Danny's Blow-up Doll
Romance / Comedy

Danny's Blow-up Doll

Danny's Blow-up Doll
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Danny's Blow-up Doll Comics Online. Danny, is a man what they call, what's the word...LOSER, it is. He got a loser's aura all over him so that he never has the chance to ask girls out. However, the story begins when he got that expensive blow-up doll which changes his life...

MangaToon got authorization from BUKA COMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Danny's Blow-up Doll:
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Charles Renzi Murphy
That's it! Author is going all out! He's shown us the "SINGULARITY", where the very definition and existence of GOD himself is questioned!! Where human can stop the cell death and create life! Where humans and machines are merged together!!!! (I'm a skeptic guy tho)

Is that neural-link capsule gonna kill DANNY? I guess PANDORA is secretly planning to save DANNY and of course she considers DANNY as her child! And Mr. SEEKER probably knows PANDORA's gonna betray him!! And he has a backup plan to finish PANDORA!!!

Those obfuscated codes on MEI's pc screen! As a programmer myself, I can relate to that!! Though they are just simple texts and unicodes in a txt document, they are literally "huge" and has the ability to hang your system or show "out of ram" error!!! Horrible! 😰
Author knows these stuffs too, it's kinda amazing how deep he has studied just to make this comic!!

I guess, LULU was purposefully killed by slow poisoning so that she can no longer know about the results of her experiments!

Thanks for the chapter! 😻
unrealdoc: singularity? where did that come from we are talking about genetic modification. and what kind of pc are you using ,it can't be upgraded if it can't handle some text file. a simple webpage code can contain thousands of lines of code sooo what kind of programmer are you
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Charles Renzi Murphy
Okay, first of all, thanks for the update!

Let's talk about DANNY's glare! He gave that glare of contempt to that cyborg lady, shows us that he's much more confident and calculative than before and of course he has goddamn balls!!!

And talking 'bout the panel where Mr. SEEKER's and DANNY's faces are illustrated side by side, but DANNY's face is not half-cropped! I know it gives the readers dissatisfaction! But here's the twist according to my 14 years of being a nerd & 7 years of being an artist - that Mr. SEEKER isn't the real villain here! If he was, DANNY's face would be half-cropped perfectly (just like the Joker-Batman half-cropped montage)!! I think, the author/illustrator of this comic has done a brilliant job here! It's very subtle but also a very effective way to tell the story! 👍👏
myl: You really gives some interesting explanation i enjoy reading your comments 😂
Creepy Cub: You dude surely not ordinary. Are you related to plan F? 😮
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Charles Renzi Murphy
Just PERFECT!!! 👌👌

Those memory suppressing tablets were part of the plan after all!

DONG QI (or Donkey? whatever) was a beauty in her youth! 😱

Author/Illustrator has another fantastic work here! I'm pointing at PANDORA's facial expression, where she says, “I don't want such a silly son”! It's clear from that expression that she considers DANNY as her child! And we've been seeing it through and through how she's helped/saved DANNY in multiple occasions! So probably PANDORA's gonna be DANNY's new mom?

YU is perfect for DANNY! No original donor DNA, that means she's completely unique and original herself! What else do you want? 😍👌
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