Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

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Lin zhen’s stepmother and sister always bully her at home, her husband even has an affair with her sister and sends her to the mental hospital. No one cares about her except one guy…Can Lin Zhen finally rewrite her destiny and find her true love?

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I just have a question to ask. If the yellow haired dude can sue the husband guy for assault or injury or whatever, can’t the main character just go to the police and report that she is being abused by her family and show the bruises on her body as proof? If her family tries to cover it up with money, people all over the media will riot and that would make for a better story than this cliche clump of shit I’m reading right now. Nothing in this story is original at all, yet you people act like this is so inspiring and this can change lives and so beautiful, but no. You all say she is strong, then why can’t she simply report her family for abuse. Why can’t she report her husbands murderous intents, using what the maid said as proof? The story doesn’t make sense and there are way too many plot holes, everything that takes place is not at all how a person would react to these events, if you’re being abused, report it, if her friends knows that she is being abused, then she should report it. Her friend is being kind and all by throwing the drink on her sister, but still, she knows what the main character goes through. Why can’t she go the extra mile and tell the police the hardships her friend has to got though. See? Plot hole.
valentine jbm: please tell author, bring up a new man, I do not like the personal of her husband 😔
Pem Lhazeen: But do you think the justice given to her through the law will be enough for her. Those people murdered her mother abused her till she died. Took away her kidney or sth. Abused the main lead every since she was a kid and even made her hand disabled for a will. She was treated as The mistress child when she was supposed to be treated as the Main child. Not only that her mother in law abused her even when she was pregnant and her ex husband? had an affair with her sister because she was the owner of the company. Her Baby was killed and then she is send off to marry a guy in the name of sacrifice. She has dealed with so much of pain and I dont feel that law would be able to give her justice. It's better for her to Fill up her own thirst of revenge and Law in comics sucks.
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I've read the next chapters up till 85 in other website, though the translation is bad.

There is no curse in Guan's family. It's just a competition to find the fittest and the strongest one to be Mrs. Guan, and it has to be done by MURDER.

It's like this. The first wife/first woman is murdered by the second woman, the second woman sentenced and detained by police for the crime. The third woman comes and sits as the Mrs.Guan. In short, the first and second woman compete each otherjust to open the door for third woman to claim the title of Mrs.Guan.
This is happened since Guanxu's grandpa generation. Even Guanxu's mom also used this method.

Later there'll be new bit*h named Nie Xiaotong who is called by Guanxu's mom from abroad. Guanxu's mom's plan is like this, she purposely chose Linzhen to be the first wife/woman and let her compete with Qingya in hope that the later would kill Linzhen, thus Qingya would be detained by police for murder, then Guanxu's mom just need to call Xiaotong from abroad to marry Guanxu and becomes Mrs.Guan. But since Linzhen is alive, Xiaotong murders Qingya by pushing her from balcony. It would be her and Linzhen left to compete to claim the title of Mrs. Guan.

Linzhen needs to stay at Guanxu's mansion, because she needs to take the share that belongs to her mom also because Guanxu is the biggest shareholder in her mother's company. She wants to get both shares.
Jaja Sorecum: Update more please!!!!😍🙏
Jen Yi: I don’t have to waste my good earning points, better stories are waiting for me. Get on board, we are leaving for the better comics🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
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Jen Yi
It was wrong oh Lin’s sister to sleep with her husband and treated her that way as her elder sister. People are cussing and cursing her. I know she’s a bad person but she apologized and looked like she is really feeling guilty and apologetic. I can’t be like, “Oh, she’s definitely acting. It’s not real.” I don’t know that. Humans are scary. I don’t know what’s in her heart, it’s just a comic. Until the author releases the next chapter we won’t know for sure if she’s really feeling sorry or not. Now, I feel like we should be feeling sorry for her because it’s obvi that she doesn’t have the same courage Lin has, she is a coward in my opinion. She does everything her parents, her husband and awful mother-in-law want her to do. And why should divorce women feel like that, like they are not worthy to have a second chance? Even a cheating woman does deserve a second chance. What about divorced men? Why can they mighty and everything, but us women are looked down? It’s so unfair.
Casper phase: big facts but our girl going to hit her with the okie doke
Suki Yang: for the moment, let's just see what happens
Xiaowen truly is a petty person, bites the hand that has helped her, even if it is not gracious help
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