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My Idol is a Vampire

Rachelle 《the heiress》: yeah they really look the same 💖💖💖
Mariya S. H. : how can it be possible??????????! ¤¤😵😳
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It's a grp of 3 members, whose friendship bond will never break
# east or west 😘😘😘trio
is the best
so, don't reply here, cause it's a grp chat, and if u reply here ,u guys get notifications,for this no one can blaim us, so... ,and also if u want to friendship wth us also want to chat , then we may be give u chance or may be not..., it is not a violence.. ,so other guys plss stop behaving rude, it's my sweet worning.. 😘😘😘
<— Is ShE cUte: meh .-.
Bubble izzzzz DEAD: umhmm😊
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donna panda
I think xi has been controlled always, and if he's not controlled and as being assamites, he would harm others, first he was controlled by some video games that's why Bai ye introduced him the video games so his mind would got divert, but now he is controlled by his clan members, so once he is not being controlled in a nice way ,he will eventually become a hunter and hunt down other vampires and humans alone, so that's why he is powerful and is much more older than baiye bcoz of him being assamites , being assamites gives him the upper hand, but he can't control himself this is bad for his own self.
Ranjita Chowdhury
I can realise reading the comments the the romantic comics are only read by girls!😑Their reactions towards the comic and they react as if they fall in LOVE so quickly with this fantasy romantic comic and that Xi it's just a comic and enjoy it and don't behave like kids girls am also a girl but these types of comments like "Oh my Xi!-Aww he's so cute I luv u" so annoying and disgusting guys u only like him cuz he is cool, and a human can't fall in luv so quickly with anything-and falling in luv with people is far from this so guys stop ur silly reactions and just read and stop ur commetry and if u have time then from your precious time read this comment of mine thx and dn't mind I hope u understand
EXO is my obsession : It's our choice..We can say whatever we want..Why are you bothering about it..We didn't take money from you to read this manga..Mind your own business girl..if you hate it then leave
LOTTO: hey!, are you on your period?🤨

did you forget to buy pads😏

maybe you slept on the wrong side of your bed that's why😂
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Nightcore Wolfy
Me: I wish my crush liked me
Friend: who's ur crush???
Me: I dunno
Friend: so.... You don't know his name...
Me: who said it was a he?
Friend: do it's a girl?
Me: no, it was just a joke
Friend k, then ask his name!
Me: I can't...
Friend: Stop acting shy!
Me: I ltteraly can't....
Friend: ok, let's try something else, what does he look like?
Me: tall, blue hair
Friend: k, now that's to good to be true
Me: yeah.... He's a character in a comic....
Nafertari🍂: i always do that to my friends🤣
Trueblueturtle: My friends agree
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Vidya sagar
Oh my god!!! 😱😱😱.Dont like xi and that yinu.Everybody say xi is better xi is better.Ohhh u will never understand.Bai ye is better then them.Bai ye I wish u to come back with Qiao Qiao.Old xi is the one everyone like.Dont like this xi who has been controlled.Bai ye doesn't bite Qiao Qiao but look xi.Hes biting soo many times.I don't think she will survive.☹️☹️☹️😔😔😔.
Amiksha: I hate him the more I read
Vidya sagar: No the old xi who is playing games continuously iam talking about that.Playing xi is nice and not playing xi is not bad but good
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Rachelle 《the heiress》
let's make a vote...

1 like=xi
1 comment=bai ye
Ela loves cats! : bai ye
Ela loves cats! : bai ye
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Skyler 🌥
The male lead is so thoughtful. He really cares for female lead... Not like other comic where Male lead is arrogant nd bad behavior
Taylor Phine: exactly
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ArmyLand Gie
Don't hate on Xi. He was just being controlled together with his strong feelings and desire for Qiao Qiao. He likes Qiao Qiao from the start.. But kept it because Bai Ye is also important to him. Actually I kinda pity him at the end... Hayyy these are the kind of stories that I'm having a second lead syndrome huhu 😭
Diane : feel you
Harsh Saxena: yep same
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Lin Zhang
Hey im a new Writer and soon my first comic with the name ,,unobtainable‘‘ will be published it would be great if you would give me a chance- to don’t miss it pls follow me , I promise you wouldn’t regret it :) - it’s a vampire story btw :)
「✧」: Please don’t pay attention to this person. S/he is copying a comic called UnTouchable.
AfydA: unobtainable.. ill wait for it..😊
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Tangela Reynolds
wow. if you're going to protect someone, you should do it well. I really dont know what to say about baiye now. how could he not protect her brother well. he got her involved in all this. they better find a way to save her and her brother. you would think after what happened they would be more on guard but they just let her brother get turned into a puppet. I can't believe this.
Fernando sam
when this stupid boy Bai ye will come and take his girl....even though she Dont know exactly that she love Bai ye but Bai ye know this clearly....I can't see her more tortured by these monsters...come on Bai ye come and save your girl can't wait anymore
does anybody think that something bad is going to happen after they pick up their phones and then later realize that they got each others phone and then he's gonna be really mad at her for keeping tabs on him for the newspaper? just asking cause that's what it seems like.........
Taylor Phine: now am scared
Gureishī-san Ms. Gracie 😘グレイシーさん : I think that was here recorder that the used when he was sucking xi's blood it just bounce and looks like 2phones her phone is pink I think
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Wow Xi was so intense.It seems even his memory really is getting manipulated.I hope that he'll recover tho I find him hot even at this moment.But I don't want him to be the Xi that the assamites use as a killing machine.I hope Qiao Qiao won't be affected by the poison cause if she does get affected then there is no way Xi will come back to his true self.And God forbid if Xi does something and he'll keep regretting for his whole life blaming himself.
Unpopular opinion: while I don't mind Xi, I've never shipped him with FL, one reason being because we know who she really likes & it's all been one sided on Xi's part. But, I'm glad at least he's letting his feelings be known.
X: Yeah, maybe if she showed attraction to him I would feel differently but no. Also, because of his nature, they really don't have proper conversations. I don't mean that as hate towards his so his fans please don't get mad 🙈
Melow: yes xi's just a friend of her but bai ye help ur girl man n take her back with u
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people who shipped Xi in see this is what it is Xi only felt WANT and acted to accomplish it but Bai ye LOVED her in all the frames respected her everytime

Iam anyways able to understand the author now (actually he's now starting to discuss what I wanted him to) prey- predator like one-sided domination relation is not love

*love only happens between equals* this is how qiao qiao will understand Bai ye's love and will fall for him even being physically separated
ArmyLand Gie: Someone's manipulating Xi. He was also blinded for his love/desire for Qiao Qiao. You'll discover the bad guy soon.
Flora Kim: But then xi's drastic change is very hard for most of us to digest
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Elsie Lily
it's natural that,after being the one to all be by her he would want her for himself.we honestly can't blame him.this is Bie yei's fault. if only he was a little responsible. what hope for now is that Assimite venom can somehow make her fall on love with xo. then that's a total win.
Too kawaii for me
-yes papa?
-no papa
-No papa
-OPEN YOUR said the truth
JhellArtist: yawa hahahah!
*V*: th3 last one was unexpectedly lol for me
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Ann McStay
Author how can you be so cruel I ship them together so much but I know she will end up with Bai. I love the fact that they kind of kissed but it hurts to know she won't be with xi
I'm not surprised at all by her response, because that's what has been obvious throughout this comic, & I'm glad she was honest with him. I hope him being controlled doesn't drag on for too many more episodes.
X: I would be surprised if she did.
Harsh Saxena: i hope she will end up with xii
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