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The Eyes

Qianhui Comic
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His father was severely ill, and the huge medical fees put enormous pressure on Yang Bo, an antique shop apprentice. Due to his good nature, he had the Glass Bead, which allowed him to possess a pair of Golden Eyes as an appraising treasure.

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Suraj Sain
Hello guys If you Interested to read Eng chapters of peerless battle sprit so you can check it out here there already 9 chapters posted in eng of peerless battle sprit so here is link i gave spece in link so i can post it here so please understand the link correctly when you search here it is :- iisingalongii .blogspot .com
Hmm I will read 4 ch more of the art style is still getting worse than I will stop reading this ( it’s my opinion I know so you people don’t have to tell me anything)
I only heard of artists improving never once I heard of a artist who art is getting worse and worse every ch
断梦殇蝶 Wandering Prodigal
I am feeling sad for all those who commented that it is boring.... it is a very educational manga. The original author who wrote it must have spent a lot of time researching. I am helping with the translation and to be honest... a lot of phrases/terminology cannot be literally translated to English. Appreciate the work of the original author.
BananaBoy9012: Yes i do its amazing keep up the good work
断梦殇蝶 Wandering Prodigal: You are welcome and hope you like this manga as much as I do!
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