First Love Cafe
Romance / Comedy / Strong Female Lead

First Love Cafe

Red Cyan Anime
First Love Cafe
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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First Love Cafe Comics Online. A poor girl went to Berlin for high school study, but was “sold” by accident. While, accidentally, she ran into a wild boy from a rich family. Then, they have to operate a cafe which is nearly closed down. However, although, they seem like intolerable with each other, they have same misery experiences, and with the tasty food and beautiful music, their hearts are getting closer and closer...

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Strong Female Lead
Hottest Comments
Marlisa Zuelaikha
Wow.. she has courageous to study at Berlin Academy music so much! I’m support her.. I like piano and violin too!
🌻: i wanted to learn how to play the piano but I don't have one, i asked mom to buy one but she got angry huhu🥺
attila samara: question
total 4 replies
Hina A Horani G
he's so hot and in last panel he's looks damn handsome 😍💖💜 I'm excited when they fall in love with each other and this comic story become more and more interesting so far and when ML get her grandpa rabbit from her aunt and how? and even the ML knows that her aunt did it to her, it's all her aunt scheming? 🤔
suvi kundra
The FL is just like matter the situation I can't help checking out beautiful people...😁😁 yes girl its ok if u die... atleast u saw the handsome guy..or angel...or may be a hot devil.. whatever...😂😂
ᴍɪɴ_ ꜱᴜɢᴀ: sooo uwuu
I'll like it sfm ( ◜‿◝ )♡
suvi kundra: hehe thanks
total 4 replies
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