Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
Action / Fantasy / Adventure

Ah Dai is a Yes-Man

China South Angel
Ah Dai is a Yes-Man
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Ah Dai is a Yes-Man Comics Online. Ah Dai is a very kind and soft-hearted kid. His favourite thing is steamed bun and his favourite girl is Ya Tou. But steamed buns are always in shortage and Ya Tou left him, never coming back. "What is wrong and what is right", even someone as silly as Ah Dai sometimes asks this question, especially when he was forced by a gangster to pickpocket others on the street. One day, he got a money bag full of amethyst coins from a passerby, and the coins started to talk and shine with mysterious light. "Do you want to go with me?" That rather strange handsome passerby asked him. "Can I have steamed buns everyday." "Yes, you can." And our Ah Dai joined this mysterious magician to start his fantasy cultivation journey...and eat steamed buns everyday...

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Hottest Comments
Will Ah Dai and YueYue and up together? Will it take long for them to "reunite"?

I think I read that they get married somewhere... am I right though?
Jos Vi 🌐||MTC||🌐: really? wow at which episode will it come? 😍😍
Jeremy Kyle Bosico Bitoon: Just say what kind of spoilers do you want?
total 34 replies
Alpha Plays
is she one of the dark demon members, because if she is.... that's why she looks kinda sweety😂😂😂
Alpha Plays: maybe... but it may link into her pass too
Jeremy Kyle Bosico Bitoon: Maybe she has a grudge but her being a demon member is possible
total 6 replies
Lion Kwamer
woah ah dai is that where you were born as a thief or you litteraly don't know which year you were born
Lady Jayden: I think it mentioned in the comic somewhere that Ah Dai could instinctively know when he was born, even tho he wasn’t sure himself
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