Mr. Darcy Next Door
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Mr. Darcy Next Door

Yoolook Culture
Mr. Darcy Next Door
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Mr. Darcy Next Door Comics Online. "You are born to be his bride. Once you marry him, our family business can secure the biggest support."
That's what I've been told and instructed to do growing up. I feel like a prisoner of my family. Everything is suffocating! Fine, just lock up my feelings and consider my marriage as pure business—I will like whatever he likes, wear whatever he prefers, and behave whichever way he fancies. Just marry him and get this over for good!

However, we did grow up together and were once childhood sweethearts. What if... he really loves me and wants the best for me?

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lan zhan x wei ying🦋🌈
Istg, all they need to do is sit and talk but anyways guys, the upcoming chapters will be more painful 😣
Nany Rofi: where
Darling : I can you tell what website did you read it? Please
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I feel, like both sides are somehow right:
On one hand, she is not to blame for how her parents raised her and messed with her conscience.
On the other hand, most children rebel at one point in their teenage years. It's an important process to find your own way in life. obviously, this didn't happen with her. She lacks rebellious spirit, otherwise she wouldn't cross that line.

Then again - why does she think he'll help her family, just because he might marry her? I can imagine, that he wouldn't do shit for her family, if she forces him to marry her. And all this is, if he even would marry her. I see more of an outcome like he would make a deal with her: She gives him the child (because he wouldn't want his child to be raised by someone like her) and he helps her family - and one other condition would be, that she disappeares out of his and his family's life ...
Claudia Vency: I think the same way too
Milk Tea Grace: hindi daw ito sa buhok ko
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Queen Elsa
Strange parents!! I don't know why these parents give importance on teaching a girl to satisfy a man's desire in stead of teaching daughter to keep her own dignity and self esteem??? These types of parents are nothing but selfish. They only think about themselves but they don't consider about their daughter's feelings..
On the other hand, FL is really dumb and useless. In stead of satisfying tang shi, can't she show more strong attitude?? Can't she be more straightforward??? She should tell her parents that she can't entertain a ML by losing her dignity..
And the ML is really strange.. Yes, it is true that he loves her in his heart and wants her to be more strong but it does not mean that he is doing right thing by playing with her.. If he truely loves her, he should teach her how to keep self esteem. He should tell her about his likings and dislikings.. By showing anger, he has not become a gentle and good person.. He should let her know what he wants from her. By doing these stupid things, he will become more stupid person...😑😑😑
All I see, they have really a communication gap..😑😑😑😑
M: so true...I wish she could think for once and follow her heart
Queen Elsa: Thanks...
total 9 replies
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