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A Naive Short Tempered Girl

Qi Chengkun
This is just Pure Girl y'all can just read the manga
🌻sunny💗🍨💗🍨: anyways, thanks 😊
🌻sunny💗🍨💗🍨: ummmm.. have you replied somewhere that also have many replies? it's seems that i already saw you somewhere 😅🤣🤣😂😂.
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without reading this novel I'm sure a hundred percent that is the same story as Pure girl (a good comic) just the description tells everything the same as the description of pure girl
WickedWillows13: But she doesn’t actually sleep with anyone. 💜
Aynun Jarria: I too thought of pure girl
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Ayenel Thabit
I hate the fact she tarnished now and then..... author can you please make her less nasty.....,& the ml is such a bas***ds, if the characters are not too st**id or too evil it could be more of an interest...
Ali Gonzales: hi, I wrote a novel WHITE WITCH, you can check it out if you're interested😄✌️
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♡༼ɕгคʑყ ℘ɭศყεг_jεห༽♡
This is actually pure girl only in a novel XD lol
I tried finding the novel part because the novel part has more chapters xd
♡༼ɕгคʑყ ℘ɭศყεг_jεห༽♡: In a site
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now I realized how undeserving Adamson is for Vivian, he is indeed a heartless pig, Channing don't deserve her too
French fries vs Mary the painting: So true
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🌸LENG.렝.ឡេង~~ gave us 400+ chapters in comic but 50 chaps in Novel? Shouldn't novel comes first? tell me why??
🌸LENG.렝.ឡេង~~: It's the original some readers call it Raw
🌸LENG.렝.ឡេង~~: I mean the story in Chinese
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Requza Salamanda
by just 1st 2 lines of intro l can tell that its story of pure girl 😅
Ruchi Patil: yesshhaa😍😍
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Hello everyone I just wrote a novel by the name "The Obsessed Actor"... It would mean the world to me if you all gave it a try and tell me how it is! Have a nice day 💞💞
Ema: thanks!
Camille Mandap: hmmm sound good
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I felt like I read something like this before
Shaning Gonzalez
Not body has realize that he is raping her?
Chona Navio
excited to read the next chapter
Trisha Raja
read the comic 'Pure girl' in this app same story....comic has more than 400 chapters
Kweenty Mosope Pearl
I feel so bad for her
Yulie Meoww En Dian
this novel really heart breaking already read until chapter 493(tge translation)and i feel like i couldn't continue read it hear ache badly😭😭😭
Ali Gonzales: Haiiii, if you're interested you can read a novel entitled WHITE WITCH , you can search for it here and then it will show up, it only published several chapters and the others are still under review but they will publish it soon as well. It's a romantic-fantasy btw. Thanks🤗✌️
vivian lopez: i knew it since long time ago
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hansika ..
pure girl .....😍😍😍
Good work
Zack Phobe Abalos
one more plssssssd😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Ali Gonzales: hello, I wrote a novel called WHITE WITCH. you can check it out if you're interested😄
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This is " pure girl" right?
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