Woman of Blue Blood

Yoolook Culture
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As a pretty and dazzling actress, she just met a bastard millionaire. He teased her all day long with the words"Take it off, honey." Being an ordinary girl at nights, she didn't think anybody could recognize her real identity. But the man became his fiance uncle? Oh, my god! What's wrong? "No, sir..."

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BADASS tomboy🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️
wait!? why do all mangas have one flashback... i mean every manga has the similar dialogues like..
"2years ago"
"4years ago"
"6years ago"
... god!🙄!!!.. but.. still i like this☺😆😉
BADASS tomboy🙋‍♀️🤷‍♀️: yea... his.. healer.. is just wow!
Ta Shi Lak: u all had watched so many kdramas.... but here I have started my first kdrama named suspicious partner... and ji chang wook is so🤤🤤😍😌
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Momo Taku
Has anyone considered murder? from the scene when she was asked to come to the room to come across the contract since her "father" called for her but was not in the room. that was the first suspicion and the fact that the contract remained exposed on the table when it's supposed to be a secret only available between the contract holder and signer. whoever left it knew she would week out for help. she's then locked up because he didn't want his attempt to void the marriage to be intercepted. after meeting his father then leaving someone may have come to comfort his father's discourse on deciding on what to do but instead the 2nd person commuted homicide and pushed him off to frame his death as suicide. this way it made it seem like her father commuted suicide due to the ML. whoever did this in attempt to make it appear that

1. ML murdered her father to cause hatred

2. Make it seem like his father strongly against voiding of the marriage making it guilt the FL to commit to the marriage

Only candidates to make these rash actions could be

1. Mother
2. Sister
3. Mu Family
4. Brother since he has no real relations to tie himself to the family.

All speculations though...if you read this far you wasted so much time when you could of been reading on lul
○reo: n-NANI?!
Momo Taku: These typos are annoying...
commuted = committed
week = seek
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Feng Ye, the scum bastard. 🤬🤬🤬👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻First he gave her away like a toy to his brother Zimo. 🤬🤬Second, he pretended to be nice, caring and loving towards her. 🤬Then, he slept with her sister. 🤬Finally, kidnapped her to prevent her from marrying Lingfei. 🤬And most likely, conniving with that sister and her family from usurping her inheritance.🤬🤬🤬

With regards to Feng Ye sleeping with her sister, Whether he slept with her sister or not doesn’t matter. 🤬What matters is, he didn’t deny it. 🤬He alluded to have a sexual relationship with that slut and even humiliated her. 🤬So this kind of man must get his retribution. 😈🤬She must and have to marry Lingfei. 🥰

Lingfei is the only one on her side. He seems to really care and love her too. Plus, then getting married is a win-win situation to both of them.🥰🥰🥰

Author, kick this Feng Ye off of this story already. 😈😈😈And get Lingfei to marry her successfully. Live happily together with a couple of little buns ever after!🥰🥰🥰
Oh, and get that slut’s family imprisoned and receive the capital punishment!😈😈😈😈
ComicLover: Uhm no, lingfei liked her because when he was sick she took care of him and showed him kindness.. Plus he didn't think of her being beautiful until he realized her kindness..
ComicLover: Are u dumb?? Give the guy u love a chance after having sex with ur own sister ON PURPOSE? That's messed up! He did it on purpose, he has no excuse! He wasn't drunk he wasn't drugged he still had a sense of mind! Yet he still had sex with another girl, wouldn't you get heartbroken by that? If u aren't then ur probably a slut.
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