The Eyes
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The Eyes

Qianhui Comic
The Eyes
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The Eyes Comics Online. His father was severely ill, and the huge medical fees put enormous pressure on Yang Bo, an antique shop apprentice. Due to his good nature, he had the Glass Bead, which allowed him to possess a pair of Golden Eyes as an appraising treasure.

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Hottest Comments
Xia Xi
i would have already left the damn useless,shitty, selfish family
the reason are simple
Dad - is in hospital, doesn't have the money ask the younger son(Male lead) for the bill, and still support the elder brother tho he only wasted the money
Mom- dont care for the younger son(Ml), just care for the useless elder brother, etc
elder brother - dont have a job, do gamble, always in depth, never appreciate anything, just wast money, and more
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX
true tbh... it's the way life works...just because he gambles they give him the status of special conditions and ask you to pay for what he did and you can't do anything but agree just because they have the title of that special condition... 🤪
Don't drink soybean milk... if you don't then you will have boobs... & that will not suit you... 😂
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