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Boy in A Girls' School
Junior Kabana
I believe this little girl is not supposed to intervene in this romance between ye and feng and weiwei... why?! if we look at the picture, the plot I mean. ye made the first move and realized her feelings to the point of confessing and kissing the guy and become his girlfriend. weiwei on the other hand was teasing the guy and released her feelings for him without making a move at all. in love, the one who takes it all wins. outside interference makes it pointless. I don't believe in Divination and bs... she said she wants to help weiwei?! why even bother if she can't hold her ground or decide to attack?! more like she wants to set things up like it happened with ye's mom and Tong's mom. nonsense. if weiwei is late in the game she loses that's simple. she shouldn't involve herself in this regardless of what her skills are. the one who will decide will be feng qin plain simple
Kasuraga Yuu: I feel you bro
DG Deku YT: I can't wait for the new chapters to come hope it will finish soon. because its a little bit short and i know you will make the new chapters soon the story is not finish yet im hoping you finish it soon 😍🙏
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Otaku 993
For some reason i think what feng qin did was wrong. I know he doesn't want to get married but come on think of another way but it is the blue boy's fault for not telling feng about this "groom replacement if he wins" thing and im sorry im just wasting your time.
Vin Max: i agree feng with chu xia
Prits: He was misled by the idiot to cancel the marriage without informing about consequences. For feng he was just helping a friend...
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Nangong is apart of my top 3 hated characters in this comic. She says unnecessary things for her own entertainment or to give her friends the upper hand. If she never came into the story with her fortunes the rich girl would have probably had the MC by now.
Nexus: Just because it’s a harem doesn’t mean you have to like every character. The MC doesn’t even want a harem she’s forcing it on him lol
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Hahahahahah I remember a girl misunderstood me as she thinks i like her coz I'm kind to her but i only think of her as friend and then when she knows i like someone else she gets angry and ignore me afterwards. I really confused that time hahahaha
OctaLoc: how lucky you guys are
Afiq_ Kirito: oh no haha
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ShE's A wItCh

sHe MaDe A PoTiOn AnD pUt iT iN tHe FoOd
ShE tOld HiM tHaT iT wAs GoOd FoR hIs HeAltH-tHAt's A lIe!
okay ima stop it takes really long to write like this
so she made a potion or smth and put it into the food and brought it to him, telling him it's good
the potion would help her see who his crush is-only the girls that hes close to/know will appear and she'll see who he'd reach for/call
ahmad shahzad
isn't that the usual plot? The MC not doing anything to the girl. I want something NEW, something INNOVATIVE, like I don't know maybeThe MC ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING for once!!!
That'd be nice🙂
FENG QIN: i mean future gf
ahmad shahzad: The MC has no girl, sadly
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Dann Sofia U. Diotay
The competitors for feng
1st:Chuxia Ye
2nd:Wei Wei(pink haired girl)
3rd: Fei Fei(blue haired girl)
4th:Naixang(the girl in the beginning with the red ribbon)
5th:Lingya (the chairman)(yellow haired girl)
I want chuxia with feng
OctaLoc: harem is slightly better
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Mohan Kshetri
why don't you update 4-5episode in one day. waiting for 5 days is not making the story good. It doesnot give the same feeling.
QueenHeenim: the raw is actually chapter 300 already, but it's understandable for the translators to take time to translate each .
Phantom Xuanzyx: it takes work to translate and write a comic
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Yano Love
I want see Chuxiya Ye back in the story so bad
Yano Love: Have to wait then .Thanks for informing me.
Siul: *wait 9 or 10 eps actually
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OK it is good to see that at least you have informed the Next episode releasing date please continue informing air i like the comic very much
Salami Playz
I have a solution!! Why not marry all of them!!
Vin Max: wait , that's illegal
FENG QIN: hey!!! am not gonna do that
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Dann Sofia U. Diotay
The competitors for feng in my opinion
1st is Chuxia Ye
2nd is Fei Fei (pink haired girl)
3rd is Wei Wei (blue haired girl)
4th is Naixang (karate/first girl)
5th is Lingya(the chairman(yellow haired girl)
Rafael36841996: second and third need to be switch because wei wei is tge pink hair and fei fei is the blue hair
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Francis Ang
welp he is still in debt, the only solution now is to... marry nanxiang and the other girls in his harem, ohohohohoho how the harem life will be a successful one for him
Johnson Rama
hayss😔tomorow is another day.
episode 230 to 400 pls i really love this manga and love those girls😅😅
Johnson Rama: i love them all😅.
Johnson Rama: i love them all😅.
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They are probably going to force the her to get with the Mc now because he’s master is well known or something lol
rajeev chatterjee
it is not interesting without Chucia Y, plz come back
Vin Max: yea i agree
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Uh-Oh.....Feng Qin's really a dead fish if Chuxia Ye finds out about this......
Haaaaaaassssteee.......Our Idiotic going to be dead before he even notices it😑😑😑
Zoruoga Chaos
Saddest thing is, i have to watch videos to read episodes for free now
Bold Lop: O O F
Don diablo: what channel man
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Chin Lu
One of the best harem manhuas I read so far. All the girls are waifu material but of course my top 3 candidates are Chuxia ❤️, Weiwei, and Naixiang hehehe
I'm really entertained for I did read everything again while waiting for the next chapters.
I hope for good arcs for each waifus to come but chuxia is best hehehe I don't mind having them all though 😉
Good job author! I support! Make the chapters longer please 🙏🏻
Ali Swesy: Yea she hasn't made any moves yet but I hope she would be one of the major rivals, she's my favorite so far and soooo waifu
Chin Lu: Agreed. The monitor also deserves some love.
She had a pretty good character development like you mentioned. But I think she's not gonna be part of the major rivals
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yesir rh
too sad the author of japanese sisters didn’t continue the story.
CrimsonShadow: well apparently from what I heard the author is focusing on this story first since it became so popular and will go back to Japanese sister when this story is completed
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