Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

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Human tribe made peace with wing tribe for the time being. A quick-witted girl looks so much like the princess of human tribe. So she was asked by the emperor to go to wing tribe to have a royal marriage as the substitute for the princess. Yet, she is hiding some secrets also. Bearing a grudge for her tribe and family, can she make a huge difference?

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Ha Yin
Now the brother is here, she’s gonna find out what the human tribe’s emperor did. I hope she betrays her emperor and works with her husband until they become emperor and empress 😍
Ha Yin: Maybe he took a medicine or smthng to make his eyes blue since he’s good with medicine 🤔
Xanthron: Why is his eyes blue tho?
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😈Sass clas😈
I know this has nothing to do with this manga but if your interested in reading about STRONG FEMALES then u should check out🤔

The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness❣️

at CREATIVE NOVELS (please check it out🙏)
don't forget to follow them at Twitter 😉
🌸LENG~~~~: I like it tho, but I’m the one who’s quite picky. I read it as long as the story is good and the art looks stunning 🤧🤧🤧 idk why
Becky the manga freak: thx 🤗
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Assey lum
Wait she's the crown princess then ML is crown prince right? I got muddle headed for the long update. But i guess it's make sense since two princes (if im not wrong) included the former crown prince is demoted for some mistake.
Mavikelebek: no, they are not look at previous chapter it was other prience. I also confused about this chapter.
NANI ?!?!?!: yes they are crown prince and crown princess
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