My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine

My Only Sunshine
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My Only Sunshine Comics Online. Yin Yimo took the rap for her beloved boyfriend and was jailed for five years. Five years later, she was released from the jail. What greeted her was not Ou Luoxi's proposal, but him having sex with her most hated half-blooded sister. In her most desperate and helpless moment, Yin Yimo met Lu Yijun, the richest man in City A...

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Why is the female lead so cruel to the male lead? Does she really don't like him? What is the negative of him? He is ideal and he is really a good person! If not for him, she would already be dead a 100 times let alone her seeking revenge from her family..

Why can't she just accept his love, I dont even know whether she loves him or not, cuz she never looked like she loves him. She calls him an overbearing person, But I don't find him overbearing at all! There is something wrong with her head!!
Stupidity: I don't think you get what I was saying..
I'm actually confused in whether or not, she loves him.. And if she doesn't love him, I don't get why she can't.. because he is actually good and caring towards her.. Isn't he?
LittleTreasurexJason: Um so you'd want someone who didn't love you to accept your love no matter how much pain that causes you? She already knows that pain so I think that's unfair.I agree she is cruel to him but you can't say that based on the part I took from your comment is all I'm saying.
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Fanny Tham
The Polices should be arrested themselves , first reason , they didnt even investigate much , second reason , their touching girls (yimo) without even calling her and made her yell , third , they are trying to punish someone who sent the injured to the hospital , and last but not least , the story is awesome but this part of crime case is just straight stupid , even if he cleared all the traces and left yimo's footprints , they obviously knew yimo sent grandma li to the hospital then there SHOULD NOT have any evidence of anyone who injured grandma li , comment #PolicesAreUseless if u agree with me
LittleTreasurexJason: ,It's not just in fiction. So yeah totally agree. #PoliceAreUseless.
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hana kang
does anyone want a spoiler if you want i can give to you😉
anonymous: thx man
hana kang: this for everyone actually i didn't notice it was reply to you sorry 😓
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