Like Husband, Like Son
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Like Husband, Like Son

Like Husband, Like Son
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Like Husband, Like Son Comics Online. This should be the happiest moment of my life.
In my wedding gown, waiting for my groom...didn't even realize I lost conscious
Until I woke up...after giving birth to a child?
Where is my child and who is the father?
Years after the fact, will I be able to find out what happened that day?

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Wiji 🖤
finaaalllyyy the case will open and we will see what happened exactly five years ago also im still believing that RoRo is her son especially now when his Friend mentionned that she given birth to a boy also the incident when her ex fiance told her she cheated on him and slept with another person while she cant recall that must be Marco also marco's incident when he got the almeegy bcs of his stepmother, that night must Sophia, what i hought bfr may be true cuz i Saw that some thought that RoRo isnt her son anymore when they read too what Butler told sophia and not to forget about the little girl who was with her friend
•||UnKnOwN||•: Thx Wiji.... Just go to my profile and go to works... You'll see it
Wiji 🖤: ofc why not, just give me the name and i'd tell u my opinion when i read it 😊
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The kid may be a hand full but he is smart and loyal and if he happens to be keenly alive to the precarious nature of his situation should daddy bring another woman into their lives, who can blame him? The cases of children marginalized, harmed or even killed by the mistresses or new wives of their dads are legion. Sometimes a stepmom is loving and kind. Sometimes she isn't. Sometimes a mistress, girlfriend or female who wants to be one goes out of their way to be nice to the kid as a way of getting close to the dad, but changes radically once their position solidifies. The kid's interests are best served by making his mom's position stronger.
Miss Marple
I think Annie is Sofia 's daughter. Maybe 5 years ago Marco Jian and Sofia Tang had twins , one being Romeo Jian ( Ro Ro) and another being Annie. Maybe Sofia 's best friend Chole stole Annie from Sofia and that's why Marco Jian could only know about Ro Ro.
Jaziel Sanchez: Yeah besides hector who is chloe's wife is a gay.
Karma: But Annie's eyes are different and they said Chloe married into the tang family. Probably that's why the have the same hair color.
total 4 replies
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