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Surgical Swordsman

Ji Guang Comic
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A gifted medical student gets a time travel and arrives at a world that ruled by martial arts. Will he try his best to save the sick with his skills learned in his previous world? Will he obey the rules of the new world and practice to be a martial master? Definitely no! The beauties of the new world are more important!

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Martin Dolby
You know as a doctor in that time period you'd figure he'd be better at taking people down as he should be aware of all the pressure points(acupuncture), the different vertebrae and what they do and where all the important tendents are to cut with his scalpel he keeps in his hair.
Horizon Arvincent: i know right like he should use his knowledge on how human works to target thier weakness. it seems that the author just wants the mc to be a doctor in the future to be more unique. tsk im dissapointed but its still good
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With the energy of that girls qi circling through him he should be able to practice martial arts in the future
Ýukí Ästërĭä: with no meridians he can't do unless he change that or find an alternative he won't be able to practice M.A ... he should really start using his surgical knowledge in a more useful way
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who's the black hair guy?
JosZ: His the protagonist of this manga. Or just read it again.
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