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Schemes of a Beauty

Zuoan Comic
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It’s a story about snatching and bully. Her aunt brought a daughter to seek shelter in her family, but it turned out her cousin sister shared the same father with her and even snatched her lover.
It’s a story about rebirth and revenge. After rebirth with her previous memory, she intended to take revenge on every one who hurt her in the last life.

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The FL character reminds me a someone I know. She's impulsive and not naturally calculative. She is straightforward and honest and in her perception as long as she she knows the truth, she will speak up. She gets frustrated at injustice and immediately wants to remedy the situation. Unfortunately she will have a long road ahead battling against her own personality and character. Luckily she has elder Mr Ye to force her to slow down and think of the solution so she doesn't charge in and speak and make a fool of herself making accusations with no evidence to back her up.
It's alright to have a female lead who is this type of person. She will grow and learn and hopefully remain a straightforward caring person.
The child really died, when you get down to root causes, from his mother's spineless willingness to expiate her own guilty feelings(a guilt stage managed by her sister) at the cost of her family's well being, her children's rights, her children's safety and ultimately her children's lives. All that matters to her is how she herself feels about that long ago incident and what she thinks she owes her husband-stealing, lying, vicious, murdering b*tch of a sister. What she owes her children? Not even on this overcooked noodle's radar. IF she had been a RESPONSIBLE mother who actually NOTICED her children's feelings, her little son would have come to HIS OWN MOTHER FIRST with his suspicion and he'd still be alive. But could he go to a mom who would IMMEDIATELY take his aunt's side, NO MATTER WHAT? Poor little guy. His father wouldn't look out for him, either. NONE of this tragedy would be possible if either of this child's parents gave a damn about anything other than themselves and their own selfish feelings. Mom wallowing in self indulgent martyrdom and Dad filled with lust and the desire to indulge in it at the expense of all else. The harp seal, who only sticks around 12 days before abandoning her still needy pup, is a better mom. A grizzly bear, who doesn't help his cubs at all but who has in fact been known to EAT them, is a better dad. This story's parents SUCK.
Akitkats u: Truly correct!
Worst revenge for me lmao, there aren't even any "savage moments of revenge" here lol.
Ritsu Hussain: You sum it up perfectly. these characters are so depressing that I had to stop reading it.
And it doesn't look like the stupid and selfish woman learned her lesson at all.
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Marlisa Zuelaikha
Author doesn't want this comic to be end early... I am a little confuse about this episode... modern version?! Seriously?! In my opinion, author should not end this comic too early by create some plots about their married and then they had a daughter.. after that, their daughter grow up and this time.. about they in modern version?!.. Oh please... I want to know about many problems that in the previous episodes.. I know the problems about third prince had been solved.. but other problems not had been solved yet.. But if the author wants to continue create plots about the previous episodes, its too late.. it also would ruin the future episodes.. So dear author, please keep going on create new plots and stories about male lead and female lead.. I am always support your masterpieces wish you good luck!
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