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Danny's Blow-up Doll

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Danny, is a man what they call, what's the word...LOSER, it is. He got a loser's aura all over him so that he never has the chance to ask girls out. However, the story begins when he got that expensive blow-up doll which changes his life...

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In reality it is the Y gene that is becoming weaker through generations and males are becoming less fertile. The Y gene can not properly repair itself because there is only ever one Y gene in an average human male unlike all the other genes.
Yet research is showing we can use bone marrow to artificially fertilize eggs in the future. So there's hope, plus female couples would be able to have biological children, though those children could only be female due to the lack of a contributing y gene.
Clandestined: while i agree with junelyns overall chromosomal anaylsis the problem is mice clinical trials in general, only relates 20% of the time to humans.
Nekowaii: Male or female diminishing... Don'care bro, instead of bone marrow and female to female... If they don't want men to perish they should do something about changing genes where parents can choose their child's gender or a child chooses their gender when it comes to right age and if that occur then surely😂😂 women will go extinct
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if zoe is a human why dosen't she get pregnant by Daniel.
Clandestined: as far as i suspect, everything pandora16 told danny may be false even her ability to reproduce. It's a good tactic to keep Danny happy; clinging to false hope while training Yu in humanity.
sam rexso: maybe he came outside........😋😋😋😘😘😘
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Soul Weeb
Danny should stop leaving Zoe alone... every time he’s not their shit goes wrong
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