Holy Ancestor
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Holy Ancestor

ShenJu Comics
Holy Ancestor
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Holy Ancestor Comics Online. In this new and upgraded Divine Seal World, there will be King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Daji and Yang Jian; there will be the the three emperors of the Fire Cloud Cave; there will be the saints, the Daoist sects; there will also be the ancient gods and demons, Chi You and Xing Tian; there will also be a young man named Luo Lie who will open a new era! "I am not a hero, but I am also a peerless genius"!

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why there is no crazy update.i show that 5 chapter will be released but none of it has been done
Black Hornett
how is actual love inferior to sex drive
didn't he absorb that spirit beast did she get another or did it somehow revive with her because she shouldn't have had the time to abtain another and I wouldn't think the ritual would revive something that left her body and wasn't originally part of it
Thousand Sunny : Both her and that whisker squid thing were created from the energy of Heaven and Earth. When she used her Rebirth Technique, the whisker squid was also reborn, and they were both reborn that’s to absorbing the Heaven and Earth energy that made up that red dragon statue inside that building that was underneath her floating egg at the time by means of the first half of the Eastern Emperor Sky Sealing Technique which can absorb Heaven and Earth energy.
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