Concubine of Wealth
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Concubine of Wealth

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Concubine of Wealth
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Ugh. Idk what I was expecting. This ending was 💩. I persevered in hopes we would get nice ending since it was a longer series. I feel like these authors don't have a storyline drawn out before they write. It's like they go: "oh, this can't end too soon, so let's just see how ridiculously tragic this story can get!"

But seriously... He didn't even tell her the truth and we didn't even get to see the nanny exposed. I guess we just pretend that storyline didn't happen...
nanami ななみ: well i use mangago ....i hope it helps~
Naruto Uzumaki: Hi. Can you tell me what other manga apps you use and do they have good contents there too?? Or just the same comics as this app?
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Ok...vague. Not the best manhua. From the changes in the drawing the jump in time( instead if 2 yrs missing it became 7) also poorcharacter build up. There's so many unanswered questions. It's poorly done. Here's what i think.
- the blood is of his uncle - Ruan Donghua
- maybe su wan is the real Ruan daughter of Donghua
- Master is adopted. Need a child with Wan so he can keep control of Ruan thru the child. Original plan was to use the child to fight against his enemy, his uncle, not Old Mr. Su.
GongYexiaoxChenLiyue: Which makes him just as much of a douchebag as the guy in the one l e v o n b e w story and Romance With The Boss.
Anonymous: Hi I've seen "Your Name". It had a lot of good reviews but not sure if I would read it if it's entirely based on the anime. I do not like open ended stories. It's open to speculations. I prefer stories that are ended properly. However, I will give"Thread of Happiness" a go. Thank you for the suggestion.
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muhkang tanga yung kwento magulo pa sa buhok k sa baba
saka pwede ba bakit big deal sa asean ang virginty sa babae kayo nga lalaki kung mahal niyo mahal niyo wla nang tanungan ng past
geekmanga: the plot is copied. waste of time to read.
❤Hatake_Kakashi❤: oo nga HAHAHA
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Pinch me
So manyyyy issues the art changed dramatically lol the child is nowhere to be found hahaha the hair the distorted faces the story line damn, I'm heart broken
Mary Joy Jorque
Shes not ganna make it to revenge to that Guy , i think she want to get back to him ., thats all the girls in manga they say defferent to what they do
akshat moga
Incase you are wondering about ending,
actually thier is a season 2 which has been on break. it has 14 chapters and was last updated in dev 2019,.
Hopefully mangatoon publishes it in english to clarify everything
Icy XC
Y’all saw the color of his eyes? Yup they were brown then blue 😂😂👏👏 I don’t really like this art style tbh... what happened to the previous one?!
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Wtf. This is just a miserable situation for her. She has to see her son and baby daddy have a close relationship with another woman. It's horrible.
Katariya Niharika: right it's fell odd
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Wow! How did she come up with that crazy story where Bai Mei is her murderer instead of her life's savior? Amnesia is a helleva thing!
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
This story went from serious revenge to f*cked up emotional abuse round 2. It’s infuriating how her own son is toying with her.
Nisha Nasran
WARNING!!!! Do not read is you are afraid to waste your time. The story had a strong start and gradually became worst. The drawing changes. There is no consistency with the characters, time line and story itself. The writer seems lazy and just want to end the story.
Kihana Reyes
I hate it I have to wait till they see each other
I'm sad I don't want to read this anymore 😅😢
Jeraisha Ross Billaoac: You guys are not alone 😂🤣
WHY?😂: Ohhh
You’re not alone
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
WTH. If I were mi'er, I'd have left by now. Don't talk about asking another girl out in front of her. 🙅🏼‍♀️
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖: I completely agree.
Skydelan Official : she should leave
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Jaye R
unfortunately actions like this are not entirely fiction they really do exist in this world
Dahlia: Omg u got Aubery stickers are they still valid?
🍤SHRIMP🍤: ... I need to put my guard up 24/7
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That's it!? So many unanswered questions...
1. What's the reason why they go bankrupt?
2. Where is her brother?
3. And the most important question, why her blood type is the same as the uncle and why she was chosen to bear his baby? (my theory: the ML is not the real son, but the FL is! So in order to ensure that the Ruan bloodline continues, the ML got the FL pregnant. 🤔🤔)
Komal Ghouri: And why did he marry Su Wan
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Mary Joy Jorque
Parang wala namang revenge na nangyayari , labas ay parang lumalambot ulit cya sa ML Eh .,
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Maybe if someone actually drew some lines as a father, a psycho nanny wouldn't be a problem!
that old guy reminds me of my dad. he once agreed to get a colonoscopy to avoid a flu shot.😂😂😂
👑 A PIMP NAMED SLICKBACK 👑: You should have saw the expression on his face when me and my nephew told him what a colonoscopy was.😂😂😂😂
Elsa Kuchiki: lol that's funny
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Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Wtf. Did he just sleep with that 🏖 or purposely try to make her jealous? He's a f*ing 🍑hole.
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Wait... Wtf. Did her entire outfit just change!? Like the art changed mid-chapter!?
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