Danny's Blow-up Doll
Romance / Comedy

Danny's Blow-up Doll

Danny's Blow-up Doll
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Danny's Blow-up Doll Comics Online. Danny, is a man what they call, what's the word...LOSER, it is. He got a loser's aura all over him so that he never has the chance to ask girls out. However, the story begins when he got that expensive blow-up doll which changes his life...

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I think at the last end of the story Danny will end up with that cute looking girl and maybe yu will maybe sacrifice herself for Danny and till then she would have known what are feelings and I think so that old robot girl might be Danny's mother and so Danny is an half artificial child and maybe because Danny's father had a robot girl that can also be the reason of testing their product on Danny this totally makes sense too
Ken Kaneki
Ok now if you just started reading this I would want to warn you that this story aint like the others that you have read. This story will show reality and how much it sucks. It will also show the hardship of love and how money can control everything. If you are a kid like 13 or below I dont recommend this to you because of its "scenes" but I know kids like you know what I mean. But this story can make you realize what reality is. But if you ask me if I like it well I like it but not all people have the same taste so its up to you
Mavis.Vrmlln: I beg to differ but it doesn't show much of 'reality' as you claimed it to be. so far, it's surreal if a doll can actually have feelings and eventually become somewhat real. this is more like a sci-fi themed one and far from reality
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Darn it wth! Is the problem of that son of Danny 's boss who looks like a kidnapper let them be how their relationship is what is your problem with it¡!!!!!!!!!!!! ¡
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