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🐰Bubble luvß ❤️ InnoÇent gurl🔥
I'll be honest. I'm not a lesbo so i hadn't dated any girl. I'm interested in hot boys but still single cause I'm only interested not a commitment making person (Guess already xD). I have a bestie who's a girl.. I had met her in 9th class. She's so damn pretty, I can't even explain how pretty is she in words. she looks like Chinese a little bit so all my classmates teased her by a name "Indo-chinese" which means half Indian and half chinese. All my classmate had thought that she also takes this name as fun and don't complain about this, but in reality I always found her in girl's washroom crying, I always watched her secretly, I don't know why but I don't think i had that courage to comfort her at that time because I didn't know how bad she was feeling at that time because of her name. One day I was sitting in my bench and there they started teasing her again and that time she bursted in tears, but my classmates didn't stop and kept saying that name, and that annoyed the hell out of me, I went and punched two boys right in their faces and then suddenly the class became silent..since that time we became besties and till now we didn't even had a single fight... She's always there for me when I'm facing a hard time..I love her ..So, If i were a lesbo , I had done everything i could make her my gf and even if i become a lesbo in future I'll only pursue her...Cause I really love her... She's the bestest friend I've ever got...❤️
🐰Bubble luvß ❤️ InnoÇent gurl🔥: hye ..
☠тổ cнức тιêu ᴅιệт cнó ᴅạι ☠: hi bubble
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🐰Bubble luvß ❤️ InnoÇent gurl🔥
Well, I had a very very painful experience with my first love. It was so painful that I lost interest in love and boy friend things. I never kissed my ex because we always had fights more than love talks which happen between couples. But, If I could ever heal myself and start to believe in love, then I want my first kiss to be a memorable one not just casual one. first let me divide these three pics of kisses into their types.
The first pic of kiss is so intensive, deep and forceful.
The second pic of kiss is just forceful, it looka like that fl is so shocked that she isn't't even able to react.
The third pic of kiss is looking like a mutual sweet kiss.
Now, for my first kiss, I want it to be the first pic cause I'm the type of girl who enjoys forceful, deep things. And I like that type of kiss the most though I didn't experience it till now but I really want it to be that one cause only seeing those forceful kisses makes my heart beat so fast. Just hoping I could heal my heart as fast as i can so that I can again believe in love and have my first kiss💋❣️✌️
🐰Bubble luvß ❤️ InnoÇent gurl🔥: hlwww
☠тổ cнức тιêu ᴅιệт cнó ᴅạι ☠: hi bub
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Rid has fallen for his smile 😍
My lover should kiss me gently... and yeah..he would not be able to take the initiative of our kiss cause I am a powerful girl 😏😏😏... although he is my Lover 😍 he cannot do anything like that against my will 😒... I will make sure that the initiative to kiss should be taken my me 😝... and he should just follow my lead 😜.. and the first thing I want to tell is the I don't have a BF and I am single 😎😎😎 I don't know anything about Lover 🤣🤣🤣🤣... and I have never kissed anyone 😅...
but if I will ever have to kiss anyone... he should be patient enough to wait for me... and our kiss should like the kisses in FAIRY TALES 😘... not like because of force or should be full of love, passion, and happiness 😻😻😻
Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈): yup😂😁
Angelina 🌈 (Angel sect leader🌈): Huh sure!.It will be more fun!😉😈😈
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Anonymous Girl
No ones prob gonna see this but I just want to share my here goes! It’s also very long..

When I was a kid 5-6 yrs, I had a crush on my best guy friend. I remember that I would always share good things with him, whenever I got lollies I would willingly and happily give half to him. I gave me joy to enjoy what I like with my crush/first love. I remember when we used to sit outside at the back of the school together with shoulders touching, we would talk for ages, and the comfort and warmth was one in a million. I also remember playing tag in the hallways (before they made it so u can’t run in hallways) with him and our other guy friends. Yes I only had guy friends then....I didn’t know how to make friends, they came to me because of my crush.

Funny thing is that my crush and ex best friend actually used to be my bully in kindergarten, but when his mum and my mum (friends) collided to trick us into believing that we were far away cousins. He came to me first, apologised, I forgave him. We then became friends and got so close that we would do stuff together lots. I’m not sure if its him or me that have bad karma, but I kind of made a big mistake when I was younger, and all though my first love was mutual it didn’t sail due to my one mistake... 😭

I mistunderstood, and avoided him.... we ...he’s now my ex best friend... we don’t hang out anymore...
Now we don’t even see each other, I don’t know where he is at.
Anonymous Girl: .Now we don’t even see each other, I don’t know where he is at. Whether or not we go to same school.
I have now moved on.. and I’m sure he too, it been 9-10 yrs and although I still reminisce, I’m moving on.
It’s been so long, and I’m finally forgiving myself through time. I still miss him tho 😢
If only I can time travel back then I will fix everything,..

After the friendship break over both of us had hints of depression, we were never the same; something children should have never felt.. After the break up, I couldn’t be friends with guys, it reminded me of him, and even now I don’t befriend guys. What doesn’t make it better was that when I was 7, around the time of misunderstandings, confusion, and sadness I was molested and that has made me fear guy’s a lot.
I don’t befriend guys bc 1) reminds me of my first love 2)The pedophile ungrateful uncle of mine who used to live in my parents house.
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QG happy
when I was a kid I didn't have girl friends but just boys all the girls didn't like me I never had something in common with the other girls they like talking every day on the new movies that were coming all this shopping stuff and make up stuff and I likes basket ball mabye the only thing that was common with me and the other girls was that we were all girls . at 7 grade there was this new boy that I hated because he was totally hot and all the girls liked him I was like ,"his totally normal why are all of you getting crazy for him" he just was a model and had super good grades and was good at basketball.
each time we played basket ball we would fight with me some times even for nothing some people call this a fight and some others call it love .
well after some time we kind of got close and we would even ask each other to work with each other in some projects at school I remember how the girls would get jealous . all the girls were against me. they kind of hated me. but this didn't bother me I felt normal but after, not only they have stop talking to me. the did mean stuff to me and I remember in that period It was just awful but he kind of stood up form me and it felt like ....... some one that will always be with you no matter what and will protect you no matter what it felt good .
I remember it was Tuesday , he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes duh I mean who wouldn't be a girl friend of such a hot guy 😚😚
Samantha Rune Tan: woah you have a movie-like-life i always dreamt of having a movie-like-love life😍😍
Laura gacha girl: you are so still single 😭😭but i kinda like being single😚😚😏😏
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D. a life time
when I was 13, i shift to a new place. There I fell in love with a boy. I really don't know anything about him,who is he,where he is staying,nothing even name also. it was first sight, I really don't know why I fall for him..still I don't know but I always want know about him so I came to know that he is my neighbour who live next to me😲. whenever he start his bike, I peeked out through window🤣🤣🤣. 1yr passed then he came to my home and said that he was going abroad for job...that's the 1st time that I felt a pain like my heart get breaking💔. He left to abroad. I watched him going through the window. after 1 week I came to know his name(useless me can't find a person name in these 1 yr😑)I searched for him in social media,finally I founded, I looked about him and found that he was 8yrs older than me😂but I didnt give up...I sent a friend request.after 1 month of chatting my friend informed that I have crush on him🤯.OMG. but he didn't ask me, I asked about it to him. He told me that he can't as we have lot of difference between (religion, age and so on)I try to make him mine for 3 yrs.but no use. whenever he came into hometown, I can't stand in front of him. to forget about him I stop chatting with him,I delete my account. it's been 5yrs,I still can't forget about him..even if I did..sometimes he came into my mind.But most funniest part is that I call his mother for his number( the craziest experience that I never forget)
well that's my 1st love story
ι αм gяσσт!
A is Chandler Chin from Trouble President: Return of princess
B is Ron Feng from warm wedding.
C is Gao Shen from Prince Private baby
D is Li Jun Chen from my adorable girlfriend.
Anyways... It doesnt matter who is who. They are all so hot!!!! Those abs, jaw and water droplets!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤑🤑🤑🤑
Igarashi🌟: Ooo thank you 😊
ι αм gяσσт!: next chat box chapter.
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Anonymous Girl
The third one seems mutual and sweet. I pick that one. I want something sweet, something to heal my heart and not make me want to cry and run away.
I’ve suffered during my first love for 9-10 years ever since it began at 5 yrs old. The suffering started at 7-8 yrs old. My best friend, I loved him. It was mutual, but bc we were too young, and bc of my bad karma my love did not sail. During this time there were misunderstandings, confusion, and sadness, that a little girl should not have ever experienced. I even showed hints of depression that piled up above me and struck me when I was older at 10 years old, with suicidal thoughts.

Back then, bc of misunderstandings, I avoided him, and it hurted both of us. Neither of us tried getting close to each other after my mistake of avoiding him, and my guilt made me unable to get closer to him.
What made it worst was that during that time of misunderstandings and confusion, I was molested my my horrible ungrateful pedophile uncle who used lives at my parents house! That made me fear guys, I don’t dare befriend guys anymore bc they either remind me of my first love or my awful pedo uncle.
I seem just like an ordinary girl but have lots of secrets, I hope one day my fated love may come and perhaps my heart can heal and stop fearing guys.
I just want to share...

Since I was 5, I have my bestfriend with me. He' short and skinny while I'm tall and chubby HAHAHAHAHA. We've been together (as BFFs) since Kinder to Junior High School. Back then (Grade school), I used to visit him to his house and asked him to play (computer games) then since my dad is a Government employee I used to treat him for free games (so I treat him anything he wants). There was a day that he's with his neighbor friend. Tall guy and handsome but he's not my type. So when we arrived at the computer shop, I want to sit with my BFF but this neighbor friend of him always at my back. While I'm playing Counter Strike, he held my hand (the neighbor friend) I asked what he's doing but he just said that I will be killed if I will go there so he saved me by going to the base of the enemy with a cheat (OH~ HE IS A CHEATER). My BFF saw him and he said that I'm a cheater (HAHAHAHAHA think of it, I'm cheating on him because of hitting on his neighbor friend HAHAHAHAHAHA). My BFF is so cute and he is my first crush! But then now, he has a girlfriend... we ended up our relationship as BFF because someone teased him that he's a gay (I LOVE GAYS).

FYI, I accidentally saw his 'thing' first before his girlfriend. It accidentally happened when we were 10. It was summer May and all boys do the TULI (circumcision). I don't have feelings anymore to him HAHAHAHAHA (because I moved on since he has his girlfriend when we were Grade 8.
Priyasha ._.
I haven't got kissed yet and I haven't been in any relationship till now. So for me any kiss is fine as long as it's by the person who loves me, cherishes me and respects me.
I never believed in love and all those relationship things untill I started reading comics, it made me think how special and warm love can make you feel.
It was so b/c all the people around me who loved someone ended up miserabely. My Mom ended up with tears after my Dad's betrayal. My cousin ended her life after knowing that the person whon she loved so much was only interested in her body (she even lost her virginity in hope that maybe he will love her back if she do that thing with him). My friend was also broken after ending her 6 year relationship as the person was betraying her and was seeing other girls behind her back ( to be true he was a Playboy and she knew it from the start but still she had hope that he might change).
For all those reasons I'm afraid to be in a relationship or to fall in love with someone. I want the person to love me in and show sincerity. I want him to respect me and my decisions. He should cherish me. If he thinks that he cannot carry along then he should be true towards me so that we both can find our own happiness instead of betraying me. I don't want to end up like my mom, cousin, friend and all those other people around me.

(Sorry for taking the topic other way.)
Priyasha ._.: No that's fine and thank you so much. I also want her to move forward and find her true love.☺️
Premilkusumsiri wijethunga: and tell your friend to don't be a fool and don't love that playboy anymore.there are lot of good boys in out there. she can definitely find her true love(just like comics).but when we love someone we have find our true love.true love never betray you and never hurt you.i guess i talking too much so don't mind me😊
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Putul Kumari
I'll pick all fours...why????uh... well I'm actually single 😂 but I wanna fall in love with just one glance....aahh but both of us at the same time.... I mean it may be not possible or maybe why not...2nd...... ofcourse falling in love with one glance it's time for our first a tea break.......3rd...... I mean like overnight is like something I don't know but ofcourse I wanna spend my hole night with him 😁 for everyday..... like cuddling in his arm 😅 may be I sound stupid....... but still I want that.... lastly I wanna love him for my whole life..... I don't know what I have written but its my way of thinking and one more thing I wanna say to @mangatoon.... I don't know if you can get a chance to see my comment or not but still I wanna say thank you for your chat box.... because of this I can share my opinion.. I mean we all don't know what we gonna get in our life but because of you we getting a chance to share our opinion... for me its like alot... I'M like a person who can't talk like what's going through my mind... I'm more like a you can say hard to study... you don't know what is going in my mind and I don't have someone to share about of opinion about my life partner..... I mean I don't know if I'm gonna get someone like I want or not but still because of you I can share my thoughts so thank you 🤗
Putul Kumari: 😂😂😂😂 what were you thinking..... I'm not talking about them. I was talking about myself..... about how I feel not because they all are handsome 😂😂😂 seriously... your thoughts .... whatever... well they are actually handsome but I was sharing my own feelings not because I found them hot ..... its my inner feeling which I was referring for my future one...😂
Akashi Nina: If I were you I also pick all of them because they are handsome and hot so I cannot control my feeling for them I will win their hearts if i can be in that story
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when I was grade 5 we were asked to group the seats to two, and then I met these guy who is a little bit funny and wierd so I tried to avoid him somehow, the teacher asked us to describe our pair....I write wierd and then when I saw his....he said that I was intelligent but I didnt care that much after day and days I began to care a little and I kinda like hurting him for no valid reason and then i knew that maybe beacause I am a bit dishonest on showing that didnt care for him so we were about to finish grade 5 and I noticed that our friendship grew larger and when we were grade 6 our classmates kept teasing us since we "you know" talk very often and yeah He got sick and I kept talking about him with my friends my friends also noticed my change......because I was always shouting and yelling at him when we had math class i saw him and I began to ask silly were you?Why did u go to class, ur still sick? why are you still so energetic after getting sick? so yeah that was when I wanted to continue my life being friends with him....
btw....he was also my grade 1 classmate back then but we never really talked

Im still continuing this story and i have loads to tell you.....but not today...this is too long sorry😅😅😅
🍥 Naruto❤️and❤️Kurama🦊: A good story 😉😁.....btw love your picture 🥰....Naruto,Sakura,Sasuke 💖
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truth - I was always hearing love stories of my friends, after they share their giddy moments about their crushes/boyfriends they used to asked me "what about you?"then I just shrugged bc I also don't know, I never got attracted towards any boy until one of my girl friend tried to comfort me when I had trouble with my family, I was used to her comforting words then when I really felt down, inorder to comfort me she said "do anything to me, anything that you want that can comfort you "then I looked at her so deeply then kissed her passionately, she got so shocked but didn't resist, she let me but after that she kept her distance from me, I asked her why, she wasn't answering me I told her if she didn't like it she should've resisted or pushed me away and in the first place she told me to do anything to her she said she meant I can shake her, tease her, beat her or slap her but kiss? she never expected it, I said me too I didn't know why but it was the most wonderful memory I had but if she doesnt like me I can accept it but truth is it was the most painful moment, being rejected or friend zoned by someone you like most, until now I still can't forget that kiss, she's my first love and until now she still consider me as friend but she is more cautious and isn't as close as before.I still love her and not losing hope bc she still don't have bf, I'm still hoping😣😔
Rodellie Cabaja-an: so sad
kitty can: well I kinda have a similar situation I like my friend jenavieve and I really like her but I don't want to ask her out and ruin our relationship if she rejects me or feels uncomfortable around me but she doesn't know if she likes boys or girls so I might have a chance right?
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kira silenttrek
I never want to forget my life long crush...I don't know if I should even call it a crush because I loved him for more than 5 yrs.he was a senior in my school...but I actually didnt know there was such a guy until 2 boys came into my class when I was alone.they seem to know I could draw so they wanted to see my art. so they asked me to show them.but unfortunately I was drawing a bath seen of a shirtless manga guy 😂and I just didn't want to show them. I said NO. disatisfied they left. so one of that guy caught my was love at first sight 😩 after that day I came to know he was headprefect of my school. I always silently watched him.he was awesome.I was just a shy girl. but I felt he liked me too because he gives me glances and make cute faces when I look at him 😑 I played basketball and he was boys team captain.when I was resting alone I saw him asking about me (if I am alright) from his friend.watched sunset together sitting beside me.when I do a silly mistake he says seriously don't worry every things fine.then he went for higher day his best friend came to know I liked him. immediately he called and said that I liked him. I didn't hear his response but my sister told he told "thank you" 😣
I guess I was rejected right guys??
or maybe I should have waited until he came back...maybe the timing was wrong. what do you all think? soon after that I started dating another guy...but in my heart I have always felt I should have waited and ask him again.
LiZan2616: I think u should ask him for proper answer.if he loves u he'll come back and meet u and if he doesn't atleast u wouldn't feel bad and move on to Ur life.may be someone will be waiting for u. god bless you 😉☺️
Daisy: you should call him to ask proper answer . you can csll now also or text . you know i also upload story about me in the end i sent him messages after 2 yrs did he ever love him after his respond i am satisfied and can forget him from my heart
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His nickname was Eck. I first saw Eck and thought he was weird. So, I told myself I'll forget him. However, I kept finding myself looking at Eck. He was white, have a curly black hair, and the cutest crooked smile. Oppose to me, a girl who is red, awkward, and an introvert. Every chance I hide behind my long, brown hair, I catch a glimpse of him and when he looks, I go back ignoring him. Later, in Sophmore, I became very sick. In which, requires two surgeries. So, I miss school for four months. Later, my sister told me Eck was living well. Sadly, I said "good." After I was released, I came back wearing a new navy blue dress with a short haircut. Going back to class, I was happy to see Eck again. Next, I thought I will always be afraid to love someone. So, on December 13, I plan to confess my feelings before break. I went but he wasn't in school. Heartbroken, I head to the office to get my stuff then I was knock to the ground then I saw my crush. It was embarrassing. "It's time," said my heart. I look at Eck very hard. I was about to, but I choke down my heart. Thus, I walk in the snow leaving behind my crush. Ever since that day, I regret. I later find out in college that Eck was in love with me too. I was shocked because he always have a girl around his arms. Yet, it never occur to me he watches me too. I laugh to myself, but it wasn't joy. It was sorrow. And that is how I was crushed by Eck. And how Eck was crushed by me. Stupid love- it made us look bad.
Xi's Die heart fan 💓: miss just try to find him on some social media at least you know his name .I had a crush on someone and he left my city and I didn't even know his real name so if you can find him just do becoz it is never too late in love
Good luck hope you find him one day
LiZan2616: And one more thing, if u meet Eck somewhere in the future let us know then we will get a chance to be happy.😉😉😂😂😜
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Lisa Aden
I still remember my first kiss me and my childhood friend. but I don't like him because he always tease me because that time I was fat and he was most handsome boy in my class every girl in my class crazy for him and than after 9 years when I 10 years old I gone another country but I was happy first but after I was little sad and lonely that time I feel like: I wish I have been tease by him forever after 5 years my mom discuss to go our home town and I was happy but when we meet he become more handsome and he said word after 5 years "you become thin than before fatty boo" I was seriously shock that after then I said" stupid jerk don't talk to me" than he "OK sorry I means u become pretty now" but after few days later he continues teasing meet not only him my mom start teasing me he will be my future husband when I look at him he look like he having fun I was so angry and take a chocolate from my mom hand and gone garden after 15 min he came and he talks gently but after he said "hey I was to eat chocolate too"so I was gave him a piece and he said it's not sweet then I eat one piece again and I feel it's OK but he continues said not sweet then I said "give ur piece let me see what is wrong and that time he kiss me I was shocked I was pushing him but he wasn't moving then I also lose control after that we start dating
don't reign my ship😠😡😡: so cute😘😘😘
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yeou dina
when i was a junior in highschool i liked this senior of mine who was 2 years older than me, most of his friends are popular kids in my school like everyone knows them and he was among them but he wasn’t popular at all, probably bcs he’s not really active in social media and clubs in our school. I fell for him when my friend asked me to get water with her at the canteen and he was there with a group of friends in front of me in line. I was nervous because these guys are really popular so i took a glance at them and suddenly i stared at him because he was smiling and laughing with his friends, and at that moment i fell for him it was kinda like a love at first sight but this is more likely to a love at second sight because the first time i saw him was in a picture and thought he was attractive bcs he smiled in the picture too. Let me remind you most of my friends said he’s not attractive or handsome at all but for me he’s really attractive. This was my first year in highschool, i liked him for 3 years until he was a senior (year 11) and i was in year 9. In my third year I don’t know if this is fate or what but i went to this one tuition centre that is very “hidden” in my town and there were not many students there, so this one time i was waiting to go into my class and i suddenly saw him came out from one of the classes, i was confused and blurred at that time thinking i was sleeping bcs i keep bumping into him so many times before.
my first teacher was so bad to us she was throwing our bags to wall etc. So my mom decided to change my school. I went to another school. First day all of my new classmates were so excited to see a new face so all of the break times they were always trying to talk me To be honest It made me uncomfortable but to be kind I didnt say anything, then he came and said something like “can you leave her alone she seems uncomfortable” then I was happy because I was alone. İn p.e classes while others playing hide n seek I played football with him and his friends, they realized that I was a good player so I played with them until middle school. I was having fun with him. We even hold hands Then I dont know how or when but I liked him. after that because of other boys in my class he stopped being close me. I was sad and angry because he changed easily. When he behaved me bad I did the same. after long time I was happy that we can at least talk. (pathetic) One day after school when they were playing football again the ball went outside I took the ball and when I walk towards him his mother stopped me saying “it will be good if you dont talk to him so much.” Then she took ball from my hands. I didnt know what to feel. I told this to my friends and I didnt listen her I even made a groupchat with him and a friend. We talked here everyday we became like first days. we became seatmates because of our heights are similar. and it ended like it, I couldnt say that I liked him...
Onibugi: About his mom? I was only 8 years old back then I was scared. Also I dont even see him or his mother anymore we are at another schools
Daisy: but you should ask a reason why coz didn't you feel curious about this
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I was in Grade 7, it was mid year, I’m pretty sure it’s was a Thursday? The whole day it was tipping it down. It was break time. I was sitting alone on the ground. Little back story I was going through a rough time. I was sitting alone under shelter watching the rain. Eventually, I must have started crying because a boy eventually walked up and asked if I was ok? I knew who he was but we had never talked before. I looked up at him and had no clue what was happening. He started talking to me and trying to cheer me up and he gave me this warm feeling. His smile for some reason kinda made me happy... I missed that feeling! I felt like I had forgotten that feeling. At first I didn’t understand the feeling of always wanting to be near him, he was my happy pills. Eventually, we started talking and got along very well. Until eventually I knew what that feeling was... I liked him. Someone once said that “people take what they think they deserve”, I didn’t believe I deserved him and that I was nothing to him, he would never like me back. The more I got to know him the more it hurt. Weeks had passed and it was Thursday, someone called out my name. I looked up to see Jett (name of the boy I liked), we looked at each other for awhile till he said “I love you!”! At that moment everyone went quiet. I laughed and said no u don’t! He sat there a while telling me he liked me and that he cared about me. Everyone stared at us.
LiZan2616: what....why did you reject him ? if u wouldn't reject him,he must be Ur boyfriend now,😞😞
Minato Sakura: this is not done why did u reject him
at least if u didn't say u liked him in front of the whole class at least u could have said that to him in private. .. but anyways what's done it's done... just try to get him to like u back before he likes someone else Cause I don't want u to be hurt for some rejection u made before and now u regret it... so I bless u both hopefully u can make it and be together.
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D. a life time
I fell in love with a boy when I was 14 years old. I only met him once a year when I went to my hometown. Every time I met him, it was like I fell in love over and over again, I couldn't erase him from my heart. There were times when I cried everytime my heart ached because of missing him so bad. I was kind of a shy girl, I never made initiative to get closer to him, I only dared to glance at him secretly. I only prayed to God for the destiny of this hidden love in my heart. I prayed that He would unite us in a marriage relationship.
I hid my feeling for 10 years. When I thought of giving up and to forget him, I confessed to him. I just want him to know that there has always been an ordinary girl who likes him for years.
To my surprise, he told me that he also liked me. I was so happy. I thanked God for this blessing. Two years later after the confession, we got married.

Now we have been married for 2,5 years and have a baby boy. I fall in love with him everyday. I hope we can always cherish this marriage. I hope we will always be together in love till death do us apart.

Guys, if you have someone you really love, pray to God, because He is the one who will decide your true love.
Stella Solaria: This is the best ever Happily ending reality love story I had ever known. Kinda touched me deeply. I pray that your son too end up with his true love.
Otakus are mah family: Awww❤️❤️❤️....this is like something that came out of a fairy tale 😊
Im happy for you sis 😊
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