Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

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Human tribe made peace with wing tribe for the time being. A quick-witted girl looks so much like the princess of human tribe. So she was asked by the emperor to go to wing tribe to have a royal marriage as the substitute for the princess. Yet, she is hiding some secrets also. Bearing a grudge for her tribe and family, can she make a huge difference?

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Bleu Lily ✿☽
Oh no, she’s acting! ㅠㅠ As much as I want her to be sincere on her words, her expression’s just so over the top~ ahh~ But you know why the prince (despite being smart & knowing her plans) believes her? Because what’s she’s saying is true, she just doesn’t believe it herself. Plus he loves her. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
In the last chapter, when the divination master told her the reason for the prince’s sudden coldness, she blushed profusely, cuz the thought didn’t really occurred to her. However, with the way she has been brought up, the hardships she has experienced, and her current situation, she most definitely learned to trust only herself and built up a wall around her. So even though she now knows the prince’s true feelings, she just decided to tuck this information and her own feelings (without processing it) at back of her mind (because priorities!). At the end of the previous one, she still asked about the sky city map, which means she’s still going ahead on her plans and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

I really really love the art and story in this one. Never ever change ms. author 💕
Michelle Flores Mmf: aqjntqtj?.?
Magical Hand: They're one the ship that I want to grow stronger but if in the end she wants to leave him, I should prepare my heart.
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Ok. I have read all chapters again. I guess she will hurt herself because, In my opinion she feel something for prince Hui but she must revenged her family. After all this tribe killed her parents and her foster father. But prince Hui also have his own goal; and is not clear yet. Maybe he will dead after get what he wants because looks like using his wings shorter his life.
After read this chapter also a thought perhaps she's pregnant and this blood soul will left Banxia and megrete some how to her child, because the phoenix is made of feng = male male (prince Hui) and huang= female (princess Hui).
Anyway, whatever road she will take I will support her, is a great character, congruent and loyal to her feeling and ideas.
It’s understandable why she did that. After all he was the one who told her he married her for her Phoenix destiny. So she’s doing what she think best to assist him achieve his goal, to be the emperor. She draw the line in her heart to protect herself from being hurt when the time comes that they will part. For her he’s a man who can marry the enemy (wing tribe vs human tribe) to get what he wants, how can she trust her heart to such a person? Of course she didn’t expect such a man to actually fall in love with her even when he said he wants her by his side. When you know a person as a tactician, it’s hard to accept his words or actions as it is. There will always a doubt whether it’s actually sincere or not. I think that how she see him.
Shidict: I'm agreed with u as well.. he really has madly fallen in love with her... but with his 1st statement in their marriage... make her thinking and do this differently.. she just doesn't want to be hurt when the times come when he don't need her anymore..
Tharshena Reddy: Yea this is very true
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