Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

Ms Humor Bones
I can absolutely relate to her...fortunately I have my family to take care of me. But sometimes you are so vulnerable that it if someone cares for you ... you dont know how to react to that empathy... I have faced so much betrayal.. if someone even offers me help I become skeptical . And there is a thing here emotionally and financially you are dependent on your family ( in Asian countries atleast) you never come to know slowly your family also starts relying on you ... the dices turn. She is too numb for the pain. I know that that pain... You feel nothing.
Sad Butterfly : Me too I can relate. But please don’t judge me for saying this “I want to die and live in peace already”
Ms Humor Bones: yeah that would be really good...she will be at mental peace so would be the other bitches
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“I wish you good luck in your next life” are you kidding me? How can he with a clear conscience deliberately bring her back to die? What kind of man is that? What kind of family he has? What kind of woman is his girlfriend? All of them wish her to die so they can live comfortably. There will be a time he will truly fell in love with her, and when that time comes please just leave him. Though it’s my wishful thinking. If there’s a man who love me and willing for another woman to die so I can live, I rather die than do that. But before I die, I’ll definitely leave him. What a worthless so called love.
2pac: seems normal to me... #mangalogic
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Ohhh!!! You want her to die. Then I have a solution.
1.go grab a knife from kitchen
2 . ensure no one noticing you
3. Find peaceful room
4. Pray for sin
5. Say thank you God for giving me good life.
And the last but not least
6. Go on and killing yourself.(For me dead is actually run away from sin for the bad people, no punishment)

Alina Oppa: Hahahahaha I should tell that to my enemy, the next time he tells me to die.
Mahi Arega: You’re hilarious 😂 🤣
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Maybe he took a good hard look at that nuclear meltdown of a woman he's been calling his "true love" and the brutal, self-centered, petty, cruel, malicious, utterly pitiless way she was acting to this young lady whose position as a sacrificial lamb should make any decent person feel at least a LITTLE pity. After all, wasn't this girl married solely to benefit the very woman who treated her so badly? So shouldn't the beneficiary have shown at least some kindness and a measure of respect? Unless he's as dumb as a dead battery, the contrast between the two women should have him thinking second thoughts. And third, fourth and fifth thoughts...
lemurloki: You have the best name.
Manga hoes needs to shut the fuck up periodt!: Preach
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Ok... Seriously. He's the f*ing worst. I hate his character and how he only feels bad bc of his own guilt. How about you pay to send her away to someone fabulous where she can die in peace and surrounded by servants or something!? She knows her role, so let her just live happily until she dies. It hurt my heart when she told him she hopes to meet someone like him... Like, no. You deserve better! MUCH better! She needs like a Sansa stark level end here peeps... I want her to rise up and become a queen! 👸
Arinola Kafayaty Joke: me too
Xiao lu: absolutely right
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Abigaelle DJ Lusala Djomou
bruh this man is not a man anymore he is a beast why the hell would he abuse his wife so much by kicking his wife on the stomach and killing the child forcing her to sign some divorce paper and putting her in a mantle asylum . would it have be better to kill her insisted of letting her watch how her baby die. Beside if u two had a beef with the mama why take it out on the innocent baby. You don't spare her even knowing the fact that the baby is ur .Do u even know how many family are looking for a child but can't produce one, and how many daddy's are looking for their baby who they regret leaving them with their mommy. Man u are luck that she even decided to tell u and keep the child even after knowing that the father is a monster .
You know, I don’t know what he sees in this girlfriend of his. Is she beautiful? What’s the use of being beautiful when the heart is rotten? And her behavior is so classless it painful to see. But this is the woman he’s willing to let another die so he can marry her. Stupid or what? To disregard a life so he can build his own happiness, no wonder he’s attracted to this kind of vile woman. Bird of a feather flock together. But they are no birds, they are just flies hovering over a pile of shit!
lemurloki: Absolutely savage and absolutely right! Good job.
Cake is yummy : Lmao this is funnh
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plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
ooh he got some serious issues..don't know why the driver was like that.🤔🤔and the male mc what is he upto??feels like his brain is not functioning ..I think he has Alzheimer 🙄🙄😑😑 he only wanted her to die!!so let her die..why he is coming again to save her..🙄🙄
and one thing I really want to ask..this is a universal I mean like how the male hero either in comics or dramas get to know where the female mc is and she is in danger..just I mean just in the climax of an important scene they come and save the heroine in fraction of seconds 🤔🤔...I mean it's a miracle🤣🤣😂🤣😂I have been trying to find this question answer from the past 10 years.🤔.when actually I started reading story books and dramas🤣😂🤣😂🤣
You guys are honestly screwed up if you want Lin to end up with Guan. Unfortunately most comics usually end up with the delusional, bossy and arrogant guy and people are okay with that. The author just slap dashes everything and all of a sudden the main guy is a prince! I understand if the guy had a traumatic past and that’s why the way he is but if he’s just a spoilt-silver-spoon-fed guy then they have no excuse.. I hope she doesn’t end up with him and that this is more of a getting revenge story and building her character up. The only thing I think that is good about this comic is that the main girl (Lin) doesn’t take shit from NO 👏🏽 ONE 👏🏽 PERIOD 👏🏽
Ayush Raj
this story is too much to take in, if i were in her shoes i would run away as far as i could, live a extremely subtle life in a village or small town(as small town people are often nice) so that i could at least enjoy what the world has to offer, i would talk with old ladies, play with little children and open up some store so that i could het to talk to people everytime, i'm just saying if the fl does not ends up with ml i don't care, i just want to see her smile brightly and purely to her heart's content, never to be burdened by depressing thoughts anymore in my life
Kenan Kalamujic: you are not the only one. he is not bad so far yet he does lack certain things. but so far I would rather have her go her way and enjoy her life without anyone knowing her whereabouts and basically not dying. so that once she does return she is someone who has power and can take revenge on people who mistreated her.
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How could he make up to her? She’s losing her life without gaining anything worthwhile. Is he going to give her another life? Get her to be reborn? Such a bastard... his family as well! Let that him, his women, his stepmother, grandmother, and that woman that his grandmother likes for him (the one abroad) all die.... they’re all nasty and selfish. Regardless of him falling for her and ending up with her, the fact that he will use another’s life to exchange is despicable. He’s a scum, and a bastard! He should have looked for dying women as they will be willing... the female lead was never willing. Let her family perish together with his family.... except for,his dad... I think his dad is nice... but all of them... let them all die a miserable death!🤬🤬🤬🤬👿👿👿👿👿🤬🤬🤬🤬👿👿👿
Princess Hinata
I really feel sorry for lin zhen.. At the end, what was her fault???? What has she done than she has to suffer very much??? Her ex husband, su tian ce ditched her by having affair with her step sister, even not only ditch but also killed her child who was still in her tummy.. How pathetic!!! Now her husband, guan also uses her for his own motives.. Her family don't want to see her.. Why is the person like lin zhen always unhappy??? People don't think them as human, they just keep them as trash.. An animal is treated better than lin zhen.. I am really very sorry for lin zhen.. Lin zhen should go away far from this place and live her life peacefully.. Lin zhen does not have to care for other as people beside her just tortured her...
Bibieve Henry
We know her family and husband are horrible.We know she'd been humiliated n received humiliation.We know she was forced n later accepted the marriage because she wants to be freed from the asylum...She wanted to get her revenge (bravo!).. i don't mind another "Ms. Revenge" as long as she's not dumb, stupid and defenseless..if the female lead is smart, brave, strong n independent then every her action i'd give thump up....i truly hope the FL is a smart counting on you! Mr/Ms. Author..
Bibieve Henry: :Yeah..indeed
한을아: Another misfortune..... Cannot imagine if this kind of story would happen in reality.
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my hearteu 💚
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Ugh. Again he's the worst... He's like a cat toying with a mouse before it kills it... He is only assuaging his own guilt by pretending to give her a light in the dark to only fulfill his ultimate goal of setting her on fire and watching her burn... I hope she can come out of this all as a phoenix and show everyone what she's made of!
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: Thank you! I try so hard to keep my rants short... But some of these stories enrage me to the point of tangents! 😤🤣
Mystery_queen: Man even if your comment ka considerably long I still took the initiative to read the entire thing cuz its really damn right to the point!
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Griffin Grey
Ahhh!!!! And here enters the scene our bipolar male lead. Last chapter he sent her away. This chapter runs after her. Next chapter he will be crying that she is not dead to marry his skunk beloved one 🙄
SSamir: It seems that there are a lot of bipolar males in these comics. I wonder where the sane one goes. Oh right, they are the second leads. So if you wants to be the male lead and get a happy ending, you first needs to turn psycho 😑
Serena Cain: oh damn😂😂😂
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Nora Alajmi
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I really want to know what happened next 😶😶
you readers who criticize the female lead so much. have you been tru hell? if not, please take care of your heart. being too upset is bad for your health. lol.
no one could be able to understand her weakness and pain, unless they went through the same. what i went tru was not even half of what she had, but her pain reached me. it won't be easy to stand up again. it took me years. so please be patient. the story has just begun...i know that she'll be able to pull herself together later.😶
French fries vs Mary the painting: It reached me too. That's why I made that knife poem
Cry Pie: True
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Now that that bit*h needs FL to stay alive, she couldn't do anything to harm/humiliate FL.
Our FL can blackmail her, if she ever touches her bottom line, she would leave the house so the curse would attack Qing Ya

Wait, I think the cursed one is not the first wife position, but that Ye Qing Ya instead. And our FL is just like the shield for her.
Serena Cain: y'all make too much sense
Katheryn Murillo: I think it’s it’s because they love each other but the another woman she’s in danger and she’s sick because the curse only works on mistress
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You pathetic, selfish, thoughtless, cruel, emotionally myopic, delusional IDIOT! It takes a lot of money to hire people to follow you all the time just on the VERY VERY slim chance that you might lose control and kiss her. Just WHERE is she supposed to have gotten the money? In the mental institution? From the family who cruelly used her just as you are using her now, caring NOTHING for her feelings? Where? She has NOTHING except what you buy for her, so where in the HELL is this large sum of money for hiring people to follow and photograph chance moments she must have known were highly unlikely supposed to come from? HUH? Tell me THAT, idiot!!!
Ifets Hacsej: i just want to say, i like your attitude.
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