My Badass CEO Daddy
Romance / CEO

My Badass CEO Daddy

My Badass CEO Daddy
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My Badass CEO Daddy Comics Online. Four years ago, she left in despair, heart-broken. Four years later, she came back, with a kid by her side.
Before she could settle down, the first thing (or man) she has to deal with is this unreasonable CEO, who cannot be greener when it comes to hitting on a girl...
The moment he sees her, his whole linguistic system is reduced to four words—"I. WANT. YOUR. SON!"
Who the heck will use this type of pickup line?!!!

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Elsa Frost
hey guys
can you guys help me
actually I have an aunt who wants me be her daughter in law but the thing is my aunt once hurt my mom and my mom used to cry a lot at that time but now they are together again and my cousin who my aunt wants me to marry is super duper boring person and he has so strange personality like he asks us that why do girls wear make up,why do girls wear heels,why do girls gossip a lot etc.....I mean what is with all these questions he is seriously against us girls.....and his younger brother has already started to call be sis in law
I mean seriously !!!!! how can my aunt decide it on her own?? she hasn't even asked my opinion yet and she asks me weird questions all the time about how would I like my future husband to be ?? I try to stay away from my cousin but my mom says why don't I handshake with him every time we meet like before........urghh...... well the good thing is that my mom said she will not force me into anything and I am happy about it
and do you guys know I am only 14 now and my aunt has already thinking about my marriage
what should I do to make her hate me guys
Elsa Frost: thanks so much all of you for supporting me♥♥♥
Army: i will only suggest u ........ do what your heat says.....☺☺😇😇
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The most despicable kind of creatures are men.... If someone likes them and they reciprocate, they become bossy HMPH ... If someone likes them and they do not reciprocate, they become egoistic maniacs TCH.... If someone they like reciprocates their feelings, they become narcissistic BLEH ....If someone they like does not reciprocate their feelings, they turn into ANNOYING ASSHOLES...
U KNOW ME: Well it was a general statement coz I have met many such guys, but don't worry certain good handsome individual exists

I don't judge anyone by first looks...
Anonymous: As a guy, Im saying wtf but I also get what you say
total 2 replies
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Mouriana: OK👍👍👍👍👍👍
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