Princess and Her Ancient Vine
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Princess and Her Ancient Vine

Princess and Her Ancient Vine
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Princess and Her Ancient Vine Comics Online. As the most successful business woman in the country, our female lead, a CEO, thought her battlefield would be business.
However, things changed after she obtained a mysterious vine, which brought her to a world to a land of cultivation!
There she met her destined man...

MangaToon got authorization from Bciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Princess and Her Ancient Vine:
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INTERESTING? INTERESTING AGAIN? WHY DOES GUYS ALWAYS SAY 'INTERSTING' 'INTERESTING' I MEAN LIKE WHAT THE HECK? CANT IT BE LIKE....... I DONT KNOW? BUT JUST NOT INTERESTING IM FREAKING SO TIRED OF INTERESTING EVERY ROMANCE I READ HAS INTERESTING! LIKE WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS WITH INTERESTING FOR THEM TO?!......... okay say boys who read romance tell me if you like a girl do you say interesting? because im pretty sure thats not the only thing you'll say in your mind! im pretty sure theres one line like this "she looks like fun, gonna play with her"(<-no offense though if you dont say it) LIKE WHAT THE HELL? CANT IT JUST BE FREAKING ANOTHER SENTENCE OR WORD?.......for those who'll say "then stop reading it normie" even though he says interesting i'll still read it because of the whole plot soooo im going to put a lot of patience in this one because i like isekai and revenge and romance so please refrain from saying "stop reading this normie" now if i offended you im sorry its just that right now im hating the word interesting because thats what they always say theres no another sentece or anything so please im sorry if i offend you
Arinna: um no I like that sentence
happiness: author plzz updateee
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Violence is bad offer 2 knives
I want a grandfather like him I have my grandfather but he doesn't love his own blood grandchildren and his sons and daughter now bc my grandmother left us early bc of cancer and his newly wed wife always treat us like trash but she treat her relatives really well , my grandfather has changed so much in just few months like she just spread some kind of spell around him, after he got married to her even he treat his own son as workers or staff and scolded so badlu my father was so upset and broken from inside that I couldn't watched him like that 😔 Every children wants to have a good grandparents and happy family but I grew up watching all this so I always feel depressed from inside but I learnt something that I will be always treat my children and grandchildren really nice that they don't crave for someone's love 😊
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Queen Rin: Philippines
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Time for: EARLY THEORY TIME!( yes, I’m trying to be danganropa)
I think she just don’t like love that much because of something tragic happen to her family that she curse to Berber love again or she was adopted and was forced to marry a rich and handsome. The handsome man pretended to love because she was from a rich family. Then one day, before the wedding she was coming home early and saw that the handsome man was with another women, she was overwhelmed by her emotions that she ran away. After she ran away she maybe have change her identity and started her own company to take revenge or to forget about everything that has happen to her, and the because of her company she become the most successful business women, then her rival was jealous of her and the rival sended the ancient vine to her because that vine might know as a poisonous vine to the world, since fl didn’t know it was poisonous she maybe have died. After she died god, decided to alter her memories so that she can only remembering that she was a power CEO and has a a tragic back story that will soon be reveal to us.
Sorry if this was long gym theory side just want to say something
❥Crybaby: Hi! Can you please check out my first chat story “Cold-Blooded Couple” hope you all will like it
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Essentail_Needs: No, I’ll not tolerate this type of advertising, and secondly, I’ll not check it out for numerous reasons
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