Like Husband, Like Son
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Like Husband, Like Son

Like Husband, Like Son
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Like Husband, Like Son Comics Online. This should be the happiest moment of my life.
In my wedding gown, waiting for my groom...didn't even realize I lost conscious
Until I woke up...after giving birth to a child?
Where is my child and who is the father?
Years after the fact, will I be able to find out what happened that day?

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hello editor i have recuest im basically bad at drawing and editing but im a good directot even though im just 12 year old but i have an idea how about make a novel that a normal smart intelligent teenager boy save a kid from getting hit by a truck and travel to future the future after he got hit by truck he finds himself as a 5 year old boy that has a popular detective father and disided to be a detective like him and when you decide to be an detective you bacame his assistant you had a training but he dont need it because his intelligent and smart the time his still a teenager that's why he became his father's assistant you've solve so many crimes with him

ooh and you should gave them an yellow eyes and they should be look alike and handson and cute his father should be cold and a many comedy and you should name it Me and my detective Father hihihi i just like your drawing its so cute but im not good at draw im just a kid sooo pls make something like this pls
Mst Nazrina Khanam Akhi: hey there! I am 12 too
Daniela Arvil Anuat: i will read it
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I knew that when I saw that man 1st time before the truth of six years ago come to light Macro has meeting with that man but he can't make it possible because of broadcast. I just hope he is Sofpia's father. And why would they have to just recognize by face it is 21st century there DNA test always available. Somehow I kinda hate her mother because she knows she has daughter in China but she never tried to search her and she is rich enough to afford the money to search her daughter. On the other hand since childhood Sophia tried her best to find her mother. Her mother is elder but Sophia did the thing that elder should do. For me it is just fake love I hate the most. How can a mother leave her child to live miserable life and she lives comfortable life. Don't know what others think but for me this is just show off
AsephxElzae: Um her mother was in an accident and lost her memories. How would she know where to begin since she has no idea where she lost her or what she looked like. In that case Sophia most likely has the advantage since she probably knows she looks like her mother while her mother wouldn't have any idea. It's also highly unlikely that Steven is her father. So he too would have no idea what she could possibly look like.
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Tamchi Heena
Matthew loves Sonia so much, if the love in his heart didn't belong to Sonia but another girl I bet the girl would be the luckiest girl ever, but if Sonia has excepted his love in the hospital then she could also get the love she deserves in this life, but unfortunately Sonia blame herself for Matthew condition and because she was full of guilty ness she couldn't see the love for her in Matthew's heart. I kinda feel bad for Sonia, she leave a lovable life for the guilt for what she did to Matthew and she don't want to hurt Matthew anymore and she killed herself, this shows even Sonia was greedy she loved Matthew and don't want to hurt him anymore. If Sonia wouldn't have killed herself then Matthew and Sonia would have living a peaceful and a lovable life.
WangLia: so true..
Hou Ming Yeem: I would feel bad if it wasn't for the fact that she made several attempts to murder, faked more than 2 relationships, and broke someone's heart
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