I Have a Boyfriend
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I Have a Boyfriend

I Have a Boyfriend
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I Have a Boyfriend Comics Online. A campus love story that is more lovely because it's clumsy!
Hyunho, who belongs in the university soccer team goes into a breadth class and encounters the person he
went to middle school together with and was his first love, Gyul.
To avoid the regret of not properly conveying his feelings again, Hyunho approaches Gyul,
but after losing his parents and left in a relative's house with a younger brother, he works hard in part time job and doesn't give his heart easily.
But due to Hyunho's persistent advances, Gyul slowly opens his heart...

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Boys’ Love
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Truthfully I hate two faced people!!! If you wanna tell something just tell in his face!!! Don’t talk behind his back you piece of shit!!! Actually you guys don’t know how he is survive in this life!!! Don’t judge him so easily!!! You don’t know his life!!! Just thank what you have guys!!! You have a good parents who support you!!! My Gyul trying his best and supporting his little brother!!! Compared Gyul you guys are just like a spoiled brats!!! 😏🤔😏
Da gay bean: I wish my life was better I have nothing
Yushi: agree our lives are lucky.
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😍♥️Gyul.X.Hyunho 4evahhh!!! ♥️😍
Emotions are urging to burst in my body... Just like the time when Gyul's brother said "when can we live together again", it made me feel sad because even if I were at Gyul's position, he has a very sad and bad life... I also felt like the heart of my head was getting bigger when Gyul said that Hyunho lost one point because he wasn't there to support him at that time... but I do smell something fishy with that other guy who just suddenly showed up at the almost end of this episode... It's also pretty hilarious to see Hyunho getting jealous and angry because he makes those kind of movements 😄😄😄😄😃
What? no,the story can't end! I love this story so much that it breaks my heart to not be able to see hyunho and gyul anymore😭 man they're so perfect together and sooo sweet that I can't help but love them so much😭😭 it's so sad to know that I have to let them go😔 thank you author for publishing this wonderful story. make sure to cook up those bonuses and publish them of you have time 😊

p.s Hyunho and Gyul.............I LOVE YOU GUYS 😘💖
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