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Well, I had a very very painful experience with my first love. It was so painful that I lost interest in love and boy friend things. I never kissed my ex because we always had fights more than love talks which happen between couples. But, If I could ever heal myself and start to believe in love, then I want my first kiss to be a memorable one not just casual one. first let me divide these three pics of kisses into their types.
The first pic of kiss is so intensive, deep and forceful.
The second pic of kiss is just forceful, it looka like that fl is so shocked that she isn't't even able to react.
The third pic of kiss is looking like a mutual sweet kiss.
Now, for my first kiss, I want it to be the first pic cause I'm the type of girl who enjoys forceful, deep things. And I like that type of kiss the most though I didn't experience it till now but I really want it to be that one cause only seeing those forceful kisses makes my heart beat so fast. Just hoping I could heal my heart as fast as i can so that I can again believe in love and have my first kiss💋❣️✌️
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: hlwww
Garbage: hi bub
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Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣
My favourite female leads are
Murong qiuyu in (revenge of the fierce princess) because she is independent and she's intelligent not naive.... She knows how to make plans accomplished and even escape some hard situations and especially she's a lovely caring wife and I wish she will have a baby soon😂 Huang zixia in (incognito detective) because she's also independent like qiuyu and she's so intelligent even though she looks like a child. She knows how to reveal some secrets and even stay strong even if her families are already dead😔 Molly tang in (hunk no. 1) because she's so pretty and she's sometimes childish but she doesn't get hurt easily and especially she knows how to defend in some bad circumstances (idk what is circumstances anyway😭) And my most favourite is xia xi in (goddess making system.Because she's so smart and even if she's ugly.she tried her best to live again and even do some tasks by risking her life but she didn't die because she's smart,remember 😂 Murong xiaoxiao (hot mother) 😍, Anna Jo(bringing the national husband home🏡😊😍) ,Tara lin (chasing love system) 😍, moon ( chasing star moon) mi lou (the waning moon) tang keran ( president's Priceless wife) and especially lacy jogu😍 from heiress vs young ruffians... (The first manga I read here)
Good luck guys.. I'm just sharing my opinion anyway 😘I love you manga healthy everyday so I can still read bossy president okay? 😂
Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣: Of course 🤭☺️
its me, Janvi!!: she is one of my favorites and u did a great work. could you please like my comment it's in the new section. please please please do me this favour
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Hmm... My favourite female lead huh.... Well.. I have a lot :

1. Huang Beiyue (Phoenix goes against the world). Because she is strong, independent, and she has the same surname as mine.

2. Mandy White (Vampire Charming). Because she is mostly like me... Got misunderstood, framed, and she is still strong after all that she has been through.

3. Su xi (That girl is weird) . Because even though her parents had past away she is still strong and even though she is still feel sad inside she is trying her best to claim back what's hers.

4. Feng Yuheng (Divine Doctor). Because i always dreamed of being a doctor and it will save a lot lives, like our loves one and other people and she is also smart in doing business.

5. Huang Zixian (Incognito Detective). Because even her family had been framed she's still strong to face others and want to fine the real culprit. She is also very smart and deserve other people's trust. Etc

And then are many more... I love all the female leads because, they all had been through a lot of things and they are still strong and some of them just hide their feelings.. They still rise and reach to the top no matter how many time they fail. Because they never give up, as the sayings say "Don't be afraid to make mistake, because failure is the mother of succes" ; "Never give up!" ; "Let your feelings out then rise up to the top once more"
anime fan girl: you just got a new follower---

I ship Su xi with mr. demon

Huang Beiyue is awsome
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