Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix
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Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix
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Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix Comics Online. Human tribe made peace with wing tribe for the time being. A quick-witted girl looks so much like the princess of human tribe. So she was asked by the emperor to go to wing tribe to have a royal marriage as the substitute for the princess. Yet, she is hiding some secrets also. Bearing a grudge for her tribe and family, can she make a huge difference?

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Girl Power
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I like miss Ling more than the FL.. She's not naive, she's strong and gentle and mature and has moral integrity while the FL seems to me just a mediocre person. I hope to see an interesting development of her personality over time. In reality it's true that those in charge and with power are almost always mediocre persons with no moral integrity, they are often narcissists and superficial and just spend all their energy and intention to accumulate status, wealth and power stepping over the underlings as well as over friends and family to get what they pursue. They lack empathy and are often clinically sociopaths. But this is NOT REALITY, it's a story of fantasy, so I hope very much to see something as fantasious and unreal as true love, selflessness, righteousness and moral integrity. The truth is that I like this story, respect to the others with similar plots it stands out, and this is just a rant
2020, fuck you😡😠😡😈: shut up if u don't know the story and why FL doing this
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hasli_ eve
so what with the ml and fl being villains?!! the story is really good! the art is fabulous! the story line is unique! I LOVE IT! are u guys wanna read the same story plot that the fl is time travel that have special system with her and have power and have to complete certain task then meet with ml then fall in love then have problems........*sigh*😒 uknowwhatimean*

to author, u r doing great! thank you for this beautiful story! please make more fantastic story in future! love u😘
im starting to grt confused are they monsters or something they say "humans" like they are not someone explsin
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