Unceasing Marriage War

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Introduction: Mo Qiao married a man who she met only twice! He said she was just a fake wife, but why he kept asking her to sleep with him? In daylight, she pretends to be his wife, while at night...

Manga Toon got authorization from KS to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - hunzhanbuxiu,hzbx
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Army is life
I have read this before his wife gets pregnant he falls in love with her and then this girl starts to die so he has to make the hard decision he wants his wife to get an abortion but she runs away and he doesn't see her again fo about 5 years during that time he realizes he loves his wife and needs her but it's to late she is already gone. So he looks for her and eventually he finds her and his 5year old daughter. But she is married to another man who treated her and her daughter well so she doesn't want to divorce him but then she falls back in love with her now husband which was her ex husband and divorces the man she married and married her ex husband again. And they live happily ever after with there baby girl.
LOGY LOGY: mmm so good story i shakl read it thank u
Diana Guerra: nmnnnn
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Of he’s using her to cure the girl. His plan is obvious. He doesn’t want to make it public because he planned to leave her. He doesn’t want her to go abroad and just works close with him in his company because he wants to monitor her. So after all is said and done she’ll be abandoned and hopefully still alive. What with arrogant selfish rich male making innocent woman suffers? The most frustrating is they still ends up with the FL. Isn’t there any story out there that is different from this plot line?
Hey. Idiot. Yeah. You. The girl you married is a good person, decent, caring, compassionate...did you ever think about being honest with her? If YOU had the decency to ask her in the beginning, before things got complicated, she would probably have given you that kidney gladly. But every chance you had to level with her, you blew off. So when she leaves your insincere, lying, chicken a**, and you end up broken hearted, obsessed and emotionally paralyzed, just know that it is justice. We all know that whatever awful stuff happens to you as a result of your machinations, you deserve it. You had it coming.
Zalfa Khayliz: in contract of feelingness ceo, he making lies to fl said that her child died.
Carla Clark: Yeah, this reminds me of Contract of Feelingless CEO. Both MLs are sh!tty.
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