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pic source: My Underworld Boyfriend
Raven: I'm also from West Bengal
Michelle 2222222: the naive mr lu pls
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The love between Mi Leon is as cute as mangas here! Hope everyone find his or her Mr(s) Right and lead a happy life✨
Hahahapiness: Hello everyone 😊😊😊. I'm roaming around again if you ever once or more than twice saw me😅😅. Anyways, pls go to the Rewriting Project of this app and like my friend's ending there🤗🤗. Her acc name is Larisa Maria😊. Pls help her to win.

thank you. May you have a very nice day😊😊.
Hahahapiness: hahahaha, pisima 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣, i thought this acc replied to me🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
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"I can give up everything in this world for you, my treasure "--from a father. really appreciate the story from jaya, curd is now more than just a food for you. For more story script please go to episode Happy Father's Day❤
Hahahapiness: it's like i formed that being my new hobby🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Hahahapiness: hi sis😊😊. i just finished digging again😊😊😊
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Thank you Mehak Rahim for such a touching story. Love from a father is always as strong as a mountain❤For the story script please go to the previous episode and find Mehak Rahim there🌟
💖Caitlyn White💗
No, falling in love with two people at the same time is not common. But, it does happen, and it is possible. Love starts a feeling — a strong feeling. ... When you choose to cut ties and go out of your way not to betray the person you committed to, you're choosing love.
🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: shui😅. i just returned and replied here first then will do back reading in daddy's Comment.
Lil Shui is mad now😤😤😤😤: happy why you are not at Rio's comment
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💗💗Aubery and nina kung💗💗
my all friends gather around here 😆😆
🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: ok sis, we understand her, and when you meet her in school, tell her hi from me😊😊
Lil Shui is mad now😤😤😤😤: sure**
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Nikkita 0194
Indians plz wave your hands here
ru: yes..... I need a second season..... it's a total dope..... I read the total manga in one sitting
.....last night I read till 3 am.....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mrs. Mysterious girl : Guys I recommend u all Pharao's Concubine cuz it's amazing and completed, u may even cry.
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just reading
Love? Love! Love. Well, love us the most hard feeling/ emotion to understand. So falling in love with 2 person at the same time?... Hmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔. (Hey mangatoon, can i choose the maybe answer not the yes nor no?) If you love two person at the same time, you will be in a bad situation. If you like challenges, then do it. (But make sure you love the both of them.) If you really (only an if) fall in love with the both of them, pls love them fairly like how your parents love you. 😊😊😊. That's the best love.

If you really love the both of them fairly and can't decide.... Then, ask them by heart if they truly loves you. That's the best way. If it's only you who fell for the both of them unconsciously, then poor you. He~he.

If there is someone here who is suffering from that (sorry if i bescribe it as suffering cause i don't know how to describe it well😅🤗) then, pls be sure if you really love the both of them. And if you truly are, never choose from the both of them. Just love them as friends and let them first find their true love before you find yours.

Anybody can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way - that is not within everybody's power and is not easy.


Always be happy😊😊😊.

Hahahapiness: hummpp . that's why i became good at hiding phone.😊😊. i never wanted him to find my phone and be bossy to me. but last night😭😭😭. i forgot to hide my phone.😭😭poor me.
🌹Rose 💘 : 😂 😂 😂 It's a emotional blackmail
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Nikkita 0194
all the Indian people gather around
Hahahapiness: Hello everyone 😊😊😊. I'm roaming around again if you ever once or more than twice saw me😅😅. Anyways, pls go to the Rewriting Project of this app and like my friend's ending there🤗🤗. Her acc name is Larisa Maria😊. Pls help her to win.

thank you. May you have a very nice day😊😊.
Sunshine: Madhya pradesh😊😊
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You thought it was a translator, but it was me, Dio!
To be honest, I usually love stories that start off with a nice hitch, some problems with the 2 pairs, whether it be the main male lead being mean or the main female lead to be unaccepting of her situation. But that doesn’t account for the amount they actually love each other for, so the most obvious one I’ll pick is A. That is the perfect one, because the others are lacking. To explain, B, has a incredibly selfish main male lead, who thinks highly of himself and looks at the female lead like she is a bug. No matter how much you ship it, it will never work out in real life. C is bad because we see them about to do the dirty thing, implying that they were already married, and the name of the comic also imposes that thought. But looking at her face and her text bubbles, shows that she either isn’t mentally prepared or is just getting forced on, and you don’t need me to explain why that’s bad. The last option, D, shows true love, or you think it is. Sure, the main casts loving the kiss they are sharing. What gets me off is the man’s thought process. Ok, pretend you have something that let’s you hear your boyfriend’s thoughts. It was all going well and good when you do you goodbye kiss, and he thinks “so sweet”. Either he needs to get his mouth to the doctor ASAP or he is weird/crazy. And either way, statistically that relationship is gonna fail. A is the perfect answer because it shows both of the lovers being ok with each other and willing to admit the mistakes.
when i was in Bangladesh me and two of my other friends had to go somewhere and the path through the main road was long so we took a short cut through some sandy area .While going a man said that thing can get harmful and we must carry sticks while passing through that place so we did as he said .It was at night 3 :30 or something when we were returing but when returning we felt shadows behind our backs but every time me and my friends looked back we all said there was nothing just for the calmness of our hearts but we all knew something was following us then i felt them getting closer so i quickly took a match lit it up and threw it to the ground. The shadows stopped right there but then we came near a place were all the corpses of hindu people are burnt and there was a small pond near it, both of my friends were talking a suddenly started walking towards that pond if i had no noticed and held their collars they would have been dragged into the pond i was very scared and so were they so we three started running while we were out of that place we met the same person who told us to carry the sticks and trust me now that person was just spinning around in circles. There suddenly came a imam of the mosque and said that this person was a crazy one always doing stupid things .These made my blood run cold because while he talked to us he seemed absolutely fine and gave the introduction as a psychologist . We came straight home after that (i was horrified)
TaeKookie Utopian💜: Hello, fella! Where do you live now?
Invincible White: ....I AM SCARED AF...
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this incident happened at 30th November at 1:30 am me and my sister were awake and everyone else was asleep.we both were playing with our phones cause we were not was very dark and my eyes was adjusted to the dark so the cuboard was in front of me and the my left side to the cuboard was very I will always feel like that there is someone there watching me so I always look near the cuboard and I did the same that day but when I looked at that way I saw a little girl and next to the little girl was a very tall figure in the dark.i was horrified so I turned to my right and shut my eyes heart told me to open my eyes to see if they were still there but my brain told me not to look.and I didn't look cause I was very terrified.i turned straight cause my right hand was hurting but as soon as I turned I saw the little girl that I saw near the cuboard on top of me this time and I saw her face clearly this was very creepy and I was palerized.i couldn't move and my voice didn't came out.i am a Muslim so the first thing that came to my mind was to recite Quran to calm my self and to keep the spiritual things away from us.and I don't know when I fell asleep cause the next morning I woke up in my bed like nothing happened but I know that wasn't a dream cause it felt real and I would never forget that.i still feel scared telling this cause the horrific picture comes to my mind everytime I tell this story
TaeKookie Utopian💜: wellcome.
reema: thank you
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MS XXX (Radha👸😘)
When I was in 6th grade I had a always crush on my class monitor bcoz when I was new on that school in 5 th grade. He told me every rule regulation etc we were desk mate's I always care for him and he always makes jokes and we too laugh so hard and gossips about teacher and other students and I asked him one day Will u forget after we get into next section he said no I will never forget u. And after that when I was in class 6. we were just like strangers there were many girls around him except me. When something happens I just wanted to ask him no matter what. And then there was girl called Ananya she was also with him they were good friends they were equal in everything. But I still loved him.He talked to her . make jokes with her. I was jealous and in pain but I never let him know what I felt. Time flies as u know. When we were 21 I was gonna propose him I was too happy that day and when I reached that secret place where our friends I saw there was a engagement party between He and Ananya. My heart was so painful but when I saw him he was very happy with her. and when I was going to go he stopped me and said how r u . I said I am fine and congrats him. I left him with her bcoz I loved him If he is happy I am always happy.
Invincible White: Like people always say ehhhhh u have a crush but not saying it and im like: ...
Invincible White: 😂😂😂 tbh im TRYING to have a crush to be NORMAL but...its
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Crystal C
I live with my uncle, who owns a mini zoo. Once, while I was with the bunnies in their enclosure, I caught sight of a white fox staring at me. It was a fox, with yellowish green eyes. I looked at it but went back to feeding bunnies. I thought it escaped the fox enclosure, so I wanted to bring it back. But when I turned to look at it, to my surprise I saw it INSIDE the enclosure with me. It never came to me nor ran away from me, but just sat down and begun licking its fur. I looked away, amused by the thought that this little fox wasn't tempted by a whole horde of bunnies. But then something chilled me. The enclosure I was in was an all-glass enclosure. Uncle did it that way so that the bunnies won't escape. The only entrance into the enclosure was thru a small glass door, which needed a password to get in. Spooked, I turn back to the fox, just to see it stand up, throw me a wry grin, and WALKED RIGHT THROUGH THE GLASS WALL. The dry, grass-less ground the fox once sat became a fresh flower bed filled with white daisies.
That wasn't the last I've seen of it. It comes frequently, and repeats what it does. Soon I became used to this little ghost fox and so it is to me. I even started to call it Camo.
Camo never hurts me. In fact, there was a time when I was depressed because of friends. On the first night, I cried myself to sleep. But the next morning, gUeSs WhAt? Freshly picked (or rather bitten off) daisies lay on my table.
I love Camo.
Mythical Creoisi
I never told this story to ANYONE. so here we go (actually this is going to be a multiple story because it all happened in one day).

JULY 1 2019 6:00pm, I was the last person in the school no teacher, no student , except for the guards, I was busy preparing for a school dance competition at our school ,as I was walking out of the classroom, I someone laughing at room 6-1 I looked closer ,opened the lights , and nothing was there.
I got out of the room and continue walking
(our school had a long Hallway) at the end of the hallway there was a door in the window ,the colours inside the room kept flashing red, blue, red, blue, red, as I came closer it stopped, I sat down and called the guard to help me get out of here, while waiting I closed my eyes but that didn't stop , I heard the most horrifying sound, imagine 1000 children crying, 1000 adults screaming, the guard found me crying he guided me down stairs, and while blinking I saw a floating head , then the next blink it was gone,


JULY 2 2019 7:00 ,I asked my teacher, "What was the history of this school" she replied with " Well before this school it was a Hospital, many people worked here ,but then one nurse jumped of the rooftop ,and the next day a doctor chopped of his head and then people kept seeing ghost and things, that's why the president of the hospital made it in to a school so it will reduce the amount of ghosts."

This Is a true story

Hannah with an H: :O Really spooked me!
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Earlier, I really didn't believe in spirits or ghosts. But after what all happened I got to believe in them. Actually it was two years ago. I still remember that scary night very well. I was sleeping in the hall and my parents were not at home that night. I was all alone. While I was sleeping I suddenly heard a strange sound. It was disturbing so I got up and checked everywhere so that I could know what actually was it. But there was nothing.
So I came back to my room and slept. After sometime , I don't know how but I woke up suddenly and I saw that my the table in my room was moving aside very slowly on it's own. Seeing that I couldn't believe my own eyes. I was soo terified. At that moment I really wished my parents were home. Then I heard some foot steps. I thought it was my parents but then I saw a starnge figure behind the curtain.It seemed like someone was staring at me by hiding behind the curtains. I was soo scared at that moment ....that I covered myself up with my blanket. Then after that..when I opend my eyes my mother was already beside me...seeing her I was so relieved. The very next morning I told her everything. She believed in me. Next night my mother gave me a holy locket and prayed along with me and I admit that it relly hepled me a lot. After that night I never ever experienced anything like that again. But this oncident made me believe that there are spirits and they do exist.
Bloom: Oh my...really!😯
I know how it feels when something like this happens....😦😦
I wish you overcome your fear ....I know its hard but I wish you glory... may u be always happy
mika: well.. it's not like I don't believe in spirits or ghosts, but my faith in God never made me feel abnormal or scary... basically i never felt ghosts around me... but yes! once it happened.. i don't know it was just an illusion or reality... but that day... yes! i know scary things happens at night... but in my case it was in the evening.... it wasn't too dark nor the sun was compeletly up. I'll tell u that i'm scared of dolls, especially those which opens and closes their eyes... this thing happened when I was a kid of 9 or 10 yrs, we had a great staircase in front of the main door, and i was that time at my grandma's home, there my cousine bought that doll. She knew i was scared of them so she kept on teasing me, after that she finally decided to play with me so she kept the doll at her room and we went out where the stair case was, we were just running around and spinning and in an instance i saw that doll on the staircase, i was damn horrified, i even asked her to check it, and when she went in her room the doll was exactly where it was kept before.... after that day my fear for tht kinda' dolls increased.....

that's how my story was....
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This happened one day after I took a bath. Like always I was blowing my hair dry while looking down at my phone. If i looked ahead my hair would cover my eyes making me unable to see anything. So one of these days my bro came into my room to ask smth, after he did I later found out that he immediately went to his own room. So the me drying her hair thought he was still in the room. After a while I felt someone touch my hair, I thought it was my stupid bro trying to annoy me so I didn't pay any attention to it. After a while I heard a water bottle fall down I also didnt pay any attention to that cause ya know sometime that happens. Then I felt how the things repeated... Someone touching my hair and then later on... Again... a water bottle falling down. A little bit angry I turned to the place where I thought my bro might have been sitting to tell him to stop. But he wasn't there I went to his room and asked him if it was his doing and he told me that he went straight to his room after that. After I told him what happened (I thought maybe someone touching my hair might have been just in my mind or smth) I realized that... There was only one bottle in my room and after the first time it fell down... I wasn't the one that picked it up so how if my brother was not in the room to pick it up how did it fell down again? I swear it can't have been the wind or smth the windows were closed.
comic lover 😍😍😍
I was in class of age parents on a vacation trip... so i was staying with my four cousins.... three bros and one siso.. including me we were five... we thought of playing something interested... it was like 2:00pm when everyone was sleeping... we took our tourches and we sat in a round with full darkness... there was only one source of light... one touch in the center of our circle... and we covered ourselves with a large white besides... we started of playing games like "STD.. experiences of ours"... atlast came horror story telling compitation... we started and it was quite funny and interesting.... but I was little scared but not that much as everyone was there but... at the end of my cousin's story... he said, " suddenly a hand came of nowhere and grabed her neck"... then... suddenly.. in reality out of nowhere a hand came and... throwed up our bedside away..and and our...all torches..light went out.... and all things started cracking up... we cried like.... oh god.... u r thinking that I m making up... but nooo...... then... I with unstable sense.. walking through the walls clicked the switch of light and we saw.... everything was all perfect... then we shared it.. but no one belived... it stayed an unspoken secret between us... I know there are lots of grammer mistakes... but I hope u can understand... but now I m not that poor girl... I m not scared anymore... I mean a grown up now.. 😏😏
I was home alone my big sister and mom where working so they come pretty late anyways its turned dark outside and I always get anxiety being alone in the dark so turn on my bedroom light and hallway after a while i hear a really big crash in the ceiling I thought it was a bird or something so I didn’t mind but then the crash happens right next to the wall that’s beside me then the crash happens at the door, i called my big sis since she’s supposed to be getting out at this time but she didn’t pick up so i guess she was still getting out of work after a while i calmed down and nothing happened after, a few weeks passed by i was in my room but my family was at home so im not alone but before I continue I watched a very creepy movie and i think this is important because of what happens anyways i herd someone walking on the ceiling and the drop to the floor the only reason i can hear this is because my door was open but my back was facing to the door but then that noise walks so violently and hits other stuff while making its way to the side of my bed at this point i was frozen I didn’t move or look for a very loooooong time after my courage came i look to the side and under my bed and there was nothing there but then I ended up sleeping with the lights on. Anyways that all the creepy thing that has actually happened to me looking back at it i think i was crazy.
🌸Natalie B.🌸
when I was in 9th grade while my friends and I are doing our group project in the school corridor and there's no other student in the building just one teacher in the next room doing something on her laptop and our school is so big and has a history of a place where dead bodies are dump in World War. We were happily chatting with each other and cutting some colored papers when suddenly we heard footsteps running we look at each other confused. I ask my friend if she heard that and she just nodded at me when we turned around to see if who's running, the four of us just saw a half bodied nurse with a chain in her foot running we thought it will come near us but it turned towards our classroom that's the time we decided to not finish what we're doing.

another is when I was in 8th grade. I'm one of those few students who go to school early to the point that the rooms are still close. the grade 8 building is a two story I was actually walking towards the our building and there's this habit of mine to look at my surroundings and to look each of the rooms. when I'm already near the building I looked up at our room which is in the second floor I saw my gay classmate waving and smiling at me but what I didn't realize is why he's wearing all white and when I arrived to my classroom I saw no one the class room is lock and there's is no other student in the building just me.
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