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Star Stealing Girl

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IT’s a journey filled with love and dream. When your everyday next door sweetheart September turns into the notorious thief, a series of mysterious events that surrounded the ancient Silan Kingdom started happening. Love and friendship, justice and evil, power and forgiveness. How should our heroine choose her journey?

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - touxingjiuyuetianqianchuan,txjytqc
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kill the bich group
author plssssd i beg you or we beg you to continue i cant even fall asleep just thinking of wut will happen next we know its hard to make comics but we are supporting you dont mind the haters you havr got ur talent ur own imagination i cant stand it that its ending i kept on thinking about the future of september and october their just so cute together and i love watching it and the characters are just perfect pls make a 2nd season plssss im dying to see it i live the way the characters look so handsome so pretty ans so cute especially the character of october and september october is so calm not perverted or flirtatious im finding a comic like this bit cant find october is so cute and strong september is so stron beautiful and independent i wish this comic will never end we are waiting for season 2 pls just make a season2 we will wait pls dont let us down

btw i have a crush on october😁
DarkMeow: what happen is the author cant provide more of the story because he/she has a problem
Ellah Mhe Vilchez Eledia: i agreee i can't sleep 😂😂 I want to know what happened next
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Everyone keeps complaining about the fact they’re just reading for points. Even if that’s why you read don’t comment that. Authors work hard on their work, and it may greatly upset them for someone to comment that on their book. Like at least they have the time, patience, and talent to come and write and draw these books everyone is complaining about reading
Iggy Mitchell: Aye me too mate
Nadia Mendoza: Nah me no here for pointys me here cause me want
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Pandora_dragon xxx
I've only started reading this and I luv it but even tho the author has left us on a cliffhanger we have to be patient with what the author wants to do with this manga and if we keep on saying please carry on the author might get so pushed to finish this they might not carry it on so, we have to be patient and just wait
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