Unceasing Marriage War

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Introduction: Mo Qiao married a man who she met only twice! He said she was just a fake wife, but why he kept asking her to sleep with him? In daylight, she pretends to be his wife, while at night...

MangaToon got authorization from KS to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - hunzhanbuxiu,hzbx
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Kairylle Mina
Firstly, as husband and wife, you could talked this thing through and she would help you find a solution.
Secondly, if her kidney is what you want sooo bad, and it is the "last resort", then you should have told her beforehand, before you try and torture her with aggressive sex, even under marriage. She could have understand, and she wouldn't be suffering so much rejection and pain, for you not wanting to keep the baby, for you trying to force her into contraception, for you trying to inflict on her guilt.
thirdly, do you really love her? if you just plan on using her because you miraculously found out that she is a match, then you should not have toyed with her and her feelings.
fourthly, you are a rich person, is it that too hard to find out from all over the city a suitable kidney? because it looks to me that your "little sister" had been experiencing that condition for more than a while?
fifth, if that is guilty conscience you are experiencing because of your ex, dont take it on the FL! she doesnt deserve this.
Kairylle Mina: same thought. direct relatives have more chances of finding a match than not blood related ones.
Rika Ichiro Adjie: based on my experienced.....
i had an uncle who need to kidney transplant. he was (cause he already dead now) my dad's young brothers. doctor suggest the kidney are from my dad (cause he's the big brother), and my grandpa

then why ML dont try to hunt a kidney from zhizhi's relatives. the acceptance's chance more higher than unrelatives organ
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Mass Kent
PLOT TWIST: (I'll finish it for you lame jerk.)

Once upon a time there was a little red riding hood who wandered in the forest. A prince saw her, kidnapped her and made him his wife . What little red riding hood didn't know was that he had an evil witch with a failing kidney who needed a new one. The prince acted kindly to his new wife while visiting the evil witch everyday without letting little red riding hood know. He made his new wife pregnant and when one day she was asleep killed her and his baby and gave the evil witch his dead wife's kidney. The evil witch was very happy but she died the next minute due to complications. The greedy asshole prince lost everything he had - his wife little red riding hood, his unborn child and the evil witch. Had he abandoned the evil witch and lived happily with the little red riding hood he could have lived happily ever after.

Now how's the bed time story Mo Qiao?

Mo Qiao: *pants heavily and chokes (dies of heart attack)
Kimchi_207: That was a good but sad 😥 lets fight the ML what an asshole I feel sorry for the FL
Mass Kent:'s dark. Ikr. but the nincompoop ML is really making me mad...trying to misuse his wife and not realizing her true love for him.
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PART 1/2

I don’t get the logic of someone returning to an ex after being betrayed, thrown away, chosen over, forced to abort their child, abused, etc.

She married a man who’s good to her and her child, why divorce and get back together with the man who tried to harm you in the past. Regardless of love, the fact that he chose someone else’s life over yours and your child shows how much he really “loves, cares and values” you. That kind of love is not worth it. It would have been better if the author made it that her new husband died and that she could only return to her ex after that ex pursued her and showed her his single mindedness towards her. Then this would be more plausible and make it more acceptable or them to be together.

What kind of person would she be then if she ditches the man who was there for her and loved her sincerely for that kind of ex? Would she be like her ex then? If they did get back together then yeah I guess they deserve each other.. both ruthless and cold.. both dismissive of the love and care of others: him towards her and her towards her second husband. That is not true love.

OJASHARU: me too
Kanmuri: Right on! 👍
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