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have you guys got the stickers specially for Halloween~
Tata 💜: 😂😂😂😂lol
I don't have name👀
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Sensei 🥀
At "Glance", to be honest.
I know most of the people in love just because of the glance or I should say " first sight". Well, just some of.
There's another way to be in love tho. like; You accidentally bumped into each other then your eyes met then you fall for him/her ( oh geez, it's still the first sight 💧). Here.
Like; He/she cares about you so much that he/she spends a lot of time with you. Until you began falling for him/her just because of his/her kindness.
Well, I'm 100% sure that it's because of first sight why people are in love.
For B. Nahh. Impossible 'cause, to be honest, I don't like tea so..why will I fall for him if it's not gonna happen 🥴.
For C. Really impossible❌ cause my class will last in the late afternoon so if I spend my night with him, I will be late for class for tomorrow and I don't want that to happen NOT EVER ✖✖✖.
For D. Completely impossible. A lifetime??. I'm sure I'm a dead meat before I fall in love with him or never ever fall in love with him.
firstly, I would like to thank the author for entertaining us with such an amazing plot. I really really loved the story. I like it because it's different from others manga's who are still hung upon the repeated story line like Dumb FL and arrogant ML who does sex on their first meeting. I appreciate author's innovative imagination. my favorite scene was the "ending" where they confess their unconditional love to each other, I mean both the couples kan and his wife, mowoon and Joy. I liked how they both fought together for their love till the end. I loved it when Mowoon won against roctor because it shows his deep love for his girl, he doesn't want to share her with anyone and is ready to go against the world for her. I usually don't like the ending of other manga's, they are sometimes unfinished and sometimes they are so lame. but I like how author came with a good perfect ending for collide 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
zaika: I'm so cute, hehe
CATHERINE S: thank you
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The part that impressed me most in the story Collide was the part when both Joy and Mowoon were lost in the jungle! I watched those episodes from start to end multiple times and they are like embedded in my mind. After what happened between Ethan and Joy, it would have been the most difficult thing for author to project a chemistry between Joy and Mowoon such that readers are able to appreciate it and convinced enough to ship the new pair. But author managed to pull it out quite magnificently. None of those episodes were boring which they could have been given the storyline of those episodes. It was combination of humor, romance and slight adventure and also showcases the ability of author best. But this is just my opinion.🤗 I really liked the comic. Thank you🙈
Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣
My favourite female leads are
Murong qiuyu in (revenge of the fierce princess) because she is independent and she's intelligent not naive.... She knows how to make plans accomplished and even escape some hard situations and especially she's a lovely caring wife and I wish she will have a baby soon😂 Huang zixia in (incognito detective) because she's also independent like qiuyu and she's so intelligent even though she looks like a child. She knows how to reveal some secrets and even stay strong even if her families are already dead😔 Molly tang in (hunk no. 1) because she's so pretty and she's sometimes childish but she doesn't get hurt easily and especially she knows how to defend in some bad circumstances (idk what is circumstances anyway😭) And my most favourite is xia xi in (goddess making system.Because she's so smart and even if she's ugly.she tried her best to live again and even do some tasks by risking her life but she didn't die because she's smart,remember 😂 Murong xiaoxiao (hot mother) 😍, Anna Jo(bringing the national husband home🏡😊😍) ,Tara lin (chasing love system) 😍, moon ( chasing star moon) mi lou (the waning moon) tang keran ( president's Priceless wife) and especially lacy jogu😍 from heiress vs young ruffians... (The first manga I read here)
Good luck guys.. I'm just sharing my opinion anyway 😘I love you manga healthy everyday so I can still read bossy president okay? 😂
Lylia x Harith x angela🤣🤣: Of course 🤭☺️
its me, Janvi!!: she is one of my favorites and u did a great work. could you please like my comment it's in the new section. please please please do me this favour
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Jayjay Prezidia
happy new year. 😀so happy to see 2020. my friend didn't have the chance to😔. looks like şome of you had new year💥💨 yesterday. so we are on opposite sides of the international date🔎🌍🌏 line. some others had their feast later🕡 but I think by now every where is new year that's why my new year wish is late⏰
so I hope you your 👪families 👫👬👭friends and close relationships💑 be stronger and happier.
wish 👼health love💓 and all that can improve your 💝😃😄😀😁😂joy and make this 👍year a 👌better one.
happy new year🎉🎊🎆🎇
um for me i would choose c because as a girl for me i want to be cherish by someone you love and to be you know to be a special person that they will give you special gift/presents and a bouquet of roses something like that and yo be the most important girl in his life..... actually im an NBSB no boyfriend since birth but u know that what i want to feel... sorry im bad at explaining such things.... hehheheh
Hmm... My favourite female lead huh.... Well.. I have a lot :

1. Huang Beiyue (Phoenix goes against the world). Because she is strong, independent, and she has the same surname as mine.

2. Mandy White (Vampire Charming). Because she is mostly like me... Got misunderstood, framed, and she is still strong after all that she has been through.

3. Su xi (That girl is weird) . Because even though her parents had past away she is still strong and even though she is still feel sad inside she is trying her best to claim back what's hers.

4. Feng Yuheng (Divine Doctor). Because i always dreamed of being a doctor and it will save a lot lives, like our loves one and other people and she is also smart in doing business.

5. Huang Zixian (Incognito Detective). Because even her family had been framed she's still strong to face others and want to fine the real culprit. She is also very smart and deserve other people's trust. Etc

And then are many more... I love all the female leads because, they all had been through a lot of things and they are still strong and some of them just hide their feelings.. They still rise and reach to the top no matter how many time they fail. Because they never give up, as the sayings say "Don't be afraid to make mistake, because failure is the mother of succes" ; "Never give up!" ; "Let your feelings out then rise up to the top once more"
anime fan girl: you just got a new follower---

I ship Su xi with mr. demon

Huang Beiyue is awsome
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first, I really don't like reading manga because I thought it was boring but one day I feel I'm bored so I downloaded any type of apps in playstore I played games then uninstall it because its boring then I accidentally saw an app called "MANGATOON" and so I read the reviews they say "its gooddd, its addictedddd" so I tried it even though I don't have desire to do so, so I downloaded it when I open this app there are a lots of various genre so I tried romance and then the first manga I read is "Hunk No.1" and then I read a lot of good stories till now I wanna say its true that this app is so "BEAUTIFUL"✨ and now I like ANIME too by the way
honestly speaking, I'm still not done reading this manga. but by reading this manga, I met a person, she's a married person and I call her aunt in the fam that I have. but now, she's not using this app, she's focusing in her new work after she stopped being a teacher (bec she's hospitalised)....

but the plot here😅, I stopped reading this for some time that's why I forgot some of the happenings.. but one thing that stamped in my mind is the (I forgot what it's called) anyways, the time they were talking (fl and her friend) about her being in live with the ml but her friend told her about the ... (something like bridge effect.. and commonly when shocked) that makes her think that she's in love with him.. that's it😊.
My answer to this question is really long... but here I would only mention my most favorite from my fav FL list 😊...In the beginning of my manga reading I read few nice manga but those Fls didn't take my mind cuz they were too fragile... crying for little things and so...even though those stories were nice I just can't say I loved those girls.. did not hate them.. they were innocent but in the same time so stupid.. not my style... But then I read kaichou wa maid Sama, and Fl in that manga Ayuzawa Misaki took my mind 😍😍😍😍 she was everything I wanted be... pretty.. witty... brainy... hardworking... etc..only thing I just minded about her was she was tooo shy when Usui flirt with her.... But all around she was one my best FL in a manga.... And in here mangatoon I lov spicy wife manga's FL xinger... even though she is bold sometimes she is very clear about what she wants and straightforward... pretty too...and another best female lead in my eyes is hot mom manhua's Fl (don't remember the name) she is also hv above qualities I mentioned for other Fls...and I should mention that she is very clear with her communication when she communicate with the ML.. I really love about her... and last but not least I lov murong quiyu from revenge of a fiery princess 👸... so anyone who like those characteristics I totally recommend those manga... heart ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 😘😘
Igarashi⭐️: Where can I find kaichou wa maid sama?
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TaeKookie Utopian💜
1.Xiao Anhao(BringingNations Husband Home) the first manhua which made me fall in love with manhua and I did too much things to read it 1 year ago and It's good
2. Xiao Sen(Sweet Bite/Tian Nei De Yao Hen)
this manhua isn’t here but It's a vampire based manhua and it’s too good. the fl becomes really brave but at first it was a bit like "my only vampire lord'.
3.Tang Su(Blackmailed by the bossy CEO)
I loveeee her spirit, learned a lot from her. there should be more fl's like her.
4. Laila(Love Like Cherry Blossom) do I have to say anything? Everything is so good about this manga!
5.Nina Sze(Bossy President)
6. Tian Ye(Movie King & his Princess)do I even need to explain? just love her bossy kind of attitude. Though the art-style has changed😢
7. Forgot the name(sorry) the manhua→My Wife is Cute.
8.Murong Xiaoxiao(" Hot Mother's")
9. Spoil You Every Night's FL. She's really beautiful in my eyes.
10.Jian Yi or Stella. Love her as a comedy, funny character, making me laugh.
There’s so many more characters that I loveeee! like Kate from Deserted Woman(She's gorgeous but dumb), Mandy White from Vampire Charming, Su xi from That Girl is Weird, Flash Marriage's FL etc etc.. "Too Many That I Can't Even Count 'em"
♡Fofo chan♡ اردنية✌🏻: Omg A lot of thim Sameee
Shawn Carpenter: Our choices are way too similar and awkward 😅
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actually my first crush now is still my crush since i was in grade 3 but somebody says that its not a crush because crush only last for months but no for me its still a crush though its very long time ago
I would love it happened to me, I sometimes act like my in a manga 😂love acting 🎭 especially the time travels what was I in my previous life
Rose2681: Oh my god me too! I mean, I also love acting and sometimes I act like girls in mangas (fl)
Sorry I overreact easily
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Late Happy New Year
Hope your 2020 is good
Hope this company make more stories and have a great award
Have a Great Day guys iloveyou all the author
the new year here guys are boring :( no fireworks nothing even a single pop but
I'm Happy even no fireworks because it's
new year guys
Liliana rose 🌹 🌹: Where do you live
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Fifi Hidayah
thor tolong transalte ke bhs.indonesia komik
1.full marks hidden marriage : pick up a son , get a free husband
2.Don't be so harsh
3.the presindent lovely wife
4.flash marriage deep love
5. Emperor's mystriues wife
6 my precious wife and first love
7. teach the husband devil
8.the wife contract and my daughter's nanny

KingHaremSDA: jadi translator aja lu. bukam komen sini
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Sensei 🥀
Smell?? A physical smell or just a smell of atmosphere or what you sense?
Like; "I can sense bl"," I can sense jealousy", etc.
Well, if it's physical.....
Nah. That doesn't really matter to the relationship as long as you love each other dearly and if any of you don't mind the....odor.
If it's like the thing sense..
Im not into those...relationship thingy~
I prefer friendship more ^_^
I got ten by the way I am good at this kinds of things #unforgettable. by the way I want mass release of few comics and new comic's. can't wait for the gift. thank you manga toon for this. and merry Christmas to all may all your dreams comes true😇😇😇👧👧💝✝🎄🎉🎂🤱🧙‍♂️🐐🐫🐑🐏🐄
well there were many scenes that's makes feel sad and happy or making heart flutter in all other manga ..the difference is the story Which is very unique and make someone get interested in...the theme was different this is my first time reading a story Which took me a long time to understand a zero and other level....the artwork is great ! but yeah coming to my favourite scenes are all the scene were male lead and female lead are together !!!
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