Woman of Blue Blood

Yoolook Culture
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As a pretty and dazzling actress, she just met a bastard millionaire. He teased her all day long with the words"Take it off, honey." Being an ordinary girl at nights, she didn't think anybody could recognize her real identity. But the man became his fiance uncle? Oh, my god! What's wrong? "No, sir..."

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I hate that guy. at first i like him but now looking at him make me disgust. poor the girl, her only trusted family was killed by the stepmother. now, the guy he use to love wholeheartedly was betraying her with her stepsister. how many times she have to suffer. if it were me, maybe i've gone crazy or getting revenge like being together with that guy enemy to make him hurt too.
HeartfiliaDragneel(NA♡LU): btw, those that like FAIRY TAIL. The story are getting more interesting right now if u read the comic FT. 100 YEARS REQUEST. U guys can see how they beat the DRAGON GOD and NATSU MEET IGNEEL REAL SON ( IGNIA ).
HeartfiliaDragneel(NA♡LU): that girl regain her memory back. but who knew after she regain her memory, the man she love were sleeping with her stepsister. it wasn't her fault that her engagement were made in public. but fengye just make a rushed desicion by being together with her stepsister. even if this was just a plan set up by fengye in order to get close to her stepsister side, still he should look at her condition first. but what we can see was that he made a mistake by hurting her in the wrong time.
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When men cheat they usually think of it as their male privilege to do so, especially if they are wealthy and important. "A man in my position..." etc. Other classes do it, of course, but with a bit less impunity. But men will distrust a woman and call her a cheater on appearances alone. It's such a brutal double standard and gets women hurt or killed with alarming regularity.
Dright Knight
Seen near same situation in other story... Just reverse... She predented to be other person, while in job herself... Her fiance lusted after her while hating her predending side.... His uncle luv'ed her too... Later uncle and her got married... Anyway that story hasn't ended but will this be near The same.. Hm...
Liliana Miranda: can u tell me the name mm
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