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Pure Girl

Kanshu Qi Chengkun
Pure Girl
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Manga Editor
Thank you everyone for your support for Pure Girl. Although the manga is temporarily paused, the novel version will continue to be updated till the ending. As always, Mangatoon will bring great work to our readers! We hope everyone can support the novel version of pure girl, and wait for the return of the manga version!
nameless: sad it is not in manga. but we will wait @manga editor please please update it in manga
Kimberley Ju Lee: When will the story end....😭😭
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Amalia 😎😎😎😎
I hate you yaoyao. this is a story, I can't bear it now. author are you mad, what the hell are you write now.
๖ۣۜҨž乡AภครᏆครเค Lץภภᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ乡: hello
LÀM NY T K M: hello
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Noor Aida
For some reason..i ship them both yu aotian and qiqi...aotian has endure so many thing throughout his life since kids..its time for him to live just like other normal people..with luo yao yao there are so many thing that he need to sacrifice for her and its not fair..he might be bad to luo yao yao in some cases but please do not forgot its yao yao who sold herself in the first place then aotian buy her in order to save her from other buyer.. then she herself agreed to become his lover in exchange for money but aotian never had sex with her and waiting for her approval..after her mother died she assume and blame aotian for it and choose to revenge toward aotian..if you read conversation between aotian between longye and han its clear aotian did not kill her mother..not trying to underestimate her but even with iq over 200 she did not act like it except for her world qualification..female lead from 'marshal she run away again' are a good example of iq with 200 is and aotian..
๖ۣۜҨž乡AภครᏆครเค Lץภภᵈʳᵉᵃᵐ乡: hello
jyoti bagri: good night to you too.
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Guys,don't you think that the author is unnecessarily making the story more and more long.
Already we all know that this comic is one of the best comics in the whole Manga Toon app..so I don't think that it is good to make it so much long because after all there will be a time when some of us will get exhausted....
We all chose this comic to have Romance And Modern..and I am sure that everyone of us know that this comic is totally something different and is a great one...But I want to know that where is that Pure Romance between Yu ao tian or our favourite Adamson and Yao Yao or our Vivian...
I think that most of you think like me that we all want to see or read some Romance between Adamson And Vivian.....but not the forceful one but instead the loveful one....
And then at last comes the grammatical errors which make it very difficult for the readers to understand the actual act...
Hence,I hope a helping hand from Manga Toon and think that the author will manage the rest....
l Love u Manga Toon....
JavaChare: I wanted to start reading this. but I'm confused by names. I started the manga and see some of these reviews hold the same names, but other reviews say Adamson and Vivian. Did the names change or are there new characters. I struggle with wanting to invest time into this.
Jaizy Sultana: I'll be patient
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so Lan Nei Pei and Vice Prime minister Zeng know each other... interesting... makes me think that Maybe someone from the Royal family of Aslan try to get rid of Lan Duo with the help of Zeng . and Zeng wanting to get rid of YAT Dad , blame him for the assassination of the Royal couple.. anybody else think that way?
luo yao Yao landuo
maybe some of readers Will be blame Chen yi Feng for make aotian kill his own baby
but eventhought he was the man who planning the bad things to Yao Yao
but i can not blame Chen yi Feng
because its all aotian fault ..if he really love Yao Yao and care with her
he Will not get jealoused and forced Yao Yao to abortion her child
if he really love her he Will accept Yao Yao condition whatever happened to her .he Will loved her the way she are

yu aotian ni shuo nin shige tian cai renwu ni de zhi shang chao guo 210, dan ni de zhi shang sihu diyu 0
wiwi milk: yeah I also agree. People may think that everything what aotian did was due to his deep love for yao yao but his heart was long dead now he only had jealousy in his heart for what he only cared about keeping her all by himself he never thought of his happiness. And about Chen yi I don't blame him. bc if u were him & find out my wife is pregnant with another man's child I'll definitely won't accept her but here Chen yi loves yao yao way beyond & knows how much pain aotian has caused so he also wanted aotian to taste what's actually considered as pain of forcing someone to. Please yao yao lead a happy life with Chen yi only he can make you happy 😭😭
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Chen Yi attitude seems strange to me..shouldn't he be upset with YY because she doing all behind his back..he acts like its no big deal..I knw he loves her a lot but still he seems like he is scheming something
hi...can you continue the manga of this story because i like the manga version of this one and this is the first story when i start download manga toon.....i hope you can make my request..thank you
luo yao Yao landuo
and i wonder why there's so many readers who still ship Yao Yao and aotian as couple when they already knew that aotian is rotten bastard and selfish person ..i think they all (readers) are out of their mind

if me i Will used my heart and not my lust to choose the better person for Yao Yao (Chen yi .or hei yang long. ) as her couple lover than that bastard aotian who just treated Yao Yao bad like sex doll only
Netflix PH: thanks
M😊😊😊😊😊😊'S TWINS: Of course the same, The Naive Short Tempered Girl
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sardar saab
Hey Guys, I have my novel posted named “The story of schicksal”. Do support and like and subscribe guys. Do comment the shortcomings so that I can provide you with quality work. Thanks☺️☺️
Elena21: Can you please check out my book 'The Queen of Havelon' too if you are interested?
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Nan Khamsy
Can someone please tell me abt the story because it’s too long? Like did Yao Yao ended up with Feng yi? Did Feng yi ever cheated on Yao Yao?cause I hate cheaters. Pls tell I am so curious
khristian Fernandez
I just finished reading Pure girl novel version. Its soooo long around 960 plus episodes but very worth it to read. I hope manga can be continued already as I want to see them live happily ever after in pictures. ❤️
Elena21: Sure, it's here on MangaToon. You can click on my profile to see my work. This book is a fantasy romance with a strong female lead.
anisa aja: can you provide information. where you are reading the novel?
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poor YAT ! all the misunderstandings between him and his brother plus the misunderstandings between him and YY ..he has to carried by himself and the heartache to go with it too
luo yao Yao landuo
Yao Yao if you hated him then why you worried about him safety ..you annoying why don't have strong heart
Oh Mangatoon dear, would you please continue the manga version... It's so hard to follow the story with a lot grammarly incorrect which create confusion... who is who🤣 I really like the story and wish to follow till the ends. 😅
Elena21: Well the author has not upload any new chapters of the comic version yet, I am still waiting for new updates. Can you please check out my book 'The Queen of Havelon' too if you are interested?
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dear author if U get stuck on one thing for too long the readers might get bored of the same situations
👻Grim☠reader📖: that's good to know someone who thinks like me
Bishwa Kirti: yes you are absolutely right....
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luo yao Yao landuo
i prefer Chen Yi or hei yan long to be Yao Yao man but unlucky author choose that rotten bastard ..😒
luo yao Yao landuo
since begining chen Yi Feng always by her side .never leave her
they fate to be together
luo yao Yao landuo
and you wrong dear Yao Yao
hei yan long is not gay
he is normal man like your husband and your Ex sugar Daddy
and you need to know when he was young ! hei yan long also ever sleep with many woman
hope": that a man who want protact his woman
hope": he was with her for 5 years
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potang ina nasan na ang manga version nito.....pls i balik plssssssss plsssss plssss
Elena21: Can you please check out my book 'The Queen of Havelon' too if you are interested?
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