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Reincarnated Marquis

China South Angel
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All others want to live forever while he wants to die; all others have to die while he couldn't die but he couldn't live, either. No matter how many time he dies, he'll be reincarnated and start a new life as a different person, but no matter how many times he revives, he won't live longer than one year and he dies again. All this because of the "Cops of death" in the underworld miscalculated his lifespan which contributes to him being tortured! "When could i die!" he howled and they kicked him to reincarnate again but this time, things are more interesting...

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Anna Franta
I don't get why everyone says the ML is a flirt and wants a Harem. I mean more clearly than in the last few chapters he can't get than that he intends to stay faithful to his wife. I don't know what will happen in the next chapters but till now he never flirted with any woman aside from his wife. he was just nice and easy going to every one, without giving a mind to the person's gender.
If having a conversation and friendship with another person is flirting, boy that's some shit view of social interaction and behaviour.
FuYu: yeah isue just like in skul talking to beautiful girl ISUE. when talking to my bestfriends gf ISUE. even when im talking to my cousin ISUE. do humans have nothing just talking to person behind his back?
Anna Franta: Thank you!
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Lian'Er go die, go f* king die. You're not his wife & will never be his wife, not even a concubine, not even his mistress. You can just say it was an accident. Why you call him your husband man, i want her dead. I hate Sluts like her. Leave a married man alone. Sluts like you ruin women's good name & make all women look like sluts & sluts like you ruined people's family & cos people to have a broken marriage
The Shut-in: I like her, but everything around her is chaotic. Might aswell just submit to 10th death.
divyanshu bhadoriya: Most important thing is the time period,
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Anisong Fan
lady, I know that you love him, but he has a wife. Why are you the one crying? Because you love him? If his wife knew that you pushed yourself into him and kissed him without consent she'd probably try to kill herself. Just consider it your bad luck and stop dragging into worse situations. You could get him killed.
Keller Stravoski: Yes but not sure if it said up somewhere he is not allowed multiple wives...
usaid khan: polygamy is permitted, so there is no problem.
total 2 replies
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