The Koi Returns
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The Koi Returns

The Koi Returns
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The Koi Returns Comics Online. In the chaos era caused by wars, people were living miserably except one small town which was unreasonably prosperous. Thus, many people were taking risks in search of the secret behind the prosperity. A girl from poor villages with her family's testament and the fate of her village finally sneaked into the small town and discovered that the secret of the town's prosperity was the King of Koi with trapped in the dungeon. After several efforts, she rescued the King of Koi and set foot on the road of escape.

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Kimberly Lawton
His words and actions are a defence mechanism. He pushed the girl out of the carriage because he could not trust her, he judged the entire human race based on one city --- and he said he would eat the kid so that they would be scared enough to leave him alone.

There are many self-defense tactics we employ that are not physical. Anger and violence (verbal or physical), are just two of many.
spread_your_wings: dear! if you have time can you chech out my new novel 'death is the only ending for jerks'
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Sena Kusanagi
huh? wait.. wait...wait so it means Lin Xu only loved one girl this whole time.... cause Duo So is Yu Zhi's shadow
King: seriously... it's painful
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Mi-reine Ngo Nsemee
what is cann't be the end.
pls continue make an other season.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Saswati Swain: they end it like thid
Diksha Thakur: please continue episode it's not end
total 2 replies
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