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Manga Editor
have you guys got the stickers specially for Halloween~
Tata 💜: 😂😂😂😂lol
I don't have name👀
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Sensei 🥀
At "Glance", to be honest.
I know most of the people in love just because of the glance or I should say " first sight". Well, just some of.
There's another way to be in love tho. like; You accidentally bumped into each other then your eyes met then you fall for him/her ( oh geez, it's still the first sight 💧). Here.
Like; He/she cares about you so much that he/she spends a lot of time with you. Until you began falling for him/her just because of his/her kindness.
Well, I'm 100% sure that it's because of first sight why people are in love.
For B. Nahh. Impossible 'cause, to be honest, I don't like tea so..why will I fall for him if it's not gonna happen 🥴.
For C. Really impossible❌ cause my class will last in the late afternoon so if I spend my night with him, I will be late for class for tomorrow and I don't want that to happen NOT EVER ✖✖✖.
For D. Completely impossible. A lifetime??. I'm sure I'm a dead meat before I fall in love with him or never ever fall in love with him.
firstly, I would like to thank the author for entertaining us with such an amazing plot. I really really loved the story. I like it because it's different from others manga's who are still hung upon the repeated story line like Dumb FL and arrogant ML who does sex on their first meeting. I appreciate author's innovative imagination. my favorite scene was the "ending" where they confess their unconditional love to each other, I mean both the couples kan and his wife, mowoon and Joy. I liked how they both fought together for their love till the end. I loved it when Mowoon won against roctor because it shows his deep love for his girl, he doesn't want to share her with anyone and is ready to go against the world for her. I usually don't like the ending of other manga's, they are sometimes unfinished and sometimes they are so lame. but I like how author came with a good perfect ending for collide 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
zaika: I'm so cute, hehe
CATHERINE S: thank you
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