The Brilliant Village Doctor
Fantasy / Comedy

The Brilliant Village Doctor

Ji Guang Comic
The Brilliant Village Doctor
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The Brilliant Village Doctor Comics Online. The mysterious youth, Lin Hao, is hired by a clinic as a doctor. His exceptional medical skills coupled with his strong personality breaks the silence of the clinic. operating on his donkey friends, curing the village chief's cancer all kinds of strange and complicated diseases,this village doctor has become very popular. let's see how Lin Hao would describe this legendary life of his!

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Am I the only one, who is here for the points
kenichi: Fr fr
Utpol All: this coommmmmmicccc is very good
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Glenn Gabriel
is this an original story or is it from a webnovel? if it's the latter does anyone know how the story progresses? dont get me wrong, i like the premise of the story but there just seems to be too much happening as this goes on
Elsa Hills
Uh you have to solve this mess on your own dude!
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