Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
Action / Fantasy / Adventure

Ah Dai is a Yes-Man

China South Angel
Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
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Ah Dai is a Yes-Man Comics Online. Ah Dai is a very kind and soft-hearted kid. His favourite thing is steamed bun and his favourite girl is Ya Tou. But steamed buns are always in shortage and Ya Tou left him, never coming back. "What is wrong and what is right", even someone as silly as Ah Dai sometimes asks this question, especially when he forced by a gangster to pickpocket others on the street. One day, he got a money bag full of amethyst coins from a passerby, and the coins started to talk and shine with mysterious light. "Do you want to go with me?" That rather strange handsome passerby asked him. "Can I have steamed buns everyday." "Yes, you can." And our Ah Dai joined this mysterious magician to start his fantasy cultivation journey...and eat steamed buns everyday...

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Not marriage materiel
I hate when two people fight and they’re ready to kill each other and someone dies they’re like “bastard, I will never forgive you! I’m going to kill you!!” It’s so annoying cuz they’re being a hypocrite🙄🙄. They were going to do the same so why get angry? They never think about he other people feelings.😡😤
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Kylee Winkfield: I know right it’s so f*cking annoying

Sorry please excuse my foul language
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I kinda hate when people cry after getting the karma of what that did... You want to kill some one so it's obvious that you will be killed too.. When you kill people you don't feel anything but when someone killes someone dear to you you cry..... People like this totally pisses me off... the last part totally ruined my mood..
Homo sapien: Here comes a third
Shuu晚: Come to my novel:
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Kyoshiro Hayakaze
nah .. his memory is only stronger than the normal ones.. with enough doing memorization, he can fully memorize it so I dont think that the fruit did it to him.. after all even the chore of finding the ingredients and materials, he already memorized it before eating the fruit
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Lonely girl: can u chek out my novel please and chat story ..thanku and subscribe
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