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Somewhere in Time

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Why blooming blossoms always wilt after a heavy rain? Why things always end abruptly when they hardly begin? Why I just realize how madly I’m in love with and you’re gone? Why the universe should give birth to human beings while the human beings should bear both happy and ill feelings living in this universe? I knew nothing before I met you but I, started to absorb the whole universe with every possible pore at the moment I met you.

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Boys’ Love
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Lian Vega
i pity him. but that's all. I don't think the wife will wait that long. while the dad is thinking about his dream, his self, and what would happen , while he is busy for thinking about the dumbest things..... He's wife takes all the burden. problem about their money. problem on how she will raise her son by herself , problem on what is happening to her husband, where is he ? because of what? his husband is having a second thoughs. I got this feeling that he is regretting. eveything. We'll here a thing for you mr. painter... She throw aways her good life and trusted you because you said you love her. That's the shittest thing to do. Now look what happened to her. She's broken down and the worst part is you left without a word. and you expect her to WAAAAAIIIITTTTT?!!!!!! come on! you're in the wrong here! if you are not gonna apologize for your family. at least accept you mistakes and be gone forever.
A-Yang: Same thing here
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Teehh Thii
Actually for those who are confused where this is going with the main story.. They connect really well. This dream of his is his past but is the present with the situations he had already been through, though it is connect to his future self.... Basically it's finding yourself loving someone else 🤭 Soooo Romantic 🤭
yo... not to offend but this is looks more like our encounter where the popular idol guy turned into an ugly cat and then the artist met blah blah blah then the artist met an old friend who's jealous of the cat because he can make him happy, also the idol “guy" turned into a cat because of the artist guys there was also something about the name William which the artist used in the letter and the person who the idol hated
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