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Pure Girl

Kanshu Qi Chengkun
Manga Editor
Thank you everyone for your support for Pure Girl. Although the manga is temporarily paused, the novel version will continue to be updated till the ending. As always, Mangatoon will bring great work to our readers! We hope everyone can support the novel version of pure girl, and wait for the return of the manga version!
Willowy Kakuste: which app??
Mikan : 1) Luo Yao Yao is Vivian
2) Yu Aotian is Adamson
3) Feng Chenyi is Channing
4) Lison is Lishang
5) Manry is Gong Xiaoman
6) Qillian Aoyun is Aldrin Qillian (Adamson's brother)
7) Long Ye is Lon Ge (I think. not so sure about it. either way it's the white haired dude with Adamson in the manga)
8) Long Qi is the red haired dude (white haired dude's brother)
9) Xue Tong is Sherry Mo
10) Feng Kexin is Cassie ( Channing's sister)
11) Hei Yanlong is the black haired dude who is a friend of Channing (the one who doesn't have any idea bout the meanings of flowers)
12) I don't remember Channing's other friend's name who has a mafia background.
13) Li Meiyun is Marian Li (Adamson's ex from the pink haired one in the beginning and the one who kept making trouble for Vivian)
14) Shang Yinyun is also an ex of Adamson (the one he killed for Vivian saying that if he let her live, she'd cause Vivian more trouble. she was so disappointed to hear those words from him 😂😂)
15) Li Ruoting is Channing's ex who caused them to break up ( shes also Marian Li's sister. I think that's her name)
16) Zeng Cairui is Cary Zeng
17) I don't quite remember the name of that new white haired girl who is Channing's assistant now. it should be Xie Yuqing or Zeng Qing or something like that.

that's all I can remember for now. hope I could help you. but I'm not sure whether I confused you even more. if so I'm very sorry 😘
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❤Shaheen Khan❤ this I can clearly say that Yao Yao and Aotian are made for each other...😘❤ and..thank you lovely author...for this updates...😇😇.cuz when they announced that "Pure Girl" will not be updated for time being...I was really heart broken 💔but only bucz of u I am still connected to my Aotian and YaoYao💖💗😘😘😘
Candi Moretz
I am very happy to continue pure girl. thank you for updating. I only have one complaint and that is the English wording is so choppy it's hard to stay on track to read. I'm sorry to complain.
Jasvik Sultana
thank you for your hard work author i love u please continue to update like this u really have no idea how much i love thid story .....♥️♥️♥️
can anyone help me who's who here in novel... the names are totally different from the manga ... please
Actually I jump into the last episode. I’m curious where is Adaman Yu?
Jasvik Sultana
thank u so much for your updates i love this story forever best
shi Xiaonian
come give us crazy update
its easy to do right . because
you guys just doing copy paste the translate
from her website right? 😊
Saindhav : her????? who
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Jasvik Sultana
this is getting more and more interesting♥️♥️♥️love this
little kitten not
since the comic is onhold, i'd move to reading the novel.
Arina Utami
love the story. cant wait for more episode :)
Jasvik Sultana
more updates please i love the story
Limena ❤
all i can say is that comic isn't interesting without the drawing it was my favorite in all but without the images I'm freaking not interested to read it then
so please the images do them
Shiv Pal: yup you are right
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Kristine Marie Aytona
please put an image pure girl
Bishwa Kirti
please update daily or weekly atleast...
Zaeema Ali
Thank you author for the update 😇
someone please tell me the name of all character in this novel as per comic
❤Shaheen Khan❤
Awesome...thank you author😇😇😇
Bjm Mocabee
curiously will this be made into anime or live action series? would love to watch. Please consider
α∂εℓเɳε ❀
I appreciate you turning Pure Girl into a Novel! Without pictures, we ourselves can create our own image of how they might look like which in my opinion makes it unique :)
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