The Divine Punished One
Fantasy / Adventure

The Divine Punished One

China South Angel
The Divine Punished One
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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The Divine Punished One Comics Online. He is the devil himself in the eyes of villagers, the filial son in the eyes of his godparents, the best puppet craftman in the eyes of his followers, and the weirdo in the eyes of his peers——he is lu xiaoyi, the divine-punished one! "the body of divine punishment...This child is so outstanding, that even the gods are jealous of him." the blind saint said so, "...take his pants off and there is a birthmark like a black bead in his butt cheek..." He is lu xiaoyi, the most special one among ten billions of people..."but everyone has seen my butt now!" he cried...

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I don’t mean this offensively but can people please stop saying things about how they only came for tickets or their time is almost up... In my personal opinion, it’s both disrespectful to the author, who put time and effort into making this comic, and the comic itself. If this particular manga comic doesn’t interest you then that’s fine, but please kindly refrain from only commenting about time remaining or the rewards given. Once again, this is my personal opinion...
The Invincible Overlord : I agree. I really like this manga.
Kaylee Palacios: Lol I go to the ticket ones because they are usually really good and I continue reading it lol
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I just scrolling and saw this comics oh how food manga and here i am putting my head under the bed staring reading writing this comment were i could have recipe everything instead of putting more words I'd ur still reading them sorry for wasting ur time remember to like this right now af
so... now even a half chapter will take 6 days!!! fine... do whatever you want.... why did you make it only 6 days?? You should make it 1 month or so.... hmph
Zaraki Kenpachi: U must make it 2 years later..
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