Bite Mark and Agreement

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Linxi Ren worked as a domestic for Xiuping Chen to earn fund for her dream of becoming an actress. Linxi decided to quit her job cuz Xiuping had been giving her a hard time but only to find that Xiuping is a vampire of a thousand years old. To get rid of the witness Xiuping was actually planning to kill her. Will the heroine Linxi ever survive this and turn the table to win his heart?

Manga Toon got authorization from Foxtoon to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Lama Rizekalla
that's how I look after 9 hours straight of anime
😍💋RapMonster's "girlfriend"💞😘: same but instead of blood its food
Isabella666: Same
total 11 replies
marshal xingpei 💞💘
woah I like vampires alot
when I was young I wanted to marry one but they are not real tho 😔
vampire girl 666: lol me too
DaYaNa: I always wanted Edward and Jacob from Twilight!!! 🥴🤤
total 14 replies
im on my period n seeing this Ohhhh Gawwwwdddd Hell No..ohh yeahh btw i think he need Human Blood i mean fresh human blood dunno Now😂
DaYaNa: My cramps are really bad that painkillers don’t even help but my period lasts 5 days so YAY!!😭😭😭
Toka Saphira : same here, It didn't hurt when I was younger, but it always lasted 6 to 7+ days.
total 9 replies
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