The dimly lit hotel room is teemed with inexplicable air. A woman in a slip dress is lying in the bed, squirming fidgetily.

"Hot…" A layer of bright pink plays on her cheeks and the tousled black hair makes her even more gamine. The slim eyebrows arch slightly over a pair of pretty misted eyes. The seductive peach-colored lips are gently pressing against each other, making alluring sounds from time to time.

Her name is Mu Xiaoxiao who a moment ago was celebrated her birthday in the restaurant but in the next moment, after some tea, passed out. When back to consciousness, she is already in the bed, shivers running through her as if they could reach her heart. Real torture.

With a "click" the door opens followed by sounds of footsteps. Someone coming in! Mu Xiaoxiao smells the ominous, "Who is that?"

There is no answer.

As the footsteps approach, her heartbeat accelerates, but sadly she even doesn't have the strength to rise to her feet.

As the person gets closer, she can see a vague figure. It's a man apparently, though she can barely figure out his features, "Who…are you?"

The man momentarily leans over and seizes her chin by one grab, "How dare you, as an offered woman, asking who I am?" Even if without a clear view, she's still able to tell the coldness shooting from the man's eyes.

Offered?! What is going on?! Xiaoxiao flusters at once. The only thing she knows is just now she has been drugged through the tea in the restaurant. "Sir…you…get it wrong. I'm not a woman offered… to you." Due to indisposition, she can't make a complete sentence.

"Huh? People in your trade enjoy this kind of game huh?"

The cold voice of the man is a bit harsh. What does he mean by "people in your trade?" Is he taking her as that kind of women? Xiaoxiao arches her eyebrows slightly and her tone turns stern, "I'm telling you again! I'm not an offered woman!"

"Well?" The man doesn't seem to get angry by Xiaoxiao's gall. Instead, he leisurely sits down onto the bed, "Woman, if you're playing hard to get, then, yes, you make it!"

What...What does he mean? "Hey, what are you doing?!" Before she can make of it, the man has already pushed himself against her…

The sense of danger instantly sweeps through her. She summons up all her strength to raise up a fist, but the hand gets powerless before it reaches him.

"Woman, you should feel honored for not having to get up to serve me." He takes his time and undoes his buttons one by one.

She comes to clear realization that the situation is getting increasingly out of control. What to do? She really doesn't want to fall victim here. To fight back? But she even can't collect the energy to lift up her fist. "Man, stop here…otherwise, I'll…let you die…like a dog…"

"Really? Woman, before I die like a dog, have a taste of what is called ecstasy." As the seductively cold voice just finishes, thin overbearing lips fall onto hers, craving and determined to conquer this woman.

"Mm..." All her effort to resist him is turning weak. She has been extremely fatigued, and at this moment, she becomes as soft as a pool of water.

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