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Holy Ancestor

ShenJu Comics
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In this new and upgraded Divine Seal World, there will be King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Daji and Yang Jian; there will be the the three emperors of the Fire Cloud Cave; there will be the saints, the Daoist sects; there will also be the ancient gods and demons, Chi You and Xing Tian; there will also be a young man named Luo Lie who will open a new era! "I am not a hero, but I am also a peerless genius"!

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sam rexso
let me spoile the story a bit after he injur the dragon eagle with the help of 3rd dragon Princess he will tame the dragon eagle with the help of Queen... later they will start hunting dark demon flower which is actually a demonic flower meant give birth to evil lord demon sage....but if u can destroy and absorb it u can get a large amount of soul energy.... while hunting dark demon flower the MC will make new rivals who r totally clueless about MC also he will meet with a new girl who just show up out of blue kissing MC Infront of everyone while say how have u been doing shocking everyone to death and triggering the 3rd dragon Princess. the new girl gifts MC a dragon Parel which helps him break through 10th body tempering realm and also joins them to find dark demon flower. bt the queen and 3rd Princess wasn't happy about it. specially miss queen was really angry about the new girl and MC kissing each other making a yandera style poker face. that as far as it goes...
sam rexso: ??? what do you mean ????
Demigod: idiot
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Thousand Sunny
luo Lie: “It took me a long period of time just to improve by just one realm.”

You must be kidding, for most people, it would take years at the very least in between each level. Yet he does it in less than two weeks each time. Last two times it only took him around a week or so. He ascends so quickly and he doesn’t even realize it. He’s only been in that world for less than half a year, and yet he’s already reached a level that some people take thousands of years to reach. He has no idea where the marks on the ruler are.
Thousand Sunny
Just so you people don’t shit yourselves in fear;

Those ARE NOT zombies. And you don’t become like they are by being bitten by them. So relax. Those are Nascent Soldiers, like the Third Dragon Princess was talking about. There’s an entity called... um... the... um...oh, uh, Nascent Demon Saint, I think. Anyway, if I is born into this world, then any cultivator that runs out of energy becomes one of those guys. He turns them into one of them. Like his henchmen. I think.
♕Jc͔ͣͦ́́͂ͅo͎̜̓̇ͫ̉͊ͨ͊z̼͖̺̠̰͇̙̓͛ͮͩͦ̎ͦ̑ͅ♕: Wow k cool
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