Nottie's Contract
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Nottie's Contract

Nottie's Contract
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Nottie's Contract Comics Online. Luo Jinmian, an ordinary looking high school student, accidentally made a contract with the domineering but meticulous Book spirit, Ba. In order to obtain freedom, Ba put in a lot of efforts to fulfill Luo Jinmian's wish. However, Luo Jinmian always refused to say her wish. After experiencing all sorts of things, the love between the two of them gradually appeared …

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Guy's all I have to say is that pls be slow to anger because if u be angry with ur family members ,siblings or friends without any reason all the time it's going to be worse . But if there is a mistake and reason really done by them u can Judge them correctly and scold for the thing they did . If not pls don't scold them without any reason and without knowing the truth because that will really hurt them and u will loose there true love which they showed u at first . Not all of them but maybe some might be patient with the way u behave with them while showing ur anger for no reason , but when they can't tolerate it any more they will leave u aside forever and the way u behaved with them they will leave it to God's hands with confidence because they know what they did and did not do
ahh......don't think I am rude for saying this but I think the fl is emotionless like when she speaks I can't really see if there is some emotion in it's face but it really happened sometimes in every chapter
otaku miku
is there something wrong with Thier eyes I think there was a mistype what part of her is ugly if she's ugly then does bueaty even exist in your world😑🤔
VMINKOOK We Luv U❤❤: well there is something wrong with their eyes look at them they think their cute
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