The Supreme System
Fantasy / Adventure

The Supreme System

Feihua Studio
The Supreme System
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The Supreme System Comics Online. With a mysterious energy from a news system called CNNBBC, a common earth boy got a time travel and was reborn in an alien land, where he started his journey to grab the treasure, practice the most powerful martial arts and get to the peak of his life!

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Anime Videos lover
so just a tip for future reference you can't just write mc good other guy bad without showing what bad he has done back story, reasons, people aren't mean for no reason so a proper back story brings life to a character so their death can develop the mc this continuous string of lifeless characters put there to inflate some dumb mc is stupid its why people dislike isekai nowadays
Anonymous jo: isekai or reverse isekai if it's of isekai of good material it's gooood
HIRIKO 727: but solo leveling would be more like a reverse isekai
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Shubham Singh
how about mo fan let me bet for him ....I will say if mo fan win first set your son will die ...if mo fan win two set you yourself will die and if mo fan will three set then your whole family will be annihilated...!!
now wanna bet you losers
if yunfe loses his life is taken and if Mo loses his life will also be taken YOU HAVE TO BE FAIR OLD MAN YOUR GRANDSON OR WHATEVER IS NOT A GENIUS SO NO NEED TO PROTECT HIS LIFE UNLIKE OUR ML!🤷🤭🤫😉😁☺️😊
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