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The Brilliant Village Doctor

Ji Guang Comic
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The mysterious youth, Lin Hao, is hired by a clinic as a doctor. His exceptional medical skills coupled with his strong personality breaks the silence of the clinic. operating on his donkey friends, curing the village chief's cancer all kinds of strange and complicated diseases,this village doctor has become very popular. let's see how Lin Hao would describe this legendary life of his!

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Jazlene Teng
okok let me explain : so basically the crybaby is also a monster so practically that big monster did not want to eat the crybaby but prepare food for both of them. however, because she is a crybaby, she cried and hence you can see an evil smile in one of the panels. hope this helped
Adion D'ark: thanks for your lecture mr
02 💖: very much
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Kai Diha
She’s tired? Okay I admit that staying awake and assisting for 9 hours can be very tiring, but that’s nothing when compare to the guy doing the surgery. Doctors doing surgeries needs absolute focus cause even a slight mistake can compromise the entire operation. Now imagine maintaining that level of focus for 9 hours straight, Hèll, I can’t even do that for 10 minutes
Use(O..X)my(C..K)code(2..3) I 💓 OPPAI
Sorry for the offense but this manga is too bad. Dont ask me the reason these 7episodes were one of the worst ones in the mangas I've ever read.Don't try to play hero by trying to argue with me.I'm just giving my opinion. Please someone tell me if other chapters arent so bad.
Happy Glacy :P: It's not bad if your read all of the episodes :D
Tg: if its bad then dont read it you stupid
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