I Have a Boyfriend
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I Have a Boyfriend

I Have a Boyfriend
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I Have a Boyfriend Comics Online. A campus love story that is more lovely because it's clumsy!
Hyunho, who belongs in the university soccer team goes into a breadth class and encounters the person he
went to middle school together with and was his first love, Gyul.
To avoid the regret of not properly conveying his feelings again, Hyunho approaches Gyul,
but after losing his parents and left in a relative's house with a younger brother, he works hard in part time job and doesn't give his heart easily.
But due to Hyunho's persistent advances, Gyul slowly opens his heart...

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Boys’ Love
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Blink 4 life 🖤💖
They should come out as gay in front of everyone. Okay wait... I was fantasizing about it and here it is:
Gyul was lying on his bed waiting for Hyunho to come from his soccer practice and as he did he scrolled on the latest news and saw Hyunho's latest interview. He scrolled through the comments and surprisingly saw a lot of hate comments as he made a mistake while talking and it was a live broadcast. He also saw a lot of thirsty comments from girls all around the world and he started to feel unfair.
The next day Hyunho had to go record an interview at the same company and it was a live broadcast again. Hyunho was getting prepared.
Angel Nahodil: Yes Yes I totally agree with you
kowareta,kowareta yo.: I agree
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I'm a bit disappointed because their relationship isn't still legal.They haven't told Hyunho's parents Yool(the one you said the he found out about their relationship) and to Hyunho's fans so that no one will interrupt their relationship 🤔🤣

But your story is nice and wonderful.(because I'm addicted to yaoi your comic is one of my favorites) hihi🤭❤
I hope there's still a little continuation of the story to clear all up☺

And about their mother BTW. If I'm not mistaken, his aunt called their mother from the past episode right? (or not?) that's what I remembered 🤔..

All I want is that they can get married 😍🤭

I really love your comic author. Thank you for writing this😁😊

love yahh~
Dieter: Yool knows. :P
Russell Banayos Balatbat: such a wonderful manga💖💖
im so related😊😉
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this is the most heart warming bl I've ever read. like everything is so sweet and balanced. no bullshit. no-one's forcing anything on the other and both are so understanding of each other. communication is at its best. i just loved this. the best bl I've ever read
midnightwolf1418: But I’m not mad or anything I’m actually glad people like my pfp photo ^^
midnightwolf1418: Ik this is mine bc I made it and drew it myself in ibis paint
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