My Idol is a Vampire
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My Idol is a Vampire

My Idol is a Vampire
phetmany inthalangsy: there are army in here too 😁💜
¡ g∅ttå 😍 ñë 🥳: LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hhahahhahahaha yeahhh 😌😌😌😌
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Couple things:

1. I’m on to her! 🤨 She can’t see in the dark, but she can still hear! 😏 So, even if she didn’t know Xi was home, she heard the shower🚿 water running and knew somebody was in the bathroom! That little vixen was trying to sneak a peek! 😍😂

2. I know people love 💕 Xi (he does have a cute face and a hot, Hot, HOT bod), but he is such a one-worder!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Could you really date a guy who talked like that... drab, monotone, and only articulating in 2-3 words at the most? It sounds cute, but trust me when I say it would drive you nuts 😖! It’s like using a dull pencil:... you can still write 📝 with it, but the quality of the lead is not so good! 😜

3. Bai Ye is also hot, Hot, HOT 🥵🔥🥵... He’s exciting & arousing and he uses complete sentences! 😉😂

4. If you’re not shipping the ML and FL, then you’re rooting for a separation between best friends b/c why would Xi take away Bai Ye’s property and/or leftovers? They have been friends far too long to break the friendship code after a century!! 🤨 Seriously, if your bestie was diggin’ your boo behind your back, it would not be so cool then, would it? 😒 Sure, Xi know that he likes her, but also he knows it’s not a good thing b/c of his friendship with Bai Ye... I mean, they’re practically inseparable, having a blood-sucking bromance (literally) and all...! 🥰😂

5. Okay... I’m done, so why are you still reading this? 😂😂🤣🤣
Chetan Bhardwaj: ix hhh
Diabolik Lover Yui: same .
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Rachelle 《the heiress》
let's make a vote...

1 like=xi
1 comment=bai ye
Twilite : Both of them I chose both
Jannaina Kindo: i choose both of them..
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Well I read somewhere that Xi is like Taehyung and I couldn't agree more. They both look so cute and adorable and are so hot and handsome at the same time.

I really hope that Xi doesn't get hurt, if the Qiao Qiao is destined to be with Bai Ye, then I wish that Xi doesn't fall in love with her and get hurt. I hope he finds someone who will love him as much as we all do....💜♥️💜♥️
omg everything is getting worse, her younger brother has become a blood doll, her BFF is almost dead and the most thing that killing me is bai ye!!!! he will misunderstand and won't save or care about her anymore furthermore when she will get a way to contact him he will refuse and won't listen to her!!!
I really can't describe how I am so so so angry and nervous, I feel so sad for her brother and an Xi!!
woah finally everything is in right place ... n the twist writer brought in story was amazing .i never thought xi gona ctrol by someone n make qiao qiao his property bt m more happy that finally qiao qiao realise her real feeling towards bai ..i really like bai n qiao ..Thank u so much writer for such twisted plot .
comic lover😍😍😘😘
I think they missed a chapter
クラーク キー: why are they not translating every thing, and skipping chapters..
JC.Agena_upgraded: Right!
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woahhhh wht a twist again hahaha writer r u thinking to kill me do u know how crazy Yaoi i m n this really makes ke happy when bai kiss xi... hahaha readers here asking fir more Xi and quiao ,bai and quaio now m gona ship Bai n Xi hahaha i know they r very good fri
Ranjita Chowdhury
I can realise reading the comments the the romantic comics are only read by girls!😑Their reactions towards the comic and they react as if they fall in LOVE so quickly with this fantasy romantic comic and that Xi it's just a comic and enjoy it and don't behave like kids girls am also a girl but these types of comments like "Oh my Xi!-Aww he's so cute I luv u" so annoying and disgusting guys u only like him cuz he is cool, and a human can't fall in luv so quickly with anything-and falling in luv with people is far from this so guys stop ur silly reactions and just read and stop ur commetry and if u have time then from your precious time read this comment of mine thx and dn't mind I hope u understand
rEaLOnE(heerbhanushali): yes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜: well it is one of the best comics🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💜💜💜
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Cherry Blossoms
ok I was not expecting that from her brother I mean ahem and he shouldn't think about executing Bai Ye (if that is what he is planning to do) cuz Bai Ye saved Qiao qiao many times and they love each other also dude pls stop those thoughts
Miss. Nighthowler
Yes I look forward to xi's return and no I literally don't want any romance between xi and qiao qiao or bi he and xi please oli don't want to die so soon u literally think I can afford that of think
I just want to see bai and qiao finally happy together... And xi too but with someone else other than qiao... Why now her brother start to think about weird things...
Let's pray there's no annoying asshole would appear.
Munachiso Ibeawuchi: Ikr
Nicki J: in manga its most likely to happen. but who knows
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wait... what? the little bro is in love with qiao qiao? come on.. can't we just let qiao qiao and bai ye live happily 🙄
Karishma Khoja
The new artist must be a guy. Look at the way he draws women's chests. Also, the art got less pretty and looks more rough. Ugh. And even if it isn't a guy, the art is just... sigh.
silent.clmist ☾: yea i do agree with the art change n stuff. i do say it got more rough compared to the first couple of chapters in the beginning.
Liz Jared: Fr I think the art got better and smoother looking, specially it shows more characteristics on main Fl face unlike before her fave looked like a flat piece of paper drawing 😅
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Jiminie pabo
Thank you so much for saving Xi but he only belongs to Qiao Qiao 😪
We have sailed the ship too far for now to bring it back
Miss. Nighthowler
third and no i won't accept any possible love between an xi and qiao qiao it was enough seeing bai ye kiss xi no more heartattacks please
Miss. Nighthowler: oh really that is so sweet of u ti say thanks buddy
Aanchal : 😂😂i like ur expressions... Its suits ur comment 😂😂
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Janie Redington
I hope they add the chapter(s) that seem to be missing. It’s going to bug me that I don’t know what all happened in that gap.
JustinSeagull: ikrightttt
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I got confuse in this chapter. I thought I was reading other manga . If anyone understand this chapter plz explain it to me😊
Elsee Ramirez: I think one chapter was skipped.
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Idk... I just have a bad feeling about this... Like her story is going to be exposed or something because things are going too well...
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