Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix
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Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix Comics Online. Human tribe made peace with wing tribe for the time being. A quick-witted girl looks so much like the princess of human tribe. So she was asked by the emperor to go to wing tribe to have a royal marriage as the substitute for the princess. Yet, she is hiding some secrets also. Bearing a grudge for her tribe and family, can she make a huge difference?

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j zzane
just finished re-reading the this and the last few her mother interceded for her to be able to return?? or was it because she sacrificed her life for fengqian that she was able to summon tge phoenix soul? after all a precious sacrifice must be made to call the phoenix soul..
BTW I still want to see her back with her husband.. he needs her..😭😭😭
xiaoyin: for her to gain her Phoenix power, she must die to be reborn. her mother took away the sealed "human" disguise that was place on her to protect her.
lambofgoff: because she died. her mother only gave her powers back
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oh im crying. If this was her mother and she let her live again so she can be with her love, than it's the best she could ever have. I'm so happy for her. sadly her mum is death and there will be a lot of problems in wing tribe, but i have faith in them. i believe the FL and ML to have a happy ending.
Hidayah Abduhasad: OMG! I love this chapter! Can't wait for the next.
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Gaby Esteban
This is a little bit sad now, because now she’s not going to remember him and she’s going to work with this red haired. hopefully she’s going to remember him in the future 😅 and now I know that we are not going to see them so happy like they were before for a couple of chapter now, so hope that you enjoy those lovely moments
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