Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

This spineless invertebrate thinks he's in love with this big haired hyena, which should clue you in on just who is craziest in this bunch of sociopaths, thugs and loons. Has he REALLY gotten this far without knowing what this badly dressed, nasty minded frothing psycho is REALLY like? Is he STILL making excuses for her? Of course he is, the big idiot. And he brought an already abused innocent to her and served that innocent up just like setting a rib roast in front of a grizzly bear. He's an accessory to murder--or would be if that rabid stoat had her way. He DESERVES whatever this morally bankrupt, slimy, stinking cesspool of a woman and her boyfriend do to him. He DESERVES to be cheated on, schemed against, lied to and hopefully given a scorching case of herpes by his slutty bride. I want this guy to suffer.
KDG2158: my thoughts exactly!!!
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life is good with comics
my dear Arthur if this young gorgeous smart strong knows anything and everything that's around her gets to be with this dumb idiot who knows nothing about what's happening around him delusional a****** an idiot that everybody can deceives even a three-year-old child would deceive the CEO unlike any other CEO I seen this guy is a dumb CEO even if he was the last person on Earth she should not be with him if she ends up with him if she end up marrying that man and having a child with them and living with him you are delusional and without a heart she got hurt so many times but he didn't pay attention to it because he didn't care he doesn't have a heart if anybody ends up with him they will not live happily unless you change his way because right now he's pathetic Only Knows enemy not allies only keeps evil people around him but not in the innocent people like her I don't think he deserves her
other than the main male character was I really despise right now everything looks great I love your stories I hope you got to give it up please think about the main character she will end up with the police because if she ends up with this man I don't think she could be happy not true he man would ever be happy with this man if he was the last person I would not be with him I would rather kill myself than rather being with him because with him you're just a living dead
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Wow Lin Zhen finally looks blood revengeful.I wish she will make them pay for sure.Man Guan Xu is so hurried to marry Ye Qingya?? That he didn't even bother to find her or even wait for her?? I felt from the beginning that tho is a male lead he's too pathetic.He is always suppressed by people around.He's so rich can't he just do some investigations? I don't mean this time but so many previous instances too.He gets pressured easily.He won't even fight for the woman he loves.
Medhu: It pretty much feels like that right now.
Medhu: Yes me too!!.
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Princess Hinata
If I were in place of lin zhen, i would never try to expose qingya's child's identity to guan. Because if lin zhen exposes it to guan, guan will cling her to more and give her more pain. If I were in place of lin zhen, I would rather keep silent and go away from this guan family forever, seeking my mother's property in a tricky way and finally choose a peaceful life for myself..

What does Guan think of himself?? Is woman a machine to him??? He can date his gf in front of his wife but whenever lin zhen talk with other man just as a friend, he can't tolerate it and express his stupid male ego and jealousy.. Is not it a ridiculous matter??...😠😠😠

I hate tian ci but I also don't like guan.. Gao is better than them.. Lin zhen can go to Gao and lead your own happiness..
Princess Hinata: Will guan know about the betray of qingya that the child in qingya's belly is not guan's??
Jexin Samak: don’t worry she will die...a new bitch will enter the mansion and she will push QingYa in the balcony and she will fall right in Guan’s car and die...the Chapter is at 80+ and Li Zhen will give herself to Guan on 84 they will have bed scene 😂
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Princess Hinata
Hey girl, you should live for yourself.. If nobody loves you, you should love yourself.. You try to live on your own efforts.. Unfortunately, you are married twice with the wrong persons.. You ex husband killed your baby, your present husband is indirectly waiting for your death..How rubbish and nonsense these guys are!!!! If I were in your place, I would leave from this people and family and live on my own efforts.. If nobody cares about me, I should care about myself.. It is better to live alone rather than living with selfish & unworthy people..If I were in your place, I would try to be a school teacher where I can meet a lot of childrens... It would give me pleasure to live with this children and find a strong reason for living to see them smiling....☺☺☺☺☺
Princess Hinata: Yes, but her friend also tried to deceive her though her friend did not intend to do it...😑😑
xCeasarxCanariax: If I remember it correctly she has a friend and it was the pink haired girl
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Everyone is focused on how the dude is being such an ass, but how about we think for one moment that you can’t send someone to a mental hospital unless they’re mental. In mental hospitals people don’t lie all over in floor in the hall, they are prescribed medicine and they have their own cells that are locked, in case they are psychopaths and will kill you in your sleep. What I’m saying is, the whole thing with the mental hospital shouldn’t have happened because that will simply never happen in real life, and everything that dude is saying is an empty threat because like a said, no matter how rich you are or how much influence you have, you can’t send someone to a mental hospital unless a doctor has verified and made sure that they are mental.
AnnaE: It’s just a shit story so it doesn’t really matter
alucard🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭: yeah,I am
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Griffin Grey
Oh boy!!!! I must truly congratulate the male lead. Every time I believe that he reached maximum a⭐️⭐️holeness and in every episode he surpasses his previous record. How many episodes is this story???? He needs to grovel in at least 100 in order not to wish him dead. Or is he gonna simply die in the last episode and leave our girl a wealthy and carefree widow 🤔 In my books this would be considered a happy and satisfactory ending 🥰
Nator-sama: Griffy, I couldn’t agree more! 🤣🤣🤣
There’s no limitations to this male lead’s a⭐️⭐️holeness! 🤣🤣🤣
Griffin Grey: Oh boy, don’t remind me “If I Never Loved You” I still hate Nick’s guts
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you're one hell of a chauvinistic motherfcker. Already using your wife as a scapegoat to death and still have the balls to question her chastity?
Just judging a woman from her chastity is shameful. What if she was forced by her husband keeping marriage as an excuse.
Anyhow It was her choice to whom she gives her virginity to .
Besides it wasn't her fault that her first time was with a bastard husband.
And in future it will be her choice too regarding her mating partner.
If your not cooperative then it may be someone else.
Don't raise your finger on her unless you have a "clean character certificate" . She isn't your toy who you can use as you please.
petals: try to recognise the sarcasm when I said "clean character certificate" . No one can judge anybody . But there are some assholes in every society that set different standards for generations and consider themselves as almighty to give verdicts about character of any person. Such as the male lead. A bastard hypocrite.
Sneha Das: honestly, whether somebody has a "clean character certificate" or not, i Believe no one has the right to question anyone on their personal choices especially not this two faced bastard asshat billionaire. he is hypocritical indeed. 😣
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Is this guy dumb? Dude use ur brains. How on Earth would she know that u would suddenly kiss her? Plus she doesn't have money if she does don't u think she will divorce and go somewhere else instead of hiring photographer to take pics? Plus how dumb a person has to be to send from their own email so that she is easily exposed? Instead of acting like a complete dumbass first Go know the truth about her before just lamely putting blame on her and pretending to care😒😒
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Tangela Reynolds
knew it. and what show are you talking about? you just stopped her from being taken advantage of. she will thank you. and honestly if you really like someone you wouldnt do something like that to her. and I hope he is not taking her back to that house...although, I know his dumbass is. he said he would believe her. but he had already believed them. why else did he glare at her when he just came down. and that mother of his...this girl does not owe you or your family anything. did you forget y'all called her there to die in this thot's place. I just cant wait to see her reaction when she realizes that her precious sweet innocent qingya not only slept with another man she got pregnant and passed it off as your grandchild. now she's plotting to kill someone to cover her secret. smh. its gonna be epic.
creamyadorablecreamy: I truly agree with you. he was taking advantage of her and he was definitely going to regret it later. bit on the other hand I tujnm he knew his mother was wrong and didn't really glare at her. he knows she is capable of pushing his mum but I only because she was provoked and is pushed to a tight corner
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having faced so much in life! a motherfker father , a slutty step mom , a rascal husband , a whoreable mother in law and even worst - such a bad 2nd husband what can we expect her to be. The person who was supposed to love her unconditionally fcked her sister in front of her and supported the murder of his own unborn kid . After a woman looses her unborn baby (goddess forbid) it's the worst moment ofher life in which she needs proper love and care from everyone.
AND another one is no better. Using your own wife as a scapegoat to death is the most shameful act. Don'tyou fear Karma???
Infact I even want FL to fck each and every character because no one deserves her.
Soujonyaa Datta: You are correct!!!
Sneha Das: i agree with you. although I felt it got a bit intense but I love her. she's doing exactly what she should to stop people from trampling all over her and messing with her without absolutely any reason to do so! they all asked for it. if they all thought they could treat her like crap for no reason at all, first of all they are shameless and very toxic and they all deserved this. I really liked how she behaved with her ex-mother-in-law 😏
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Sweetie, I have a lot of sympathy for you and I absolutely despise those two morally bankrupt mall b*tches who are plotting to kill you, so I am going to give you some very good advice. First, take some self defense classes--the practical kind, aimed at helping smaller, weaker persons survive fights with bigger, stronger ones. You need to learn how to fight dirty, which vulnerable areas to go for and how to disable your attacker. Second, do your best to get stronger and fitter. Escape from your next attacker might depend on how fast and how far you can run. Third, buy clothes made out of good, sturdy fabrics and stop making them out of tissue paper. You aren't a paper doll, so you shouldn't dress like one.
Angela Mee Her: Me, Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin:Stob it, S-T-O-P I-T!!😂😂😂
Asiankrazygirl: Absolutely right
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Princess Hinata
Well, if I were in place of lin zhen, seriously I would never come back to Guan..😑😑😑.. Alas!!!!! What a cruel life lin zhen has to pass!!! So sufferings!!!. Tianci, guan, xia, qingya are all the people so annoying.. They are not normal human. If they were human, they would not torture lin zhen like this.. I really feel pity on lin zhen...🥺🥺🥺
Hexxe: I think it's a little like Stockholm syndrome? In a way, she has been held hostage all her life - by her family, later her ex-husband and now his family. He held her hostage (as the woman, her married so she can die from the curse, he even forced her back, when she lived away from him, because his gf got sick and he was afraid she might die from the curse) but out of all of them he sometimes protected her or was nicer and that's why she is softer on him. Don't get me wrong, I think, she should dump him with nothing left after getting her revenge and be happy with Gao. But I can understand, why she treats him differently (besides being the ml).
And why she comes back? Well, she was almost murdered and is furious, isn't she allowed to do something stupid after this? She is a fictional human, not a fictional robot.
Also, I read in some comments, she returns on his wedding day? Is there a better day for an epic comeback? 😅
I still think the most stupid thing she did was at the start, when she found her husband and her sister together. She should have shot pictures (proof or blackmail, who cares at this point?) and she should have divorced him first.
Princess Hinata: Sorry, my mistake.. Qingya will die on chapter 84..
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Princess Hinata
Everybody is playing with lin zhen.. Is lin zhen a baby producing machine to Guan??? How shame?? You can't treasure a woman but you can only use her for bearing your baby.. This guan has not regrets at all. Lin zhen did the right thing to deny him.. Her ex husband just killed her baby now her present husband is just thinking of a plan to make her pregnent. So cruel, so selfish.. It is really sad to say An innocent girl is surrounded by evill people.. She is really alone.. There is no one who truely loves her..Her best friend also tried to deceive her.. Actually, in this world, the good people are always the sufferer. People don't want to give value to a good person but they always treasure bad person.. It is the harsh reality!!!

Lin zhen has taken the r8 step.. It is now time for getting back all the things she lost.. It is just time for revenge.. She does not need to be good to those evil persons. I want her getting revenge and then going away far from this city after taking revenge..

I really feel pity on lin zhen....😓😓😓
🐰Bubble🐰: Hey guys, I'm writing two novels on this app. One is "Hide and Seek" in which there is romance plus horror with 5 episodes and the other one is " The beauty and the beast " in which there is romance plus fantasy with only one episode. So, if you are free please give both a try and also leave your opinion so that i can improve. Thanks,🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️
Princess Hinata: I agree with you on that point he was not the 1st one who suggested it and it was his mother who suggested it..But He was indirectly supporting his mother which seems to me is very ediotic.. It's true that he is more gentle than lin zhen's ex husband but to my point of view, he is nothing but a coward and stupid.. His starting point was wrong. Why did he make a this kind of stupid deal with lin zhen??? If he took decision of not marrying with his gf, it would prove his true love and honesty. But he is sacrificing lin zhen's life for his gf which is really cruel.. I can't support him in this either..Though he treated lin zhen better than lin's ex husband, but He is still a selfish and coward to my point of view.. I also agree with you lin zhen deserves better boy than guan...
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Absolutely speechless with rage...almost speechless. The WORST thing anyone can ever, ever do to a person who has survived the Hell of a mental institution is threaten them with being sent back. He wants her to be afraid. And she IS, trust me. I know. She's afraid and she's sick to her stomach with fear. But she's also mad. He may not see it yet, but deep down a tiny ember of rage has just begun to glow a little brighter. And everytime he pulls this crap, it will be like blowing air on that ember and giving it the oxygen that will make flames. A person who has nothing left to lose is dangerous. And this smug, thickheaded, insensitive jerk with his cruel words and warped views is the one who is mental. When she finally gives him what for, I want a front row seat.
lemurloki: She isn't afraid of HIM. After what she's been through, there isn't much left to be afraid of. But I went through a placement in a very bad, poorly run institution when I was 9 years old. I was there a year and a half and shouldn't ever have been there. When you've been through that, as I said, not much scares you. BUT--the threat of being sent back will make anyone who has suffered through that VERY afraid. And yes--even in our modern era, such places exist.
Navier: She is not afraid of him actually. It's all empty threat anyway. Not to mention misfortune will befall on Qingya the moment he decided to send mc away.
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I'm curious about the story of first wife's curse, how can Guan family got the curse?

We all know that Lin Zhen will live happily marriage with Guan Xu eventually, and I read from spoiler that Qingya will get a miserable death, so what's happened with the curse? Why Qingya is dead instead of Lin Zhen the first wife?
Yasmin: Btw, when Qingya dies and the curse is accomplished, Linzhen cannot fully free from Guanxu, because I bet he will threaten her with her mother's company issues. Guanxu still can control, intimidate and force her to stay by his side as he likes.

Sigh... I hope Linzhen can fly away from Guan's family. If not, she must struggle to compete with another new b***h who has Guan family's support.
Yasmin: the unborn baby is indeed innocent, but he must bear the consequence of his mom's bad deeds that triggers the curse, poor baby...
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She should’ve just let them get married. And let her give birth. Let him raised the baby like his own, then a few years later, after the FL became even stronger, plotting in the shadow, she’ll re-emerge and give DNA proof that the kid is not his, but her ex, and that vile woman is the one who “murdered” her/FL. Broadcast it all over. Heh, that’ll serve them right. Him raising a another man’s child and got shamed 😂😂 and she sent to jail, lost her position, lost her child and be humiliate and the ex with the evil sister has a war because he had a child with someone else and not her (their child was miscarriage)
Ssue: this is more interesting plot. wish author can think differently as you 😅
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Amatul Karim
Is this actually a story you say author? But sorry to say it's nothing but some kind of shit. I believe you must be really a drunkard, otherwise a stable person will never write something like this. It's a pure shit. Man if you have some mental problem then deal with it yourself why the hell are you torturing us. actually we readers are also idiots that we are reading this shit. Man put some senses, here we came to read a story for some mental refreshments not to be tortured by your disgusting ideas. Man do something about it, change your story or restart it. If can't do that stop writing. You literally pissed me this time.
Numa Jiya: Woah!that's such a harsh reply from are being judgemental.what ever she said that's her are no one to judge are no one order to anyone to leavea or go anywhere else.if she something and shared her feelings that's all up to her.why are you reacting this's a free world and she has all the right to say anything and moreover its just a virtual world no need to get personal.And she wrote it that means she is reading this sincerely from the very beginning.she might have expected lot and now is disappointed with the storyline.its all her emotions. stop being judgemental.
Amatul Karim: Thanks for your nice reply. But that was my point of view, it's not necessary that everyone's point of view will be the same. May be I got emotional because I think I am very much found of this story and I feel it so deeply. What I have written it's not for you. You should write your point of view Indepently, not with me. So what I said maybe wrong but you shouldn't involved in my message.
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if I were in place of lin zhen, I must find a way out to sneak away from the villa and before I leave i must expose qingya's child identity I must write a big note in the wall of the room with colour spray ... and the massage should be like this 'Honey you want to bankrupt my family. fine do it. . cause my mom already had suffered for that cursed property . though it's belongs to her still some dirty muddy hands already spoiled that pious frame so its no more related with me and for your perfect wife i have one information believe it or not is up to you but do a dna test of your upcoming perfect child of your perfect wife and I am sorry for what happened last time I was drunk and really lost my conscience. so that's it hope and wish not to meet you again byeeee ''
sam rexso
be frunk with you guys I think non of the male characters are gd guys they are just pure human trash non of them deserve should divorce the b....h @$$ husband complete her revenge and live a life like a queen. if she found some1 who values her than her looks or wealth than settle down with him or being single is better than being with a trash.....( even though it's kinda hurts to say it as a fellow man because deep down every 1 has a trashier side but I think it's better being a single now days since everyone thinks of u as an atm/fap doll both male/female....they will throw u aside once their done with u ).....😩😩😥😥
Sneha Das: i agree with you. i dont like that trashy male lead and I believe she should be smart, use them and get her revenge and just life a better life after all is done and stay single. she deserves someone better than all of these people. everybody is so toxic in here. poor MC that she had to go through so much. 😔
Quốc Anh: the next chapter has been updated by 😍
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