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The Eyes

Qianhui Comic
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His father was severely ill, and the huge medical fees put enormous pressure on Yang Bo, an antique shop apprentice. Due to his good nature, he had the Glass Bead, which allowed him to possess a pair of Golden Eyes as an appraising treasure.

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His parents have some mental problems.. A son who used their life-saving money to gamble and another or earned this money .. and they are still siding the stupid good-for-nothing older son who is also unemployed and doesn't even give a shit about his family financial situation ... Ok man if there was something like that in real life I would say "Man , Do u still think u are their child ?"
RaizelZ: Am I that handsome ?
JOLEAN BENILA: haha i just want to get your attention hehehe
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Edaurdo Vanez
As I thought, 🤦‍♂️ these dumbasss parents are still stupid asfff I legit had this conversation like 39 chapters ago and dang have they not learned a thing AND the TONE they used against MC the ONE who freakin paid for all his dads medical bills paid for his brothers dumbaasss debts and these dumass parents decide to calls him a “REBELLIOUS CHILD” and get this part it’s my FAVOURITE. “ITS SUCH A WASTE TO HAVE RAISED YOU OVER SO MANY YEARS!” Like wtf 😂 I freakin paid for your medical fees and saved this families FKING DEBT. Lmao this is sooo stupid I’m dying rn lol 😂😂😂
Luckystar : that's true bro

wtf is wrong with the MC parents?
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Edaurdo Vanez
Honestly my man, if I were you right now I would just put myself up for adoption if my parents were this dumb and doesn’t have the capability to be thankful and understanding in fact I would just adopt myself and just leave from all this nonsense. Like, just thinking about how dumb e mom is, is just making me wanna kill myself.
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