My Hubby is a Ghost
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My Hubby is a Ghost

YouYan Comics
My Hubby is a Ghost
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My Hubby is a Ghost Comics Online. At her wedding ceremony, everything seems to be joyful and blessing but her tears were dropping beneath the red wedding veil. Colour Red symbolizes auspision in her culture but tonight red is the color of blood. Her bridegroom asked her to sleep with another man at their wedding night claiming that he would die if she didn't do so. She went to the ominous wedding room only found her being surrounded with bodies...and a rather good-looking ghost defiled her purity and called her "my wife"...

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Bts x Army 😘
I have already read it in the next ch her ex boyfriend and her best friend will come from her forgiveness and tell her it's all because of her ghost husband and the ex was kidnap from the wedding and her best friend got an actor in the place of her ex .. so and her ex is having a disease . there is only a portion outside the country building and only she can open the doors of the Building and so FL pity them and went with them and got trapped in the building and saw the snake which came in her dream
Bts x Army 😘: the name is my Groom is yama
Rita: Thanks 😊😊
total 11 replies
❄️✨It's Jess here✨❄️
Ok. I get it now. What the ML meant was he wanted to wait for her to finish her meal first then later he is gonna “eat” her.
Kanna chan : your smart
total 1 replies
she said I will send u to hell but she don't know that she marry the king of hell that means she is the queen of hell when they both will know that they are the king nd queen of hell they will be like oh shit wht hv we done
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