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Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese

Zuoan Comic
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Hey, Don't Touch My Cheese Comics Online. Xie SiZhe was once everything for Bai Xi, she could do anything for him. However, his betrayal ruined her whole family…Time-traveling to the past, how can she rewrite her life and take revenge? And is the little fatty who always pays for her silently her true love?

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I don't know my interpretation is correct or not, it might be completely wrong as well but I dont think Xie Sizhe is the bad guy here. Infact I think that Bia Xi never died. If we remember, in the starting of the story Bai Xi suddenly wakes up in her bed after experiencing death and thinks she has travelled in the past. But that's not what actually happened. Its the game! Virtual reality game. I think Xie Sizhe set the game up and showed Bai Xi a glimpse of future of what happens if she continues to persue Xie Sizhe which was manipulated by Xie Sizhe in order to make her give up on him. I don't know the reason why he'd do that but there is a possibility of this because in earlier episodes it was also shown that Xie Sizhe was developer of Virtual Reality Game and Bai Xie too mentions how the game completely changed her life. I don't find any other reason of putting the virtual reality game concept in this story other than this. Now why Xie Sizhe does this? One reason might be to bring change in spoiled rich girl attitude of Bai Xi(at which he's successful). But I m sure he is regretting it now because in actual he truly loves her. So guys Xie Sizhe is the main hero and the mastermind behind bringing ml and fl closer.🤗 The true sacrificer😢.

Orrr whatever I ve written is completely ridiculous. Nothing as such is gonna happen😂
Karma Phuntsho Choden: yeah..I agree with you..
Jonathan Santos dela Cruz: Nice its makes go crazy
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♪♪WangXian_shipper ♪♪
What is wrong with being fatty?? A person's heart is the most precious thing not his look... You know even if you are handsome with a sh*t type personality, your look then don't have any value..... Have you ever thought about the person you are mocking???? How he feels & how you all are breaking down his self confidence??? You can't realize unless you go through that situation...

And as for why I'm saying this cz I have also went through the same situation when I was in my elementary school... Now situation is different cz I'm not the same me from past...But that doesn't mean I hate the appearance of my oldself.. That helped me to realize that not all person with pretty appearance are good... There's some people who likes to bully other bcz of their appearance... OUR SOCIETY SHOULD VIEW OTHER AS PER THEIR PERSONALITY NOT AS PER THEIR APPEARANCE 😒
The Wife of all the Hottest Male Lead 💫: Yes! We're being brainwashed by the so called standards of beauty! We are beautiful in our own ways!
The Wife of all the Hottest Male Lead 💫: Yes! We're being brainwashed by the so called standards of beauty! We are beautiful in our own ways!
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Baixi’s attitude is becoming more and more annoying. I mean, I understand that she was traumatised by what happened in her first life. But girl, don’t you think being hostile to everyone, like, EVERYONE, other than her love interest is the way to build power ?
Feels to me like the only difference after her rebirth is simply the male lead. I was hoping that Baixi would improve her attitude but meh... She just keeps blindly loving and supporting her new love interest (just like she did with the former one in her first life) while ignoring her surroundings. It doesn’t seem there’s some significant character development when it comes to Baixi.
Just my two cents tho...
Navier: It's the opposite really.
Ruki: I personally think that she’s been so hurt by her past- being so dumb and trusting that she got manipulated to destroy her own family only to end up discarded- that’s she’s having issues opening up which is understandable.
However, I think that the introduction of this new female character is aimed at working exactly on getting Bai Xi to open up to others. It’s unrealistic to expect her to suddenly warm up to others but I’ll give it time,trust the author and see how they handle this
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