Schemes of a Beauty
Romance / Historical / Completed / Girl Power

Schemes of a Beauty

Zuoan Comic
Schemes of a Beauty
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Schemes of a Beauty Comics Online. It’s a story about snatching and bully. Her aunt brought a daughter to seek shelter in her family, but it turned out her cousin sister shared the same father with her and even snatched her lover.
It’s a story about rebirth and revenge. After rebirth with her previous memory, she intended to take revenge on every one who hurt her in the last life.

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Girl Power
Hottest Comments
She looks fat wearing that. I don’t mean to be rude to the drawer or anything but that gown is UGLY. No offense and I really mean it😖 eeek Qing’s face when he sees her come out! Why did you have to trip Yanxi!?!? Your just asking for it! And Qing you do have a brain 🧠🥳good job! Your half right their not in “ that” relationship yet... hope they never will to. To bad I know it’s gonna happen... Qing stay innocent and start getting logically smarter, same goes with being kind, and being thoughtful. I mean that by all the thoughtful ways there are!
GOSH I HATE HER MOTHER!!! I've been trying to stop my anger but I just can't! it really made me mad when she called the fl shameless! I just can't cuz it made me remember my mom.. she used to call me useless, stupid and shameless... 😢😢😢
I know the the fl's mother is mentally unstable but she should atleast open her eyes not for the fl's sake but for her own sake!
NebulaSensei: hope your mother would be good to you now.. because this experience is kinda like breaking ties with your mother..😢😢😢
NebulaSensei: I never asked her.. maybe I was scared..? I don't know. but I really can't ask her cuz every time I try to open the topic she suddenly gets angry that's why I never spoken a word since..
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💯black -wild- queen🔱
stupid father evil mistress and the evil queen just killed two innocent people and the stupid father is so bullshit if I were his daughter I don't want to keep time I'll rather get the sword and kill him and his mistress..😡😡☠️☠️ R .I.P
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