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The Koi Returns

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In the chaos era caused by wars, people were living miserably except one small town which was unreasonably prosperous. Thus, many people were taking risks in search of the secret behind the prosperity. A girl from poor villages with her family's testament and the fate of her village finally sneaked into the small town and discovered that the secret of the town's prosperity was the King of Koi with trapped in the dungeon. After several efforts, she rescued the King of Koi and set foot on the road of escape.

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I think they are going to do something to the girl's village or to the things the koi lord cared about.

Or they plain just going to do something to the innocent citizens to incite fury within the duo.

Or maybe they plan to sabotage or exploit the innocent unknowing citizen (like riling up the citizens to do something harmful to both of them) .. In which case, I doubt the duo could retaliate because they know the citizens was just being used....

I really want to know how the evil side are going to exploit the main characters soft spot... and what plan are they going to use...
.!. Nani .!.
🎶 Born on the wrong side of the ocean, with all the tides against you 🎶

Instead of Aquaman he will be AquaKoi😂
daStupidpotatoGirL: lmao 🤣🤣
little penguin: Aquakoi thats totally funny man 😂😂
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it's end here so short or I reading too fast

I must wait a whole week again to read upcoming episode.
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