Somewhere in Time
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Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in Time
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Somewhere in Time Comics Online. Why blooming blossoms always wilt after a heavy rain? Why things always end abruptly when they hardly begin? Why I just realize how madly I’m in love with and you’re gone? Why the universe should give birth to human beings while the human beings should bear both happy and ill feelings living in this universe? I knew nothing before I met you but I, started to absorb the whole universe with every possible pore at the moment I met you.

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Boys’ Love
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Sakumira Agashi
This is a truly beautiful story. The first episodes are super hiliarious, but that's just the start of a heartbreaking story of healing wounds. All the characters here have their own past and sorrow that's not easily seen. It's a long journey of getting over your own pain and move on with your life. The two MCs knew each other but never actually talked until this special event, and it's hard to believe that everything here happens here in just seven days. I didn't regret reading this, really.
Arjay Padiwan: omg me tooo the long rode is paved with saroow and pain but them we reach the end, tge happiness, tge triumph omg This is so beautiful
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Juddi Glend G.
Those Words Zhixing Said Was Deep And So Meaningful.. For Some Reason It Makes Me Felt Uneasy And Lost.. It May Sound Insane.. But Those Words On The End Of This Episode/Chapter.. Really Hurt Me.. So Badly I Don't Even Know Why.. Those Words Gives Unbearable Pain.. It Seems Confusing But It Hit To The Core.. I Can't Honestly Handle Those Words.. Why?? Why?? I'm Totally Lost.. By Those Words You Created.. You Who Create This.. ....
Juddi Glend G.: They're Talking About Love.. But As I Keep Reading It Many Times.. It Has More Meaning Each Time.. Not Only About Love Or Relationship.. Those Words Keeps Alot Of Emotions.. I Know That To Myself.. But I'm Still At Loss.. I Love Those Words But At The Same Time.. I Hate It....
Juddi Glend G.: Yeah.. But Still.. Those Situation Wasn't Even My Issue Or Problem.. I'm Bearing A Different Pain.. So I Wonder Why Those Words Hit Me To Death.. And I Can't Get It Out On My System.. It's Too Painful.. But I Can't Stop Holding It In Even If How Much I Badly Want To Forget Those Words.. I'm So.... I Don't Know At All.. Sorry.. And Thanks....
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beautiful!!! beutiful!!!
i give this a five star rating oh wait an unlimed star rating!!! i just was so in love with it!!! it made me cry. it made me laugh. it made butterflys in my stmouch. i was just frinkin in love with it. can i have a side story???
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