The Divine Punished One
Fantasy / Adventure

The Divine Punished One

China South Angel
The Divine Punished One
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The Divine Punished One Comics Online. He is the devil himself in the eyes of villagers, the filial son in the eyes of his godparents, the best puppet craftman in the eyes of his followers, and the weirdo in the eyes of his peers——he is lu xiaoyi, the divine-punished one! "the body of divine punishment...This child is so outstanding, that even the gods are jealous of him." the blind saint said so, "...take his pants off and there is a birthmark like a black bead in his butt cheek..." He is lu xiaoyi, the most special one among ten billions of people..."but everyone has seen my butt now!" he cried...

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Hidden Flame
Hey guys, FIRELORN here, I just wanna say that if you guys are interested in mystery/horror novels, then by all means please check out my novel called Personality Switch In Another World. The story is about Jack, an athletic highschool senior that suffers from having multiple personalities, summons a demonlord named Diablo whom sends Jack to another world filled with demihumans and all kinds of fantasy creatures as well as the horrors that come with it. If interested, check it out and find out how Jack overcomes the many horrific struggles of the world, gets stronger and finds his way back home. FIRELORN out.✌Peace.
Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess)
Just because the gods are jealous they blocked him and can never be able to cultivate...That's so unfair
eufreaks: wow!!!!😱😱😱
Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess): sure i can do that....😁😁😁🎵🎶🎶
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CandyPop sister pink
Wait a second, a break in the story. The “fatty” turned handsome when he broke through to that “certain point” and he is not that high. What about when mc was in the city and they thought he was an unreachable cultivator and that he grabbed a new body so he looked better?

Why would they talk about this forbidden method of body transfer of sorts and then suddenly anyone who reaches a level can change what they look like and still live for ages?

Im done rambling now back to waiting for next chapter
Mustafa Farid: read volcanic age too it's really good😁😁😁
CandyPop sister pink: Im not all that new to cultivation novels reee. But no I actually have read a lot like the 300+ of apoth, almost 300 of star martial, 248 of demons and gods, and 500ish more of others. I literally was stating what this manga has put out for me.

If anything I haven’t read enough

There was this one cultivation novel though that had showed the impurities after they were cleansed from the body and it was just a black purpley shell on mc of that

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