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Super X-Ray Eyes

TaXue Comic
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In the adversity of life, people are not as good as dogs. Once I opened my powerful eyes, I saw the ugliness as well as the beauty of the world! What is the secret behind the female body in the jade coffin, the mysterious bronze book, the ancient alloy…

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min seo
obviously the bad guy is the black one.... Asians again with their racist side.... im so done with this comic.... check out mortals of doom everything was balanced

if you want to be racist please don't bring it into the books we read

honestly what ive been hearing and seeing is beggining to make me seriously hate asians
Thea Valentina: I wonder if u would put asian as the bad guy if u were to create a comic book.. hrmm...
holybell0: You do know that there are many shades in all cultures, right? Why are you assuming he's Black? He could be from the area that's near SE Asia where a lot of people are naturally darker than most of Asia.

You hating an entire group because of fiction is no better (even if you are right, which I'm pretty sure you aren't) than the group you are accusing.
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what the hell is going on here........ why author there is so much time gap between the next episode......... so you really want that we move on to some other manga and leave this one....... 7 days for 1 episode and that too of only 12 pages....... do you think it is enough for we readers......🙄🙄
Shubh: and yeah, I too know the language you are using right now........ abusive language......... if am not saying that......... then, you should also stop that........or else if I will start using that........ then, god bless you then man........😂
Shubh: bro, sorry to disturb you....... but, i think....... particularly this manga used to came on a daily basis rather than on weekly basis ........ so, if all of a sudden, they start it weekly without giving us any reason...... then, that will be something to say in comment to ask them for a reason........
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Jeremy Vasquez
he is always depending on his power. if i were him, i will take a look at all the highest cards so i won't use it for another 3 rounds or so
Abana Aira: Yeah, he is useless with out his power, and with that kind of attitude, just like the past he will retreat with no pride on his face
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