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Demon God Academy

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For thousands of years, Desolate Deity Wonderland has been protected by enchantment and thus free from the distraction of the outside world. Until one day, a mysterious youth breaks the enchantment…

MangaToon got authorization from JMCOMIC to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yaoshenxueyuan,ysxy
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The one that knows
You know this is actually the first fantasy manga story here that actually is good normally my eyes would be like “great another fantasy manga story where there’s no space between the scenes and the lines in the bubbles aren’t visible..” but this one actually surprised me I’m pretty happy about this but I have to admit that I’m only here for points because I really wanna continue with Pharos’s Concubine. I’m not really interested in fantasy here because of the locked chapters but if there’s one out there that’s good then... IMMA SAY HELLO! Well anyway I hope this story won’t get locked... cuz if it does then IMMA SAY GOODBYE!
kingcat: i have hope man so should you
Brian Abraham: master of gu is dropped by the author
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how to get easy points:
1. open the manhua
2. dont scroll it
3. wait until 10 minutes.
and that's how i met my points, kid
Murad Currysauce: Cool thanks
🐰Bubble🐰: No offense..but I'll do so..😄
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Angle tears
I really love this story.....plss respect the author......leave them a word that encourage them to continue the story...seeing the comment "I'm only here for points" is hurting the feelings of others and the reader itself....what's the problem watching ad for getting points..?! In this world you can't get anything for free!!!
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