Pure Girl
Romance / Comedy / CEO

Pure Girl

Kanshu Qi Chengkun
Pure Girl
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Pure Girl Novel Online. Read from chapter 543 and Enjoy the ending of PURE GIRL!
After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague…

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Manga Editor
Thank you everyone for your support for Pure Girl. Although the manga is temporarily paused, the novel version will continue to be updated till the ending. As always, Mangatoon will bring great work to our readers! We hope everyone can support the novel version of pure girl, and wait for the return of the manga version!
Newbie: I really miss the pure girl manga because I don't like reading novels and I will quickly feel bored when reading novels... I hope you will recreate the story of a pure girl again but in manga form... Forgive me for not reading this novel cuz I'm not interested.. I hope you will recreate this novel to manga like the original.. Forgive me if there is a grammatical error cuz I'm not very good at English
Anonymous: please update
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This is just Pure Girl y'all can just read the manga
Miso-ya: hey army 💜
🌻Sunny🍧💗🍨💗: sure 😊😊. why not
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Pushpa Kumari
actually I am not satisfied with your novel because everything was going amazing by comic "pure girl" but suddenly you guys stopped writing and after that you ruined my mood as well, you took so long time to update chapters ,and then you spoiled all good thing about comic, so I don't like to read now.......infact "pure girl" was my most favourite comic . you Know what ,why?
when i read this comic I feel like I am in another world and this characters are living

I still want to read this comic but I won't now, stories telling by pictures is amazing it's maintain interest people and it's gone now, I was crazy for "pure girl" not for novel .... sorry author, I love your comic and creativity for comic but for novel ...I lost my interest , I still wish that I could finish this story as a comic book which has many pictures and feel like characters are breathing...... but I won't read now
Dina(I love hyouka.who else? ): I'm so moved by you! I was going to read this novel cause I have waited for half a year for the updates but they didn't update so I became impatient and was going to read this!
조유리: Hi..if you don’t mind please check out my chat story “ let me be your boyfriend” it’s a college story. Romance and modern. please support me and I need your suggestions. Thank you :) sorry for those who got the same message:(
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