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Somewhere in Time

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Why blooming blossoms always wilt after a heavy rain? Why things always end abruptly when they hardly begin? Why I just realize how madly I’m in love with and you’re gone? Why the universe should give birth to human beings while the human beings should bear both happy and ill feelings living in this universe? I knew nothing before I met you but I, started to absorb the whole universe with every possible pore at the moment I met you.

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Boys’ Love
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Brianna Martinez: I cried so many times and my heart fluttered and sank and it was just so beautiful
yuki amano: This is the best bl comics I have read in this app, I have read this before from the other app but still read it here; what is beautiful about this comics is the way the author depicted every important scene, it manage to properly produced the intended emotion. The readers cries along with the characters when they were in pain and trully felt happiness when they were happy. I'm not bored re reading it for many times. Trully an amazing comics. ❤️
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This reminds me of my elementary school friend, she told me that her military father is so strict that the punishment in her family was getting flogged by belt. At that time, I still didn't know the term of domestic violence or toxic family, but I told her that her family is weird since my family never punish me like that. Then she told me that it was usual, ordinary thing in military family.

I know that not every military family is like that, but reading this, I realized that no matter the country, no matter the time, toxic parents are there. And I can only pray for their children to not grow up like that.
tsukisuki: The only physical punishment that I ever get is when receiving collective punishment for the whole class just because a boy was punching another boy, that was in my 4th grade. My teacher hit our back with a meter long wooden ruler. That hurt so much and really shocked me.

My elementary school is located near military base, and yeah 80% of my friends were from military family. Now that I think of it, maybe the teacher was also from that background and thinking that was a normal punishment for kids.

For you who gets that kind of punishment @Rita Shahi, @Adriane Dias & @WibuNoName, do you hold grudges or some kind resentment for your family or not? Because my punishment was losing the privileges I had, like I wasn't going to get my monthly books allocation or no TV when I was misbehaving.
Rita Shahi: i go through more than that just belt my mon beats me so hard with whatever she gets
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It ends... When Zhixing opened the door and the next door neighbor turned out to be a family, I was shocked and afraid. So it turned out that Jun already moved out from his apartment to Zhixing's apartment.

I'm so glad that this story have happy ending. The journey is long, it filled with so many heartaches. The characterization is so deep and author revealed bits by bits of their past. I really like this type of story telling. And oh, the cover! How I love several chapters covers. So beautiful & amazing!

Thank you for the story.
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