Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend
Romance / Comedy / Completed

Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend

Yoolook Culture
Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend
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Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend Comics Online. Saint Vincent High School, which has always been known as the Nunnery, suddenly got two super handsome teenagers transferred at the same time! Because of accidentally bumping into the secrets of the two, Dora started a weird relationship with them on the first day of school.
I just want to teach you a lesson, what the hell is that confession?!

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Hottest Comments
Look i scrolled up to see what happened look at episode 96 in the first panel the necklace is with dora whan they dance (light and dora) and with dylan and scrolled down a bit when dora is sitting the necklace is gone and when you look at tge top of it dylan's arm is at the back of dora's back and scrolled down a bit a little scroll down when a man bumped into dora the necklace is gone and she tought it was light so she ran to the balcony and light hug her and light said that he got the wrong person so when all of this hapend maybe dora put the necklace somewhere or maybe..... idontknow
Maybe its dylan i am not saying its him but what if i know that dylan is loyal ro dora maybe its just what if it was dylan after all couse look at the episode 96 when dora bumped to some one the necklace is gone so i think its dylan maybe he do that because he wants to ..... when light know it he will think that dor a
Sell it dora image will be bad... right? So lets go back..... why do you think it dylan? Because look at the episode when dora has the necklace or episode 96 dylan arms is at dora back of his neck ...... so maybe dylan do that i know all of you saying that dylan will not hurt dora and he is loyal to dora its just what i investigate and thought its just what if it is really him

Pls dont be mad at me its just what i think
Apurva Shinde: complicated
Lala1424: This comment should be at the episode 97 sorry
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Hey light aren't you the smart one why can't you even see what happened (about the ball) are you blind... sorry to say this but you are such a fool and yess shes jealous but she can't say it and you can't say that you are jealous to ...... this is it that eva is really coming into my nerves she is such a bi*** super bitc* i really hate that girls ..... light cant even see that dora is hurt too super shittttttt
Shiela Mae Villanueva
YEY!Thanks for the author who makes us happy reading this story a bad moment really still gonna end in a happy love story ending wish you to have more stories to do and make peoples very happy...really makes me skip some fun with my friends cause i more like reading than playing...all i meant is even though i am just reading a anime love story it still have some lessons specially to fight just for the person you love the most and you want to protect the most
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