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Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend

Yoolook Culture
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Update on Mon, Sun
Saint Vincent High School, which has always been known as the Nunnery, suddenly got two super handsome teenagers transferred at the same time! Because of accidentally bumping into the secrets of the two, Dora started a weird relationship with them on the first day of school.
I just want to teach you a lesson, what the hell is that confession?!

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School life
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isn't light the hero of this novel so why is she always with Dylan she is stupid or what its crystal clear that light like her come on girl you will regret it and you light be more honest with yourself and confess to her so she can understand you
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): My sis aplozise to you and you?Showing attitude to her
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): hehe Alex Jr whats going on?.
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Farhan Ahsan
Dylan go away from Dora she is light property
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): Hey what's up?
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): How are you feeling seeing him going ?😉😈😈
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Farhan Ahsan
Dora you idiot when you will understand his love 😑😑😑😑.
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): Huh are you ok?
Angel Dora(Angel sect leader🌈): Hey guys!!.Missing you!
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