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Danny's Blow-up Doll

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Danny, is a man what they call, what's the word...LOSER, it is. He got a loser's aura all over him so that he never has the chance to ask girls out. However, the story begins when he got that expensive blow-up doll which changes his life...

Manga Toon got authorization from BUKA COMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - pingdandewawa,pddww
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Danny needs to work on his communication skills cuz this ain't cutting it. Work, money, people, society norms should all be discussed not just treat her like she's an naive kid. The growing frustration is noticeable and is a guaranteed way to lose her.

Danny should consider telling his father about Yus origin story (i think he would understand Dannys predicament) or at least ask him to teach her about the world they live in while he is busy at work.
Eeli Dorross
the dad does have a point I mean yeah there is scum that would try to snatch her however I think the right thing for Danny to do is not to tell her what or what not to do but teach her the consequences of certain actions and the entertainment industry is a good example cause even in real life there is dark things that happen behind the scenes
Eeli Dorross
damn i kinda feel bad for the people in this society (the lower class ones I mean) lol no wonder the female population is going down, they are all chasen the rich dudes, it's kinda sad really
holybell0: How is the female population going down?
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