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Fire-and-Ice Magic Cookery

China South Angel
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Magicians use elements such as ice, fire, wind, earth, light, and darkness to project miracles in the magic world while chef masters use their magical culinary skills to play with people's tastes...Nathaniel, a powerful magician can control ice and fire whose true identity is...a cook? What kind of delicate dish can he make to impress the nobles in Snow City? Is he coming to this city simply for cultivating his cooking skills or he having other intentions?

MangaToon got authorization from China South Angel to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - binghuomochu, cook, chief, bhmc
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the original author is dead. from some point manga is made by someone else (these 10 chapter are from that another author). also they skipped chapters made by original author. what a pity for good manga to be made by someone else. in my opinion old chapters were a lot better. my condolences for original author.
Ukasaki: yep chapter 64😜
Ukasaki: yep chapter 64😜
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Lucianne Seth
Oh it is not the start.
It started when he was just a kid and he's walking with his father and get ambushed by some fire men and his father protect him and give him his like so called sacred treasure then he fall in the cliff and he was found by the chef and teach him many things
(Sorry for the spoiler)
Shanique Woolcock
I stg I love this community 😁😁😁 you actually Kno food wars!!!! do you Kno where I can watch it
Shanique Woolcock: oh I know it's on Crunchyroll I was hoping someone knew somewhere else had the rest of the episodes/new season it stopped halfway in a battle
lil ney: crynchyroll
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