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My hot gay love-tutor

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Being fair-skinned, pretty and rich, ruirui seems has everything others are longing for but the only thing she wants as well as she lacks is a boyfriend. After a series of failing relations with her dates, Ruirui’s uncle hires a ‘love tutor’ for her. It seems like this young, handsome and skillful tutor who’s also gay is really useful. Will he help Ruirui out and find her a true love?

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Lemon Tart
My version of ending explanation:

Many here r thinking that he is not gay,, but he is!! They had never fallen in love with each other, after the lesson she got, she worked very hard from that day, Bcoz she realized that love will not give her bread but money will, when she successfully took over the company, she never left the tutor, she gave her shelter and high salary job, they became best frnds, when she was at the peak of her career, she asked the tutor to help her find a man which truly loves her, not her money or wealth
Ferdousi Akter: I think you are worng.In my point of view the teacher was not gay.It is true that he never fell in love with the female lead but she was important to him.That’s why he helped her to gain everything and to build up her career. And the female lead loved the teacher very much.So in the end she asked her teacher that 'how could she make her teacher fall in love with her.'
Deldhin: not a bad version of ending, just lack the "romance"... considering this is supposedly a romance comic
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Chim Chim
Who the really is he?? I don't think that he's only for tutor... he have something in his mind... hmm suspicious 🤔🤔
What a ending.....
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