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Wicked Warlord

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A pretty boss of a night club played dumb just to escape from a marriage, but she offended a warlord one of his husband’s uncles unexpectedly. Decisively and being beckoned, he grabbed her from his nephew. “I love my wife the most, I favor my wife the most” became his creed since then.

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Hi dear MnagaToon readers, i'd like to express my deep gratitude for your enthusiasm and support to this manga. Congzhou Qin and Huaying Lan is a perfect couple and I'm trying my best to give a happy and complete ending to them! please support us and stay tuned😘
Rosalina Sujoto: love your works 😍
❤Mitsuha: Thank you for the manhwa 💕❤. We appreciate you a lot and please continue to do your best 😊💪❤
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Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ
Everytime he's just talking about how beautiful Huaying Lan is! and comparing every other ladies he's with to her.. and telling how ugly his 4th wife is..

I mean he's just obsessed with Lan's charm (specifically her body and face), this has nothing to do with her personality or how she really is as a person.. so it's not love, it's lust..

At least in my opinion..

and I am really fed up with the fact that all the romance manga involves virgin girls and rich men fooling and sleeping around while they have someone either in their life or heart or both.. I'm just here for some story but this is really annoying to see this everywhere in every romance manga..
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ
he disgusted me at first when he sexually harassed her two times...but then after second time he apologized and from then he's always so caring and respectful towards her..

He's really so far my number.1 Male Lead out of every romance manga I read here on Mangatoon..

I really really like how he isn't fooling around with other women and only love the one he wanted from the beginning..and the fact that he never tried to take advantage of her when she was poisoned and wanted to do it with him.. and I like their family bonding too..

He loves her but now teasing her only to get her admit her own feelings.. ok boy go for it but don't go too far.. oki?
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