The Brilliant Village Doctor
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The Brilliant Village Doctor

Ji Guang Comic
The Brilliant Village Doctor
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The Brilliant Village Doctor Comics Online. The mysterious youth, Lin Hao, is hired by a clinic as a doctor. His exceptional medical skills coupled with his strong personality breaks the silence of the clinic. operating on his donkey friends, curing the village chief's cancer all kinds of strange and complicated diseases,this village doctor has become very popular. let's see how Lin Hao would describe this legendary life of his!

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ნინო გვარამია
Am I the only one, who is here for the points
Gacha Reveiw: me to
Manasvi Prasadghhyyb: me also
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Maria Handayany
Numpang promo kak
Novel judul sweet revenge for you

Di jodohin?! Masih jaman? Hime memilih kabur dari rumah di banding harus menikahi pria yang gak dia cintai. Namun sejak keluar dari rumah hime selalu bertemu dengan seorang pria yang selalu membuat dia kabur. Apa yang membuat hime kabur? Dan berkat pria itu hime kehilangan dua pekerjaannya. Apakah pria itu jodoh hime atau malah pembawa sial?
Mihaela Clinci: Sa fr
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Lukresya 🙅
that doesn't mean you only have to take a minor sick patient and ignore the dying ones that won't solve your problem but cud be even worst. It's more hard living in guilt than living in poor. you know what they say, "Don't let someone change your smile" 🤔

there,there,I thought I can chat with her. 🤦
Lukresya 🙅: 🤭 I also don't understand how my saying related.
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