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Boy in A Girls' School

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Boy in A Girls' School
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Rahul Maheshwari
1. chouxia
2. wiwie
3. niaxiang
4. yayao.( feng doesn't like her at all but she is a troublemaker)
5. figure ( monitor may have some chance)

Note. I guess chouxia and niaxiang are going to clash at last. .But considering chouxia behaviour towards feng .And feng's honesty ,loyalty, and something which concerns feng the most what chauxia thinks about her when he is caught after doing something. He almost looses his nerve in front of her . And this is the case of husband and wife.
But still it is doubtful who will be the winner.
hope we is not principals daughter.
Bolt: what the
so many likes
Rhema Addo: ho oh
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I wanna see Chuxia and Feng be happy together, it seems like Feng is the only person in this imaginary world that Chuxia would fall for. If from all that voting a while ago was real and people have chosen anyone other than Chuxia, everyone basically set up her to be forever alone. I chose Chuxia and Feng to be a thing since the beginning because out of all the girls in his current life, Chuxia is the only one who loves once. She'd be both heartbroken and alone if Feng starts to date/love another. I'm really hoping, no... I'm praying that the author thought about this as much as I did and will make their relationship better. This ship is meant to be, it's fate, it's their destiny. BTW, thank you author for making this series so amazing with so many twists and turns that always make me wanting more. This is without a doubt my favorite comic ever, and that is counting every comic app I have and every physical comic I've read. This is a true masterpiece and I can't wait to read more.
ZK: Hello sorry for disturbing you good sir/ma'am
I have written a novel titled "Peak Level" by: ZeishuraKyuushin
If you have some free time I would be thankful if you read my work 😁 I will also update it on a daily or weekly feel free to read and give a feedback :) I'd really appreciate it if you do read it 🤗🙂
Shivam Jujaray: 😂😂😂 alright nope
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benji noble
Let me guess, somehow he'll accidentally open the door and see she changing. If that happens and you saw this comment, feed me likes, cause I'm Craving for it
Bolt: don't read it
ZK: Hello sorry for disturbing you good sir/ma'am
I have written a novel titled "Peak Level" by: ZeishuraKyuushin
If you have some free time I would be thankful if you read my work 😁 I will also update it on a daily or weekly feel free to read and give a feedback :) I'd really appreciate it if you do read it 🤗🙂
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Zero Two♡
Im already at chapter 397 tho u guys want some spoiler( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i already know who will feng qin choose tho. COMMON PIPOL LEMME SPOIL YA!! LMAO
roshan: Where did you read this much chapter
Zero Two♡: no problem!💕
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Happy A.D
People the Author took an interesting fruit
In real life it is called chanka in Africa or also known as blood Barry If u eat it u get penalize first and then 2nd is dying of blood clot in ur body
so don't eat an Barry in Forrest if its Adable always check the stock or the roots of that plant and trust ur guts .
Happy A.D: if u want survival info plz contact me
I am not an expert but I can survive in any place whether its a unknown forest or any deadly situation
Gill thunder: thanks for the advice pal
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Zero Two♡
Spoilet Alert!!

in chapter 406 weiwei will know that feng and chuxia are official now, she'll know that feng already confessed to chuxia...

i felt sorry for weiwei.. and she cried on that chapter and it hurts me whyyy???
Sung Jin Woo: where did you read that?
Bad Bull: where can i read pls tell me
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dani yal
THERE IS Big surprise for chuxia ye team....Feng qin gonna confess to chuxia...Wei will reject the second personality of Feng qin before knowing that he confess to chuxia and then Wei cry...and chuxia see Wei crying and bang dont get me wrong there will be some misunderstanding in my words but story go smooth and will soon convert into a harem...that's it...for now because he is King with many concubine..
steffeN: See EP 297, everyone is happy.
dani yal: yeah I also tried to find its novel but....guess there r 50\50 chances....that this will not turn in harem...because I dont like wei wei for some reason..
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Jhïäņńá Ķûń
Silly Feng Will Confess He's Feelings To Chuxia Ye!
⚠️🚫Spoilers ALERT🚫⚠️
The Cold Feng Will Date WeiWei Tong Instead Of Chuxia Ye!
tushar kant: hey just tell did he date Wei Wei or chuxia
my vampire system: what? then what happened to other girls?

all there hard work gone
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Hlara Hellfire
lol that baby Feng is weird, he's using dumbbells 😹😸😼
tyrandy smith: Instead of drinking milk like he is suppose to he’s using weights lol
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RL Kakashi
Damn I should take a screenshot of "Consumer's investment classic Ranking"'s so Freakin true, Boys aren't even on the ranking 😅,
I guess Guy's above 15 are same as Men on this Ranking system, expense just pure chill time with friends.
My parents too ask me, if I want anything, but honestly, I don't remember ever asking them to spend on me, after age 12, ....they basically insist on giving me money 😂. ...good thing I didn't had GFs for long.. else life wouldn't be half as fun as it's now.. Girls who confessed to me are just friends, cuz it's too much of a hassle to really fall in love so soon, I'll test the girls around me, and only after 25 will I decide to about relationships, ..and by that time if some girl is still unconditionally waiting for me, then that's true Love.😏✊

All my friends having GFs are suffering n crying right now, and. ..i m laughing, lol I m so mean.
yuvraj singh: bro I did the same thing(ss)💔
yuvraj singh: bro I did the same thing(ss)💔
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i read
ml has 5 options away and save himself away and get the help
3.beat up the bear and save the day
4.tease her about males doing unececary violence when she needs help it happen

i think number 4 if its bad feng and 3 for good feng
i read: the author got me
i read: i checked out the new update theending is none of the options and is painfull
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i bet the fortuneteller girl is gonna say "dont bother him or you will fall in love."
ahmad haris: maybe if it is it would be a good plot but not unseen
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His master...... "My Japanese sisters" teaser.🥺😢😖😭
anyone knows what "exactly" happened to that?
it has been 2yr.
did something happened to that author?
or that comic and this one have the same author, but he/she decided to focus on this one instead?
Mr. ILLUSIVE MAN: that makes sense, thanks.
Devil Nashy: I think the Author is gonna focus on this more because this has more people reading it.
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Abereyg Wibb
ok so the girl he "accidentally" killed is ye's friend?? this looking bad than i expected,but since he just said "missing"... there's something off...aight if im right...lets back to the top... he accidentally push her off to the cliff...why didnt he or that yellow haired guy(the guy who drugged by girls) called someone to help to pick her up...they said murdered means already killed but somethings off...yep the word "missing", is it possible that she's still alive?? idk...if Ye's friend and the girl who accidentally push by Qin are same...something doesn't add up...welp we're still on ep 64 so....
Dionne Cayleigh Taliping: im sorry but i dont understand
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read and read and etc.
Am i the only one who noticed the blue haired girl kinda looks like nagisa(assassination classroom)
◌⑅⃝●♡⋆♡STACY⋆♡●⑅◌: yep true
You are pathetic: nagisa boy version
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Hey! I'm yours!(◠‿◕)
You see, I have a lot of friends and we're like 19 I guess, 11 girls including me and the rest are all boys. We sometimes go out for a swim, stroll and food trip. They were also the one who influenced me to drink *you know*. I really love to hang out with them. It's like my day isn't complete without them. And I'm really glad to get to know them. I also miss going to school because it is where we met and when we take exams or quizzes, we always end up copying each other's papers.😅 I really miss them and the last time we saw each other was like 4 weeks ago when went to attend one of my friend's birthday. Some of us got drunk but not me , just a bit lol. And then we went to some fastfood chain in the middle of the night and we are so loud when we entered. 😆 That's all but there's more than that hehehehehe *don't think of anything dirty we're not that kind of person*. I really miss them and I love them 🤗

Well what can I say, I really love them..
Sophia. G: seriously sir, I'm lazy enough to read this bigggg comment of yours, so I skip it.
Anonymous: Bro I guess I have friends like you .I have friends but in name
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Vikshit Ganjoo
In episode 398 fang will ask Chuxia ye to be his girlfriend. She will hug her with tears in her eyes.
Vikshit Ganjoo: rawdevart website but its not translated and let me tell you funny part fang proposes chuxa ye in toilet while she was shitting 🤣😂
ZOILO: where did you read it?
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Grim Reaper
I really miss "My Japanese Sisters"😭😭😭😭 I want to read it so much but it's has no updates from 2 years!!😭😭 And "The Boy In Girls High School" always teases "My Japanese Sisters" as Feng's master is the MC of "My Japanese Sisters" and when it was the trip arc the MC was teased and shown again and hinted something bad happened to his sisters, but we don't know, there are no updates 😭😭😭😭

Anyone please tell what actually happened to "My Japanese Sisters" manga😢😢🙏
Grim Reaper: Samee 😭😭😭
Grim Reaper: I think so too😭😭
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ammmm, actually middle east isn't dangerous at all, what is happening is that America and Israel are trying to destroy mid- east and killing people and taking them out of their countries. some people just hear whatever they want to hear and tell people about it with more lies to people. If anyone thinks about "how the hell I'm sure of that?!" cuz am living in middle east😊and its pretty good mashallah 😉
Deku: no, it's a group of countries that named by that because there locatin in map and it include 18 countries (sorry for my bad grammar)
Ice: Hi there... sorry to interrupt but would you be interested in a chat story made by a fellow weeb? Please check my chat story titled "When the weebs get in charge". It's still new but I hope you enjoy it.
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Dragonspiritgirl00 tomboy UwU
now i just hate those girls i may be a girl but there jugding him way to fast without giving him a chance i am a girl that loves to do boy stuff and i used to play with boys when i was young and what there doing isn't right i am disappointed in this girl
Dragonspiritgirl00 tomboy UwU: ya i love doing boy stuff 😏😏
Dragonspiritgirl00 tomboy UwU: yes i like boy stuff i am not like other girls😏😏
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