Woman of Blue Blood

Woman of Blue Blood

Yoolook Culture
Woman of Blue Blood
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Woman of Blue Blood Comics Online. As a pretty and dazzling actress, she just met a bastard millionaire. He teased her all day long with the words"Take it off, honey." Being an ordinary girl at nights, she didn't think anybody could recognize her real identity. But the man became his fiance uncle? Oh, my god! What's wrong? "No, sir..."

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Lingfei's Waifu
i want to get Lingfei back😭!!! even he's just a ghost in the story i will be satisfied!!! i love Lingfei role!!! I'm so sad!! he can't die like that 😖 i want him!!! 😭swwy I'm so dramatic i felt inlove when he cares a lot to xiaoxiao- he donate his eyes for xiaoxiao and i think he want to die to make xiao happy and not think of him he doesn't want xiao to be sad cuz he doesn't have an eyes 😢😭 i love Lingfei!! my birthday is coming i want the next ch. of the story if i can just give my self a gift i will continue the story that i can see Lingfei happy😭 i know it's just a story but..but it's makes me happy, the story is my happiness, the story with Lingfei 💔 Don't die my feifei, I'm waiting for the next so can you make my Ling~ alive. i love you wébtôönīst! authr.💟and also Lingfei,Feng,xiaoxiao etc.❣
Random : I want it all to just be a bad dream.
Web Comic: ohggg
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In all honesty, if I become famous I would rather be mysterious than them knowing my real identity. True, some comments might still hurt me but the positive side is they don’t know what I look, and they wouldn’t abuse outdoors. I can be still a plain citizen.

Also, her step mother and step brother is really something, but don’t forget her two face sister.

Xiao and Mengsi are the real daughter but they were treated like an outsider of their own house and company.

As for Xiao’s half-sis, she’s nothing but sore loser and selfish turd, not because Feng didn’t like him, she will betray her own sister for a man that love his sister. I love someone too and it’s been 6 years but I never wouldn’t betray anyone.
Khryza May
love the story but the ending is so f*cked up... the main issues wasn't even resolved, like her sisters death and how she will get the shares she deserve in their company. and why does lingfei had to die that way. its already bad enough that he gave up everything and became blind just for xiaoxiao but does he really need to die that way? and who killed him?

there are a lot of unanswered questions in this story 😢
is there a part 2 that will compensate this ending?
if none please do make one😞
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