Genie of the Era
Romance / Mystery / Completed

Genie of the Era

Genie of the Era
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Genie of the Era Comics Online. On a socializing app called "era", users will be ranked by their popularity every midnight. Fans, Trends, and publicity, those virtual numbers constitute a person's social charm and value. Tong En is a plain-looking receptionist in a company who scarcely has any followers on Era, and yet she dreams of becoming a social star just like Jin Xiu Li, a bossy, overbearing colleague in her company. Then a mysterious message comes into her phone, claiming that as long as Tong En follows the instructions, she will become the top social star in the world, and then an unbelievably lucky streak just happens...

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I'm actually really liking this comic, the thing that the female lead character is created is really cool, not everyone is perfect in life and because of it people may get jealous and end up like her wanting to have a life much better than everyone else not realising that because she wants to be the most popular person her actual world is starting to collapse and her fake life is trying to kill her miserably, actually she is not a bad person but that creepy app is taking over her, is giving her the wrong thoughts and because she has no real friends to help her and comfort her she is letting that creepy app take over her, but I'm sure that she will come back to be herself I don't know if is going to take a long time or not but I know that she will realise that what she is doing right now is wrong, she knows she doesn't want that kind of life but that creepy app is controlling her and she just can't realise it yet, I hope that the black haired guy with green eyes will help her realise that soon but I have the feeling that it's going to be a long wait till she comes back to her senses and I hope I'm wrong cause I don't wanna see her being taken over a creepy app making her a crazy psychopath
:)♡I~love~comics~♡💗: well that's sad 😢
Eun_Tae_Hee: well to tell you...... it will stop updating in the middle of nowhere😂
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Pretty sure that because of the comments they kept on giving her on her stories she wanted to make it come to live so she convinced those guys to help her and then she picked someone who seemed desperate and stupid enough to fall for her little tricks which would be our main character then she started her little story and now the author is just explaining the real back story of what happened. At leas I think
she just want to make her novel hit, so she used a dumb girl like tong en
so what about the mother's part? was she real? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨
ok then tong en even slept with solulu 's brother to keep the act!!!!😱😱😱😱😱
I don't understand what the hell was this stupid comic 😡😡😡
📚 Little Otaku girl 📚: your too rude to say that, i don't think its stupid, it's just Confusing
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