Sky City: The Formation of Phoenix

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Human tribe made peace with wing tribe for the time being. A quick-witted girl looks so much like the princess of human tribe. So she was asked by the emperor to go to wing tribe to have a royal marriage as the substitute for the princess. Yet, she is hiding some secrets also. Bearing a grudge for her tribe and family, can she make a huge difference?

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this where the romance start.. don't worry guys prince actually really love her and she actually a princess it not a fake but the origin she a princess
Nu Atini: she really love him ????
Nu Atini: she will have a baby with prince hui ????
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Honey candy
I'm a little bit worried that prince Hui is just using her, like using her as a pawn. 🙁 I mean, he is but like is the love real?
*>Magic<*: I have a feeling she going to get betrayed which worries me
coffee & chocolate 🍫🍫☕☕☕: I have the same feeling. idk why. I feel worried. I feel like she doesn't really love him and he doesn't love her. 😣 they say there is nothing strong than woman intuition
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Little Tiger
I feel pity for both of them n hate it when I can see that that is fake love
Anonymous: I don’t think it’s all fake (fingers crossed 🤞)
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