Holy Ancestor
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Holy Ancestor

ShenJu Comics
Holy Ancestor
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Holy Ancestor Comics Online. In this new and upgraded Divine Seal World, there will be King Zhou, Jiang Ziya, Su Daji and Yang Jian; there will be the the three emperors of the Fire Cloud Cave; there will be the saints, the Daoist sects; there will also be the ancient gods and demons, Chi You and Xing Tian; there will also be a young man named Luo Lie who will open a new era! "I am not a hero, but I am also a peerless genius"!

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Historical Romance
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Thousand Sunny
Thanks for the chapter update!
Faijas Jaz: That's loooooonggggg...
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Anyone else scrolling through comments and you just see a bunch of spams from Temidayo, a bunch of "I'm just here for points" (people be like, OMG!! REALLY?! NO WAAAYYYY!! I'M HERE FOR POINTS TOO!!!! *comment receives over 30 likes* me: 😑
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Jackson Byrd
crazy update soon if you are up to it don't feel pressured but we would love a multi update
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