My Only Sunshine

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Yin Yimo took the rap for her beloved boyfriend and was jailed for five years. Five years later, she was released from the jail. What greeted her was not Ou Luoxi's proposal, but him having sex with her most hated half-blooded sister. In her most desperate and helpless moment, Yin Yimo met Lu Yijun, the richest man in City A...

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Rae Lezz
errr..... first but I'm kinda like disappointed as the ep was too short + it would have made a lot sense if this ep was mixed with that last one (135) and this 7 days thing is getting too much and we guys are like losing track of the story moreover the eps are locked and many are dependent on point now so they wound think they wasted their point for nothing.... it's just my opinion please author no crazy update it's OK... just like daily update will be enough ...maybe the author will be working on other mangas too.. and I appreciate that but it's just that if you have a story then you should know that if the readers like it then you'll have to give eps out soon that they like it... no offence I've told it earlier too it's just am opinion... and the story is beautiful so I couldn't control myself... and wish it will have Romance other than business (everyone wants that 😉😉)😊😊
Deja Mirage: 00000
Christine Madriaga: The chapters are longer too. the only problem is that the names are also translated and has some grammatical errors.
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like T_T
Why is everyone super salty at the buisness aspect of the story. I enjoy it because it actually shows a women attempting to be competent and gain back the power she lost. Instead of other stories where time passes 7 years and the females suddenly become powerful because of the male lead who is a P.O.S. So props to the author who decided to take the long road and explain the hardships this women has to go through to gain back the power she once had.
like T_T: @the cursed child It means piece of sh*t.
Joel Molina: I have all the right I want because it's annoying seeing noobs crying over romance only. You think you can have a story totally empty of plot and just full with nonsense romance? no, that's stupid. So I will go against all those noobs the same time they go against people who really want to see more than romance. Free space for comments, so I will do whatever I want~
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No offense author but the story gets boring, we're kinda lost of the story. It's the same ol episodes. 😐
Maxim Russian Battlefield Boii: pfff. Looks like you don't understand my point at all. Bye then.
●=^-^=●: U getting no point, just hush little one. 😉
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