My hot gay love tutor

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Being fair-skinned, pretty and rich, ruirui seems has everything others are longing for but the only thing she wants as well as she lacks is a boyfriend. After a series of failing relations with her dates, Ruirui’s uncle hires a ‘love tutor’ for her. It seems like this young, handsome and skillful tutor who’s also gay is really useful. Will he help Ruirui out and find her a true love?

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Don’t mess with those fake stupid bitches, They filthy as fuck you don’t want to get infected right
Cinderella did find her true love but her prance charming had to go look everywhere and put the same choose to all lady’s to find the correct feet. What I mean is that prance forgot her face lol 😂 if he did love her and all he will have recognized her and didn’t need to put a shoes in those dirty feet’s lol 😂 but y’all got what I mean
Elena Elaric
nooo..girl..you shouldn't throw away.They were once the things u treasured.Keep them.Anyway,it's be great if blonde haired guy like her
anisa arobi: @Maddery whom are you referring to ?don't tell me the green haired guy is not the main lead😱😱
Maddery: Sorry but they are not meant to be together.
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Kalpana Sarkar
Throw it, i am kind of angry to think that how yellow haired boy loved her in past and now acting hard to get.
Magical Hand: love change so I really hope they can be bestfriend instead
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