"You know today I am going to my baby's house. He is alone at night today, so we'll have fun together" said a university student. "This much focus if give to your studies maybe next time you'll get good marks in your exam. Go and study. Your parents doesn't say anything about this" said the chemistry professor 'Mr Jack '.

"But sir my parents only suggested me this" replied the student. After the lecture was over. Professor Jack went home with an annoyed face. His wife 'Nina' asked "what happened? Why are you looking so annoyed?"

"Those university students, stupid. Only think about boyfriends.... " replies the professor. "Oh it's okay the time is like this only. They are mature they can take their decision. "

"NOOOO, my daughter Angle isn't like them"

"Right, what you have made Angle like this. You know her behavior is so irritating. She is just like you old fashioned. Even when someone comes, they also sometimes mistake her as your wife, so old fashioned. They even call her AUNT. "

"So what? "

"Dad mom today I'm going to Ling Ling's house. Okay... Oh yeah to study. "

"When baby? "

"At night and I'll not come back tonight "

"Why whole night Angle? "

"Dad, because exams are coming and we will group study. All the GIRLS . But it's okay if you don't want me to go so I'll not go. I can't go against you"

"No no baby go but what you will wear? "

"I'll wear a black full sleeved top and a jeans loose fitted. "

"That's my daughter, so well mannered. "

"What well mannered? Old fashion. Angle go wear something nice"


Angle leaves the place and her mother goes to kitchen. At night Angle leaves the house and her friends comes to pick her up.

"Wow Angle what the fuck are you wearing? " asked Ling Ling.

"What's wrong with this? Perfect for group study. "

After a while she sees a shop and goes to its washroom.

After a while she comes back in a Mini black dress with light make up.

"Now that's my girl. Now it's looking like you are going to a party"

"So what do mean should I have wore that in front of my dad. If did that he would have killed me. Thank god I'm not in his university or else I wouldn't have my freedom that I have now"

"Fine let's go now"

They reached the place and her friends were waiting for her there.

"So our party queen Angle has arrived "

"Hey don't call me Angle, call me what you call me everyday"

"Fine fine, so our party queen Angie has arrived..... Let's head in

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