiZhe was once everything for Bai Xi, she could do anything for him. However, his betrayal ruined her whole family…Time-traveling to the past, how can she rewrite her life and take revenge? And is the little fatty who always pays for her silently her true love?

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I don't know my interpretation is correct or not, it might be completely wrong as well but I dont think Xie Sizhe is the bad guy here. Infact I think that Bia Xi never died. If we remember, in the starting of the story Bai Xi suddenly wakes up in her bed after experiencing death and thinks she has travelled in the past. But that's not what actually happened. Its the game! Virtual reality game. I think Xie Sizhe set the game up and showed Bai Xi a glimpse of future of what happens if she continues to persue Xie Sizhe which was manipulated by Xie Sizhe in order to make her give up on him. I don't know the reason why he'd do that but there is a possibility of this because in earlier episodes it was also shown that Xie Sizhe was developer of Virtual Reality Game and Bai Xie too mentions how the game completely changed her life. I don't find any other reason of putting the virtual reality game concept in this story other than this. Now why Xie Sizhe does this? One reason might be to bring change in spoiled rich girl attitude of Bai Xi(at which he's successful). But I m sure he is regretting it now because in actual he truly loves her. So guys Xie Sizhe is the main hero and the mastermind behind bringing ml and fl closer.🤗 The true sacrificer😢.

Orrr whatever I ve written is completely ridiculous. Nothing as such is gonna happen😂
I don't have name👀
well, i kinda agree with u.
coz author wrote that its modern and romance
he didnt write time travel
TheEpicSoda: Cool theory. It might not be true, but still, cool theory.
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Zoe Scott
I'm really hoping she didn't actually die. that amount of guilt of not being able to say how you feel let alone making a person wait for you to find out it's too late. even main girl bai must feel a bit guilty for helping with the whole scam. she'd definitely would feel disappointed in him also for being a total dumb ass. But I've got to say her make him pay sadistic face when they drove a few blocks around when he was tailing them does make you think she's alive and it's another ploy. I'm thinking maybe its another ploy to actually make him wake up to reality and actually admit his feelings. it has to be convincing to him too cuz he saw through sham b4.
Zoe Scott: best lies are made from bending truths
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I feel like the fl got a second chance at life but I feel like she is repeating herself in a different way. Instead of her improving herself to help her family she is once again going all in for a guy. She still has this spoil princess thing going vs reflecting on how to better herself. I feel like the ml will end up leaving her as well. Not coldly like the first guy but because of her. I feel like she can h6elp him improve but also herself.Her grades were sh** and she traveled back in time. She is wanting to replace the old guy with the new guy in her family company. I don't see any development with her other than she is treating this guy better only because he saved her in the future. Am I being to harsh on her?
JavaChare: I agree, in today's society she is not considered a child but, in this comic she is still treated and allowed to act as such.
SaYa: I have a different take. I agree she still just sacrificially (not sure if that's a word) following a guy but she has shown major development in her attitude and how she discerns people. This time around you can see she's become someone whose taking her privilege seriously, she always had the power that comes with money but now she's utilising it with a goal of self improvement and not mindlessly without any evaluation of pros and cons.

I like that she still is willful and has the rich brat thing going on because that's how she was brought up. it'll be more weird if she suddenly became a saint because then she wouldn't be a person who would want revenge on someone who might wrong her in the "future". she could have up and left and the story wouldnt happen.
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