Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire
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Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire Comics Online. Lin zhen’s stepmother and sister always bully her at home, her husband even has an affair with her sister and sends her to the mental hospital. No one cares about her except one guy…Can Lin Zhen finally rewrite her destiny and find her true love?

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Ok, at this point—actually since before but is now that I really feel like giving some feedback about it,— I think the story is all over the place and emotions are definitely wrong for the sequence of events that have been going on. It makes every character seem... senseless and with lack of empathy... very crazy sociopaths and psychopaths. It's been loosing logic. And if the plan is to blame the FL for QuinYa's death, well, the plot will have to get hella smart to make us sort of believe in that possibility because, I mean, she has a clear alibi. Moreover, someone mentioned in the comments that the relationship between the FL and ML makes no sense given her personality and his actions, I agree. She's suddenly wanting to be with him, when in reality this kind of story, given how is unfolding, will lead to a FL that ends up with a totally different man or alone. I find the ML's character unattractive, weak and gullible. Who would actually let the mom and women who continuously hurt your loved one live under the same roof, and not do anything about it but actually side with them? Also, most of the arguments between everyone are unnecessarily violent and somewhat repetitive, specially in the interactions between female characters. I was curious about how the story was going to play after the FL's discovery of the truth, but is loosing me ☹️...
Lucy Heartfilia: i agree and we don't even have a positive character,not even FL and ML are positive,everyone are psychos and everyone have serious mental illness.They don't learn anything from their experiences,they know how painful it is to loose a baby and they still take revenge by killing innocent babies,i know that they hate eachother but that unborn baby didn't do anything to them,they just kill it like it's nothing,like an ant,they dont treat them as living beings.Well then you don't deserve to be a mother and the perfect ending would be if everyone just died, but of course we know that the ML and FL will have a child and live happily ever after,while everyone else will die or suffer.When i saw the cover i thought that this will be another cute ,romance cliche manga just to pass some time but its really stupid and it wants to take a dark path but it's author is too stupid.
Ban Ban: Yes I agree with u! This dumb author! Why is the author love writing about this so much?! This is obviously and abusive manga! Abusing a defenseless woman! She didn’t even do anything wrong! And she’s surrounded by bullies! Is the author think that this kind of story is interesting!! Well guess what! I don’t think so! This is an abusive manga! This is not suitable for reading! This is very disgusting and disappointing manga! Bullying a woman is a major crime even if the bullies is ur relative! Gosh! What on earth the author is thinking about writing this piece of trash?! Trapping the woman with a jerk! Letting the woman accept all the abusive remarks from others. Gosh!!! It’s so frustrating! This is not a recommendable manga!
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Can’t blame them for figuring over here, she’s a very strong and witty woman! I love me a powerful female lead!

Honestly the ML has every right to be angry though, why is the brunette haired guy trying to speak for him as if he knows if he likes her or not? You’re trying to go after a MARRIED woman FFS! find someone that’s not taken, you look stupid and shameless doing that.

And I don’t even need to address that stupid ex husband. SCREW YOU AND LEAVE HER ALONE YOU DISGUSTING POS! Should’ve thought twice before killing your OWN CHILD that was in Lin Zhen’s womb! I hate him so much I hope Lin Zhen plans something juicy for him, he needs a good ol taste of KARMA! 😡🤬
king: that's what i call a better love story then twilight ( and a harem manga )
ItzJen and ItzSaphire: I agree with you tbh I like the other guy more than the husband
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I've read the next chapters up till 85 in other website, though the translation is bad.

There is no curse in Guan's family. It's just a competition to find the fittest and the strongest one to be Mrs. Guan, and it has to be done by MURDER.

It's like this. The first wife/first woman is murdered by the second woman, the second woman sentenced and detained by police for the crime. The third woman comes and sits as the Mrs.Guan. In short, the first and second woman compete each otherjust to open the door for third woman to claim the title of Mrs.Guan.
This is happened since Guanxu's grandpa generation. Even Guanxu's mom also used this method.

Later there'll be new bit*h named Nie Xiaotong who is called by Guanxu's mom from abroad. Guanxu's mom's plan is like this, she purposely chose Linzhen to be the first wife/woman and let her compete with Qingya in hope that the later would kill Linzhen, thus Qingya would be detained by police for murder, then Guanxu's mom just need to call Xiaotong from abroad to marry Guanxu and becomes Mrs.Guan. But since Linzhen is alive, Xiaotong murders Qingya by pushing her from balcony. It would be her and Linzhen left to compete to claim the title of Mrs. Guan.

Linzhen needs to stay at Guanxu's mansion, because she needs to take the share that belongs to her mom also because Guanxu is the biggest shareholder in her mother's company. She wants to get both shares.
Anonymous: sorry curse alert I had to

if you don't post this thing in 5 other manga then your parents will die
Diamond Aries: isn't working for me.
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