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Give Up The Kingdom For You

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A humble and nameless doctor saved a severely injured man in a mountain, who turned out to be the leader of the Devil Sect…their meet has sowed the seeds of love that broke the peaceful life ahead…I’m willing to give up the kingdom for you, how about you…

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Boys’ Love
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Ya Ti
the new chp of this manga is update..... i thought this manga won't hve the new update tht i'll stop reading this manga eventually but now i'm relive tht this manga continue to update the new chp... i so happy right now...😊😊😊... then i'll wait for the new update for the only one horror manga i've read before wht is the title again i forgot... the only words i remember was "the man" tht all...
Queen of the Hell
Yaaaaaayyy!!! 😆😆😆😆

I am glad that there is a new chapter but at the same time, I got upset a little bit that the artist's style has changed. It feels different. I have liked the old style but the new style is good too.😅😅 I hope new chapters will be updated soon. 😇😇
Fangirl 🔥 Boy's Love 🔥
guyssss.... i can search Tapas website in googl3... there are lot of Bl comic and novel with color and the most important with eng sub 😍 ..... faster guys..... lots of comic with unexpected chapter..... all comic u can find there
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