Pure Girl
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Pure Girl

Kanshu Qi Chengkun
Pure Girl
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Pure Girl Novel Online. After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague…

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Manga Editor
Thank you everyone for your support for Pure Girl. Although the manga is temporarily paused, the novel version will continue to be updated till the ending. As always, Mangatoon will bring great work to our readers! We hope everyone can support the novel version of pure girl, and wait for the return of the manga version!
#paige u r d best: pls complete d manga version plsss
Ameya Shrivastava: I'll complain about it as the novel has diffrent names to the reference to the comic
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Amalia 😎😎😎😎
I hate you yaoyao. this is a story, I can't bear it now. author are you mad, what the hell are you write now.
hope": yes happend to reall person in life
every thing here talk about true
feelings or reall events
jyoti bagri: me too i also strongly think ex wife is a true story. that actually happened somewhere in real life
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Noor Aida
For some reason..i ship them both yu aotian and qiqi...aotian has endure so many thing throughout his life since kids..its time for him to live just like other normal people..with luo yao yao there are so many thing that he need to sacrifice for her and its not fair..he might be bad to luo yao yao in some cases but please do not forgot its yao yao who sold herself in the first place then aotian buy her in order to save her from other buyer.. then she herself agreed to become his lover in exchange for money but aotian never had sex with her and waiting for her approval..after her mother died she assume and blame aotian for it and choose to revenge toward aotian..if you read conversation between aotian between longye and han its clear aotian did not kill her mother..not trying to underestimate her but even with iq over 200 she did not act like it except for her world qualification..female lead from 'marshal she run away again' are a good example of iq with 200 is and aotian..
jyoti bagri: good night to you too.
jyoti bagri: its ok you have different opinion. and i have different. i believe in justice . life give no second chance. there's no defend chance in this ruthless world. one mistake can be your death. there's many Peoples in this world who cant decide for their life because they are poor and helpless. i have seen them and its really horrible. Peoples exist who takes advantage of their helplessness. but thankfully there law exist and help those Peoples even when they cant say anything. and im glad law and justice dont care whether the criminal did the crime first time or not. and give justify to the victim. im very glad . the law also think the same as me that criminals , r@pist, abusers etc dont deserve second chance because it will be a injustice to the victim. i dont know about you but i have seen People who take advantage of Peoples helplessness and get the control of their life and they cant even ask for help.
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