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Pure Girl

Kanshu Qi Chengkun
Pure Girl
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Manga Editor
Thank you everyone for your support for Pure Girl. Although the manga is temporarily paused, the novel version will continue to be updated till the ending. As always, Mangatoon will bring great work to our readers! We hope everyone can support the novel version of pure girl, and wait for the return of the manga version!
Mei and Yuzu: shit ur grammar sucks.. even the name of the characters
Mei and Yuzu: the grammar suckss
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Lia May 😎😌😌😼😼
I hate you yaoyao. this is a story, I can't bear it now. author are you mad, what the hell are you write now.
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Pushpa Kumari
actually I am not satisfied with your novel because everything was going amazing by comic "pure girl" but suddenly you guys stopped writing and after that you ruined my mood as well, you took so long time to update chapters ,and then you spoiled all good thing about comic, so I don't like to read now.......infact "pure girl" was my most favourite comic . you Know what ,why?
when i read this comic I feel like I am in another world and this characters are living

I still want to read this comic but I won't now, stories telling by pictures is amazing it's maintain interest people and it's gone now, I was crazy for "pure girl" not for novel .... sorry author, I love your comic and creativity for comic but for novel ...I lost my interest , I still wish that I could finish this story as a comic book which has many pictures and feel like characters are breathing...... but I won't read now
Anime_ LoverI3: 😭 is the author going to update bc I don’t want to read this
Alizeh: Plz read my chat novel "our unrequited love"
plz try to read it once ..i hope you will like it. it is based on school romance
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Pushpa Kumari
even I while reading novel I forgot many thing and scenes of story ,I was facing confusion and got exhausted as well, It was boring experience , I mean ,how would you feel when you are reading an amazing story and suddenly you got to know that it will take long time to update , so you will wait to think that, "that's ok" but when full story updates suddenly you get shock to see that your favourite comic became a novel and specially
there is not a one image even, but now that's ok.......
but I wish , one day I could watch a movie on the basis of this story...
Pradyut Paul
hi author, this is one of the best stories I have ever read. I just started reading the manga, and completed till the current chapter 479, in just one day. But I was so sad to find out I hadn't been updated for 4 months now :(
please author, update the manga series. Many people are looking out for it. It is not everyday that you can find yourself such amazing aww like works
Anime_ LoverI3: Is the author ever going to update it’s been almost 2 years now 😭
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Noor Aida
For some reason..i ship them both yu aotian and qiqi...aotian has endure so many thing throughout his life since kids..its time for him to live just like other normal people..with luo yao yao there are so many thing that he need to sacrifice for her and its not fair..he might be bad to luo yao yao in some cases but please do not forgot its yao yao who sold herself in the first place then aotian buy her in order to save her from other buyer.. then she herself agreed to become his lover in exchange for money but aotian never had sex with her and waiting for her approval..after her mother died she assume and blame aotian for it and choose to revenge toward aotian..if you read conversation between aotian between longye and han its clear aotian did not kill her mother..not trying to underestimate her but even with iq over 200 she did not act like it except for her world qualification..female lead from 'marshal she run away again' are a good example of iq with 200 is and aotian..
Mikaito Uchiha: this guys arguing lol.... remember its just a novel ok?
jyoti bagri: you all guys are retarded asf. as if Vivian's mother death case was the only reason to hate Adamson or not. let me tell you most of the People including me hate for everything he did including r@pe and abuse not because of Vivian's mother case. i feel ashamed that women like you exist who pity the women abuser and blame the victim.
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Luo Yao Yao (princess landuo)
more of the readers just can blame Chen Yi without knowing the good reason behind his bad deed

if you guys know why Chen Yi betrayed Yao Yao for second time
surely you Will regrett it
but don't worry Chen Yi Will come back
with Yao Yao and live with happyness moment before he last day
sheena36248841: I guess because of his sick condition
Maggie Mertoon: can someone tell me whats happening... lol kinda spoil it plz? lol im still in ch479
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Black WidOw6648
Aotian and Yaoyao have a toxic relationship. The more they care for each other, the more they hurt one another. Maybe Yaoyao is suited better with her husband whereas Aotian is better matched with Prime minister Qi's daughter. These two can make both Aotian and Yaoyao peaceful and relieved... So yeah...
This chapter is breaking my heart... no chen yi you jerk.. if you love her that much then don't hurt her... he is tooo much... am crying in anger actually... i can't take it anymore.. just die chen yi don't hurt her more.
Evangeline Alison: update pls....😥
Zoco: Am waiting for that chapter but the thing he is doing now to yaoyao is breaking my heart more. I wish i could just slap him and tell him that spend the last moments of his life with yaoyao.. Chen yi you jerk.
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Chezelle Joyce Oraiz
hi author ...this comic has the best story i have ever read... please do update soon... i cant wait for chen yi's reason for cheating... and i feel depress about yu's being dumped by yao yao... feed us more of your story dear author...
Big Spoiler I hated the ending it’s so STUPID like wth in the end she doesn’t end up with anyone and Chen yi cheats on the FL and then kills her baby but blames it on the ML Like Bro. After this happens she has twins and guess what time skip ML is still looking for her and meets ML son No offense if you like this manga but wth author
PrinessDiamonds: No Bruh auotian didn't kill the baby right? He tried to save it
PrinessDiamonds: No Bruh Ml and ends up with FL
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Ureoczn Sun
I don't like the female lead role and even with that 200 IQ she is such a trash!she is thinking that it was aotin who koilled her mother but he didn't.he was wrongly accused.just to get revenge she married feng
Arushi Sutradhar: I don't think Ur opinion is correct ... it's true that her iq 200 and she is a world class senior lawyer... but she is still immature ... and she didn't investigate correctly ...even if she did she could not find out anything cause zeng kairui is not a simple player.... he thought everything and did everything that can prove that aotion is the killer ..... so even if she do the investigation correctly she could not find anything cz aotion didn't want her to know.... aotion is a character who can only swallow the bitterness and hatred silently and that's what he do .... and yaoyao is a girl of focus and commitment..... she would avenge her mother's death no matter what and Chen yi took the opportunity..... that's it
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Teli Ashok
secret is chenyi is suffering from last stage of blood cancer and is going to die in few months so chenyi decided to cheat yao yao so that she could hate him and divorce him and can find herself another man
yu aotian this is the first time i m sad for you. but don't lose hope. she loves you. but she has not realize it completely. she is afraid to love you.
but be with her. she needs you.
Joserie Fabroa
It's. So hard to. Read. This novel... Hi eatly the translation and wordings are so out of. Place and everywhere.. 😭.. I want the comic back
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Ureoczn Sun
what's going on with this story plot..
I'm really going crazy
and what's wrong with the female lead.
yu auotin and feng who's the male lead among them??

Denise_chan🥀: Hi guys! if you are interested please read my first chat novel entitled "Alice the Hidden Princess"
Hope you will visit and enjoy reading it^^
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Guys,don't you think that the author is unnecessarily making the story more and more long.
Already we all know that this comic is one of the best comics in the whole Manga Toon app..so I don't think that it is good to make it so much long because after all there will be a time when some of us will get exhausted....
We all chose this comic to have Romance And Modern..and I am sure that everyone of us know that this comic is totally something different and is a great one...But I want to know that where is that Pure Romance between Yu ao tian or our favourite Adamson and Yao Yao or our Vivian...
I think that most of you think like me that we all want to see or read some Romance between Adamson And Vivian.....but not the forceful one but instead the loveful one....
And then at last comes the grammatical errors which make it very difficult for the readers to understand the actual act...
Hence,I hope a helping hand from Manga Toon and think that the author will manage the rest....
l Love u Manga Toon....
黃凱琳: Where could i find the chinese version. I wanna read it.
Ash Anisha: are you serious this is just about 349 chapter/967 chapter in the original language?? Please reply🙏🙏 This would be very tiring then. Oh nooo
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Perlisa Galit
author please I want yao yao and you aotian back together...just let chenyi divorce yaoyao ..that is what I wanted
i salute you yao yao and i love you.
be strong and be with him. he loves you
what happen author? why not updated??

i m eager to know what will happen next??
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