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Danny's Blow-up Doll

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Danny, is a man what they call, what's the word...LOSER, it is. He got a loser's aura all over him so that he never has the chance to ask girls out. However, the story begins when he got that expensive blow-up doll which changes his life...

MangaToon got authorization from BUKA COMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - pingdandewawa,pddww
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Katheryn Murillo
I hate when guys try to look for another girl to hook with when they have a great one right there who cares about them love about them and willing to spend the rest of the life with him and sacrifice everything to be with them is discussed need to know we have people like this guy in our world who tries to steal someone else’s woman or try to get another person when they’re in already a relationship it’s disgusting I don’t know why they don’t think it’s wrong because in their head they think it’s wonderful but I know personally that I kick his pigs ass
Some how i suspect they illegally operated on Lu Hao perhaps in leu of interrogation.perhaps implanted a micro chip. the sedation and shackles makes it rather obvious. seekers not gonna get any useful believable answers either way, this intimidation tactic is a waste of time. the better option would be using some sort of truth telling chemical or offer him a way out as incentive. Get the answers.. if cleared, some low level Electro shock to the head to wipe short term memory. . douse him with booze, break his cell phone give it back to him. Dump him somewhere public to be found. People will think he just went on a bender and shrug off any memory as drunk talk.
Don Kenzaki
so he have tong xin why he is trying to get yu? ahh come one why not just make another story about him ffs this danny blow up doll lol
Don Kenzaki: ok i just say that is for the plot twist....
Keirra Thomas: if you didn't read correctly yu in this society's view is very beautiful with yu dating Danny he thinks that Danny is too low of a peasant to date her and was planning to steal yu away from Danny
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