My Hubby is a Ghost
Romance / Fantasy / Completed

My Hubby is a Ghost

YouYan Comics
My Hubby is a Ghost
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My Hubby is a Ghost Comics Online. At her wedding ceremony, everything seems to be joyful and blessing but her tears were dropping beneath the red wedding veil. Colour Red symbolizes auspision in her culture but tonight red is the color of blood. Her bridegroom asked her to sleep with another man at their wedding night claiming that he would die if she didn't do so. She went to the ominous wedding room only found her being surrounded with bodies...and a rather good-looking ghost defiled her purity and called her "my wife"...

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faith margaret
Just call ur friend. No need to go out and be the target of all those vengeful spirits out to take ur life. Dont create more unnecessary trouble for the ml. It has been the same way from the beginning of the story. Be stronger, fl!
faith margaret: Sure, go ahead
Manahilcute Manahilcute: 👋 Hey can I invite you my friend
total 3 replies
so... the ghost named Mo is her husband.... but his past love isn't her? and her past love was Dongfan? It is quite interesting... Hope the mangatoons does an upspree..
BOnZaiGirL: oh wow thank you for thisinfo. i"ll go back to ch 24 and read the comments
Lidya Stifanny: if you want to get clear story line there is a bit spoiler in one of the comment of chapter 24.
our FL has a sister who is the flying head ghost. she was beheaded by our FL in chp 24. the beheaded ghost actually is bad and has bad intention to get our ML's power. but our ML trust her lies and have grudge toward our FL who beheaded the bad sister.
i think Mo's intention to marry our FL is for revenge. Hopefully soon the real fact will be uncovered
total 2 replies
Akossi Paulie Nayo
Why she can't keep the unborn baby?This girl has bad luck.What a pitiful life!But I know her hubby will sad her from everything.
Enaj Yram Tnias: it's because he need the baby blood to reborn dongfan... he thought his childhood sweetheart is dongfan
beth and dangfan are twin in their past life.
Infy@#$&: Maybe the baby is Something related to the Monster that always chases her
total 2 replies
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