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Pure Girl

Kanshu Qi Chengkun
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After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague…

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Hottest Comments
This is just Pure Girl y'all can just read the manga
Katsumi: Discontinued
Larasati Dewi: nope any updated anymore
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Elena Fernandez
Author ,
Can you plz say us the reason of turning that picture manga into a novel .....Anyone who reads the previous manga will not like this novel any more it was a great one.....If it us any how possible then plz plz change this manga again into the picture one or plz plz complete the previous one with pictures.... plz
Weeb: this story was originally a novel and a comic/cartoon company made a comic version of it
tae tae/kookie: you are right....
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luo yao yao ( landuo)
wow wonderful..finally the author is back to update the new chapter of novel puregirl .
i am waiting you to update the new chapter of manga puregirl too 😊
TAHA KHAN: me too I am more excited for the comic update 👍👍
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