God gives me some special eyes

ShenJu Comics
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Once a good for nothing accidentally opened up his god gifted talent: he is able to see through things like an x Ray. The special gift seems him an unordinary life: he’s life is on the fast track. Gems tossing, money blowing, champagnes popping, girls all around. Who cares? I have the eyes!

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we understand that you're probably busy with your own life, but when you have something you're dealing with, please tell us! warn us that the updates will now be shorter or you'll stop updating for a period of time. that'll be fine as long as the period of time is short enough to satisfy the audience. but whenever you do update... just make it longer. we love this comic, and that's why a lot of us are frustrated. please, please, please take this advice!
Aluhime Kana UMR
yah.. i think all girls in this story are being robbed or f***** by other guys.. and the mc totally out the charts i gues the author really doesn't know how a fight ends with.. always letting the bad guys go without a scratch, only beating the mob characters what a **** ..,, sigh.. and please be more straight up in the story.. too many Hole's to chip in with skills mc have so priceless seems like a normal doctor's could do?.. bul* s***! story especially the sluts, making the readers in a awful vibes.. and lastly please make the mc more manly.. his a gentleman but also gentle in the evil thugs kind like gayish... thanks no offence just bashing. 👌
oVINSMOKEo: yeah agree
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sam rexso
For a moment I actually felt sorry for her and was thinking of let her be with the MC and have a happy boy how wrong I was....she is a slut , no calling her a slut is insult to sluts....she is worst than a slut.... hope MC will see thorough her mask of innocence and punishe her properly.....if he don't I'll quit reading this bullshit .....😠😠😠😠
Chic Callie: 100% of Evil slut
I'm Satan the sexy B*tch...😏😂✌😋😈😈😈: I agreeeeeee
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