Woman of Blue Blood

Yoolook Culture
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As a pretty and dazzling actress, she just met a bastard millionaire. He teased her all day long with the words"Take it off, honey." Being an ordinary girl at nights, she didn't think anybody could recognize her real identity. But the man became his fiance uncle? Oh, my god! What's wrong? "No, sir..."

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I will make my own ending base on this ending.. SO READ THIS IF YOU WANT.
lingfei open the car and get out before the explosion even tho he can’t see yet. While feng and beichen are following them. Beichen save lingfei after getting out on his car and feng calm xiaoxiao while going to hospital. After several years later. Lingfei’s eyes is fine. He can see already and his illness is cured. He went back to take over there business and feng also do this business become top company and xiaoxaio become more popular actress. She solve the case regarding her older sister death and his older brother and sister get punished for killing there father and xiaoxaio retired as an actress and become a ceo while feng still chasing after her but beccause of xiaoxaio guilt over lingfei she can’t accept feng’s love. lingfei showed up for xiaoxaio and clear a Misunderstanding regarding his death and several years later. When everything is fine. Lingfei and feng still chasing xiaoxaio and THE ENDING WHENEVER SHE WILL CHOOSE LINGFEI OR FENG. Is up to xiaoxaio alone hahaha i rather let her choose who she loves most. Regardless of anything. Done. 😁
tae tae/kookie: when are you going to make??? its been almost a month since when you told the readers this...
gracia: i think she will choose feng because they already have a daughter and son. and Feng is her first love 😍😍
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I can’t believe this is how it ended! It’s way too rushed! First, the complete mystery about who killed her older sister isn’t resolved. Second, the plot line about her getting her fathers company back and revenge on his killers isn’t completely resolved (since she didn’t get married, thus didn’t inherit the shares. So the “brother” is still in control). Third, is that really the resolution between her and Beichen? Fourth, with how she’s doggedly pursued revenge for everyone else, why on earth wouldn’t she do it for Lingfei? This makes little sense to what happened, and by no means seems to actually end anything! Too many Manhuas have been doing this lately and it’s driving me batty.
Elisheba Del Mundo: what happen is it really the end of the story? why?
Elisheba Del Mundo: what happen is it really the end of the story? why?
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I think episode 2 makes more sense. What the long silver or white hair was the wig. I mean, she was in a disguise because she doesn't want her family to know that she entered showbiz as an actress. So having the silver hair as her natural hair, and entering showbiz with her natural silver hair, doesn't make sense. I mean doesn't her family recognize that its her as xiaoxiao? Why would she wear wig in front of her family? Doesn't make sense at all. Her disguise is a complete mess. Shouldn't you be at your "natural / normal" look in front of your family? And wear disguise to be a celebrity, so no one knows its you? 🤔
Am not bashing the author or anything, there might have been sa mix up. Just pointing out what i noticed, that's all. But hey i appreciate the story none the less. 😊
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