Woman of Blue Blood

Yoolook Culture
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As a pretty and dazzling actress, she just met a bastard millionaire. He teased her all day long with the words"Take it off, honey." Being an ordinary girl at nights, she didn't think anybody could recognize her real identity. But the man became his fiance uncle? Oh, my god! What's wrong? "No, sir..."

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Feng Ye, the scum bastard. 🤬🤬🤬👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻First he gave her away like a toy to his brother Zimo. 🤬🤬Second, he pretended to be nice, caring and loving towards her. 🤬Then, he slept with her sister. 🤬Finally, kidnapped her to prevent her from marrying Lingfei. 🤬And most likely, conniving with that sister and her family from usurping her inheritance.🤬🤬🤬

With regards to Feng Ye sleeping with her sister, Whether he slept with her sister or not doesn’t matter. 🤬What matters is, he didn’t deny it. 🤬He alluded to have a sexual relationship with that slut and even humiliated her. 🤬So this kind of man must get his retribution. 😈🤬She must and have to marry Lingfei. 🥰

Lingfei is the only one on her side. He seems to really care and love her too. Plus, then getting married is a win-win situation to both of them.🥰🥰🥰

Author, kick this Feng Ye off of this story already. 😈😈😈And get Lingfei to marry her successfully. Live happily together with a couple of little buns ever after!🥰🥰🥰
Oh, and get that slut’s family imprisoned and receive the capital punishment!😈😈😈😈
Carla Clark: Also Hannah LingFei 'forced' her to marry him to protect her and that's EXACTLY how he explained it to her. But of course non abusers and victims never have a convenient excuse in your mind do they? Only abusers ever have an excuse. Double standards much?
Carla Clark: Hannah are you just dense when it comes to reading stories then? Typical defense of abusers as well to both you and paige btw. See my problem is that in her memories he was defending having slept with her sister. Not the affair itself. He has no right to force someone who thinks he betrayed them. Why did he make her sleep with Zimo btw? Another example of you not being able to read? Ktbn.
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Actually the main storyline is truly good, with the MC being financially independent and a subsidiary alliance marriage, with a dead mother and sister. But I really don't like the ML here, coz first he misunderstood that Xiao Xiao was sleeping with his brother, & they break up. The next thing is she's suffering from temporary amnesia. Then suddenly 3 yrs later Feng is chasing her again, and when she finally remembers everything, she gets that Feng slept with Xueer. How can one dump all their efforts so carelessly? Even if he didn't do anything, he's making ABSOLUTELY no move to clear the misunderstanding, nor letting her do that. What kind of scumbag does it? I honestly ship her with Ling Fie, who really cares about her, or maybe even likes her. It was truly saddening to see him propose the marriage out of both of their interests. And now this idiot has kidnapped her just a day before her wedding, coz he knows Meng Xiao is totally out of his hand once she gets married. What does he want? He has truly devloped a mental problem, but either wise, the character development in here is not clear at all.
Moreover, looks like the author has totally forgotten that the MC here has a killed dead sister, and somewhere in infinity she should be avenging her.
#paige u r d best: thanks
Ad£line: it's a contractual marriage out of interests. Xiao Xiao gets 10% shares of Lu Group as a wedding gift from Mus, & the Mus get the shares held by Lu Group of the Mus to be transferred in Ling Fie's name- so that he could successfully be the chairman. And I ship her with. . I've still not made my mind.
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Zedkiel Wolf
well its part of the pattern for these stories. either drugged or sold to rich guy, then either meet him again later of have his kid, then actual dating in which every person around tries to mess up, there will be the over capable butler/assistant and the best friend that will either turn on her or stand fast, and someone in her family is either hurt/ sick/ or the orphanage she is from is in danger. follow that formula and you see most of these. I tend to love them for some reason.
Zedkiel Wolf: woukd really enjoy a gender role reversal. string female CEO and a nerdy assistant you know same set up as for most of these Just with genders changed
Maria Gurrola: that or the MC dies and someone from the future dies at the same time and ends up in the original MC body and vows for revenge for the one that wronged the one whose body they now inhabitant.
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