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Genie of the Era

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On a socializing app called "era", users will be ranked by their popularity every midnight. Fans, Trends, and publicity, those virtual numbers constitute a person's social charm and value. Tong En is a plain-looking receptionist in a company who scarcely has any followers on Era, and yet she dreams of becoming a social star just like Jin Xiu Li, a bossy, overbearing colleague in her company. Then a mysterious message comes into her phone, claiming that as long as Tong En follows the instructions, she will become the top social star in the world, and then an unbelievably lucky streak just happens...

MangaToon got authorization from SaDongMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shidaiyaonie; sdyn
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Bruh there was this one time when I went to the cafe my older brother worked at to grab him so we can get lunch. I sat down because he was just finishing his shift when he gave the bill to his last table the guys said that’s ok I’m an influencer. My brother calmly stood his ground and continued trying to make him pay. The influencer got so mad he punched my big bro in the face. I helped him up and had a full out fight with the influencer. I pounded him into the ground and made him pay. So yea I don’t like influencers
Artemis: Someone popular who like can take pictures post on social media and draw consumers in to buy that product or eat at this place. If u know who Kim Kardashian is than that is an example of a influencer
Krista Ren: Can u explain what’s an influencer? I’m kinda confuse too
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Arrgghhh author are you playing with us?!? 😵😵 Wth she get all the man without doing anything besides relying on others, I mean I would be happy if I were in her shoes but right now that's.... That's just sooo saaddd!!! How can someone know you and just say my true love just because you were late 😵😵😵

I'm sorry author I'm not hating or something I'm just really, really confused about the story line. 😔😔

But overall a good choice, finally something new and not all about one night stand
this comic has a good drawing and the fl is really beautiful the white haired guy is handsome as well and the black haired guy is really beautiful 😍😍😍💯 so currently I don't know who to ship the fl with

but that's the 1st comic I've read where the fl is really cunning and has climbed onto the white haired guy's bed so easily but still it's ok as long as she didn't gave away her virginity 🤔🤔😁
author I really want to know their past and also who's the male lead the white haired guy or the black haired One?? 🤔🤔😍😍😍👌
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